Audible audio books on Amazon Kindle

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Audible audio books on Amazon Kindle

Audible audio books on Kindle

Transfer content to your Kindle
Audible App for Kindle Fire

You can place orders in the following Kindle models :

–  Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Keyboard 3G
– Kindle Touch
– Kindle Fire
–  Buy Audible content

Kindle Fire users can buy and listen to Audible audio books via the Audible or application.

Users of Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch can purchase Audible content on the Kindle Store on your device or on . The Audible orders appear on the Home screen of the device when it is connected to Wi -Fi .

If your Kindle is not connected to Wi -Fi , transfer the contents begin once the device is connected to a wireless network.

You can listen to Audible content by 10 Kindle devices and up to 5 other devices.

The Kindle devices support format 4 and Audible Enhanced AAX . 1,2 and 3 formats and audio books purchased from Audible are not incompatible.
Create an account Audible

If this is the first time you access Audible, you can you use the same email address and the same password with which you access your account . Once you have accessed your account Audible , your Audible user name is the same as the one in your account .

If you already have an Audible account, please enter your username and password.
Manage Audible content

You can manage your content from both Manage Your Kindle page on and from the My Library page at

To associate an Audible account prior to your account follow these steps:

Visit and log into your account using your username and password .
Click on Account Details in the upper right of the homepage .
Click on the link Use your Amazon account on Audible .
Follow the instructions using the Amazon account associated with your Kindle.

Your accounts can be linked and , therefore , use your account on as confirm the details of your account and billing address .

If your Kindle is connected to Wi -Fi , all your content be available for download from the Content folder archiving your Kindle Keyboard or Kindle Touch, or through the implementation of Audible on Kindle Fire .
Transfer content to your Kindle

USB Transfer content :

I wWhen ‘re connected to your computer, your Kindle will go to USB mode and the battery of your device will be charged . The Wi -Fi service will be temporarily disabled and will not receive your subscriptions while your Kindle is in this mode. Likewise , you may not read your Kindle while in USB mode, but you can return to the page where you left off as you eject the Kindle from your computer.

Once you’ve connected your Kindle to a computer, your Kindle will appear in the same location as your other devices. Windows users will find it in ” My Computer” and Mac users in your desktop menu.
Open the Kindle drive . On the next page , select the folder “documents . ” On Kindle Fire , the folder name is ” Audible” .
Find the file and copy the folder “documents” or , for the Kindle Fire , in the folder ” Audible” .
Eject your Kindle safely removed from the computer and the USB cable.

To transfer content to Kindle Wi- Fi:

Visit the Manage Your Kindle page.
In the Your Kindle Library, click Audible Audiobooks section .
Find the title you want to transfer to your kindle.
Click the “Actions ” button and select Deliver to my .
elecciona the Kindle you want to transfer content .

Audible App for Kindle Fire

To start using the Audible app, press the Audible application icon in Apps screen , both from the Cloud tab and from the Device tab.

Then log in to your account or click ” I’m new to Audible” to test the application without connecting . You can use your Audible account or your Amazon account to connect to the application.

Once you are logged in , you will see your library of Audible content. If you wish, you can sort your library through the tabs under ” Search My Library ” and filter the content that you want to check through the drop down menus at the right of the screen.

Click on the shopping cart on the top left of the screen to acquire content .

Press the Menu symbol at the bottom of the screen for more information . Click Settings and then Help & Support to get help , get answers to frequently asked questions, and consult the online user guide.


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