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standard chartered credit card

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standard chartered credit cardHere you can see which are the best cards without maintenance or renewal fees that financial institutions offer for 2013 :

Best debit and credit cards 2013

Citibank Visa Cepsa : 5% fuel in Cepsa in points redeemable for fuel or regalos.1 % in other establishments in points redeemable for fuel or accident regalos.Sin anuales.Seguro fees and travel assistance 24 hours Protection Insurance Purchases and free insurance that protects the items you purchase . We must put payment card this month.

Carrefour Visa Pass : Up to 10 % on fuel Carrefour gift voucher . 1 % on purchases by check anuales.Seguros regalo.Sin associated fees .

Citibank Citi Gold: Accident and Travel assistance 24 hours , Purchase Protection Insurance and free insurance that protects the items purchased with your Citi Gold Credit Card against theft or accidental damage , mobile phone use and the withdrawal of effective in case of robbery.

Citibank Debit Card : Free Cash withdrawal worldwide . No commissions or renewal fees .

Evo Debit Card Bank: Free Cash withdrawal in Spain and the rest of the world. To get the card , you have to hire EVO Smart Account .

Evo Credit Card Bank: Return of 1% of the compras.Para get the card , you have to hire EVO Smart Account

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Visa Electron debit card for Arquia : Withdraw money from any ATM has no cost . The associated account has no maintenance fees , or transfer out square or plaza, or by pointing , or by income or check cashing

Visa Electron and Visa Classic Mediolanum Bank : Debit Cash withdrawals at ATMs available in all the world bearing the mark VISA or VISA Electron. The first year both cards are free. From the second year, the Visa Electron are free of charge if you have contracted the Single Account or Freedom . In the case of Visa Classic , you have to be domiciled payroll and Unica account or Freedom . In addition, Visa Classic incorporates accident insurance , insurance travel assistance , a support service to the owner 24 hours and an information service of lost / stolen card

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card ?

Debit Cards

The main feature of debit cards is that the full amount is automatically withdrawn from the account associated so we can only have the funds to have the account at that time. As the bank acts as lender usually has lower fees than credit cards or even free .

It is one of the most common types in the world. It can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, in stores to charge is accepted , transfer and other operations such as checking account balance or recharge mobile prepaid card . Usually has a maximum daily cash withdrawal .
Credit Cards

The client can perform the same type of transactions with debit card , however , is distinguished by the credit card you can have money without having funds in the account associated , ie the bank is lending the money used to through a line of credit to be opened with the signing of the card. Each bank offers the maximum debit balance that can reach every customer based on their personal characteristics , depending on the limit cards have gold, platinum, classic, etc. .

At the end of the month each customer decides how much you pay above the minimum payment. Naturally , the bank will charge a interest for the remainder of the amount owed and , if fully paid the amount due, no interest will be charged . Apart from the interest on the amount withdrawn , often charged an annual fee.

They are increasingly widespread microchip cards to replace those with magnetic strip.


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