Amazon brings back to television the creator of ‘The X -Files ‘

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Amazon brings back to television the creator of 'The X -Files '
One of the icons of the 90s television was definitely ‘The X -Files ‘ series of science fiction and mystery starring David Duchovny ( Mulder ) and Gillian Anderson ( Scully ) left an important mark in the form of storytelling in small screen .

Its created , Chris Carter , was interviewed last Thursday by The Verge site , where he talked about his return to television through Amazon with ‘ The After ‘ series .

Since ‘The X -Files ‘ ended in 2002, Chris Carter has not been fully involved in the development of a television program . ‘ The After ‘ narrate the misadventures of a group of people who must survive in the midst of the apocalypse.

According to Carter, his inspiration for the series was his fear of certain situations I had experienced. The first was to be caught in a hurricane in Hawaii and the other a massive deadlock on freeways in Los Angeles.

For Carter , more creative opportunities in services like Amazon than conventional television. He stated that “there is much more to free speech and images. There are things I’m doing ‘ The After ‘ that would not have worked on ‘The X -Files ‘ or on television . ”

A traditional question about a new film ‘The X -Files ‘ , the producer and writer gave the traditional answer : “It all depends 20th Century Fox , so it remains a big question .” For now the only news on new material from ‘ The X Files ‘ is in the hands of IDW Publishing , which currently publishes 10 season comic book series .

Carter also revealed that he is working with the television network AMC on a new project . The pilot of ‘ The After ‘ episode and can be seen on Amazon , along with nine other new releases.


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