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Alpine slopes gave the world Tissot watches, a timeless classic that has taken root in history as “innovative with a respectable history.” This brand originated in Switzerland in the middle of the XIX century, and nowadays it is recognized as the cradle of world watchmaking.


Wealthy men and women still prefer gold items, sometimes studded with precious crystals. In the list below of the best gold watches Tissot lies the answer, how to choose the right ticking jewelry on the wrist.

Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.102.00

Gold watches Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.102.00

This aristocratic sample of immortal classics with quartz mechanics was created for women. Its base, made of pure gold, contrasts brightly with a strict coal-colored belt. The silver-beige dial consists of the gold designations “6” and “9”, and the tiny diamond indicates the mark “12”. Also, the watch facade is partially framed with precious crystals, creating a subtle edging. 

The advantages of this accessory:

  • scratch resistance. The watch is equipped with a sapphire coating, which is not subject to scratches. Also, this material retains crystal clarity for a long time, ensuring accurate visibility of the dial.
  • water resistance. Diving in them will not work, but the water resistance of 3 atm will provide durability in case of accidental ingress of water. 
  • design. Strict square construction and inlaid with precious stones – what you need for a strong lady.

Among the shortcomings can be identified the absence of the second hand. This will disappoint lovers of thorough punctuality. 
External modesty and richness of content is the distinctive feature of the T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.102.00, which are in the top of the gold watch Tissot. They will please their fans and become a worthy gift for them . 

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Tissot Retro T902.310.16.037.00

Wrist retro clock Tissot Retro T902.310.16.037.00

This representative of retro-watches is a symbiosis of vintage design and modern manufacturing techniques. The bright yellow frame is slightly curved inward, imitating a cut oval, and the dial in the form of a square of white color in it looks advantageous against the background of a corrugated black leather strap. The clock mechanism is made using quartz technology, which ensures the absolute accuracy of their work and high autonomy. This device is resistant to water ingress and can withstand a pressure of 3 atm. They are not afraid to wash their hands or get under the summer rain. 

“Pluses” of an accessory:

  • EOL. The watch is equipped with a battery charge indication system. With her wear charge will not be a surprise for their owner.
  • date display. They will show not only the exact time, but also the day of the month.
  • second hand. This pointer is a nice bonus for pedantic users.

This watch is one of the best wrist gold attributes of Tissot. And, despite their restrained vintage look, they won an honorable place in the circle of modern admirers of such works of art.

Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.032.01

Model Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.032.01

The combination of snow white and fiery yellow is a timeless connection that is suitable for wearing during the daytime. It is in this combination made Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.032.01. Their base and leather strap look perfect together, and the light gray core of the accessory with a small diamond serves as the perfect complement. They are able to withstand a small ingress of water, and a sapphire coating makes them scratch-resistant, as it has a hardness of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. 

The advantages of these hours:

  • registration. Light design is combined with almost any style of clothing, they can be worn both in the warm and in the cold season.
  • accuracy. The quartz mechanism is a guarantee of an accurate indication of time.

Like a similar representative of this line with a dark leather belt, they lack a second hand. However, in general, this representative Tissot T-Gold is executed in the best traditions of modern craftsmanship and deserves attention.   

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Tissot T-Gold Nubya T901.309.18.102.00 

Gold watches Tissot T-Gold Nubya T901.309.18.102.00

This model is elongated in shape, created for the refined hands of a true lady. Such an elongated appearance makes them almost invisible, but the noble color partly draws attention to itself. In addition, the jewels with which the case is strewn on each side, shine radiantly in daylight or in the spotlight. The dial is silver-pearl, the number “6” and one more precious stone, which marks the number “12”, are located symmetrically on it.

Like its predecessors, this model is highly resistant to minor abrasions and waterproof. And what time it is, will tell the user a mechanism made from quartz of the ETA 976.001 series.

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • dimensions. They are unlikely to suit ladies with big hands.
  • no second hand. For some, this is really a flaw.
  • lack of measurement scale. When designating only the numbers “6” and “12” it is difficult to determine the time accurately. 

In the review of Tissot gold wrist watches, this model of the T-Gold Nubya line is not in vain, as it is unique in its kind. The combination of resin and gold gamut, cut with precious stones, clear mechanics – the perfect combination.

Tissot Carson Quartz T73.3.413.11 

Men's Watch Tissot Carson Quartz T73.3.413.11

Elegant and stylish watches for men – completely gold: both the base and the strap. Such a wealth on the hand can only be a fearless and confident man 🙂

Ideally round shape and thin golden arrows inside – a symbol of restraint and conciseness. On the white dial, the time index is almost invisible. This can be regarded as a “minus” for things of this class. On the other hand, the one-piece design of this watch looks stylish, disposing to itself.

From the “advantages” it is possible to distinguish:

  • sapphire coating that protects the watch from scratches and abrasions.
  • the “date” function, which shows the day of the current month.
  • the presence of the seconds hand and time symbols that determine the exact hour.
  • resistance to the ingress of water, which will extend the work of the chronometer for a long time.
  • EOL system that at the right time will signal the remaining battery charge. 

The best gold Tissot watches – Carson Quartz T73.3.413.11 – are made for brave men who prefer expensive and high-quality elements of their style. A watch from Switzerland with a hundred years of history – with such features.

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Tissot T-Gold Nubya T901.309.18.032.01 

Wrist accessory of Tissot T-Gold Nubya T901.309.18.032.01

Another representative of the Gold selection with an elongated elongated shape. This design makes this watch very sophisticated. Their base is framed by a light belt on a traditional clasp. Quartz “stuffing” ETA 976.001 is responsible for the accuracy and durability of the luxury attribute. Ultra-strong sapphire coating, as in other models, is protected from turbidity, unlike other coatings. The dial is decorated with a fragile diamond, which denotes the number “12”. 

Disadvantages of accessory:

  • There is no numerical designation and the third arrow. Without them, it will be difficult to determine the exact time.


  1. stylish and concise design. This watch is universal. They can be worn with almost any clothing. 
  2. resistance to ingress of water. Withstand a pressure of 3 atm.
  3. high endurance. Sapphire glass is almost impossible to scratch due to its strength and hardness.

This representative of the Tissot brand is a beautiful decoration of the woman’s wrist , which is able not only to determine the time at the right moment, but also to complement the stylish image of a true lady.

Tissot T-Gold Retro Carree T902.310.16.267.00 

Vintage Watch Tissot T-Gold Retro Carree T902.310.16.267.00

This model is a vintage attribute of stylish women. Outwardly, it is elongated, oval with edges cut off at the sides. The elite chronometer is framed by a dark, beige, dense, ribbed belt. The accessory is entirely made of gold. External conciseness and richness of content is the distinctive feature of Tissot watches. This model, like its predecessors, has a protective coating that is not prone to scratches. And the clarity of the “stroke” is provided by a quartz-type mechanism ETA 956.112.

Benefits of the accessory:

  • strength. Minor abrasions and scuffs do not threaten him.
  • ability to withstand pressure – 3 atm. Washing hands with him is safe.
  • date display. It helps not only to navigate in time, but also to know what today is the day of the month.

Retro-lovers will appreciate this watch. They are stylish and discreet, fit under the clothes of warm brown or light beige range. 
In order to make the final choice, below is a comparative table of the best Tissot gold watches:

Material  Date display Battery indicator Digital signage
Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.102.00  Gold, diamonds, leather Not Not Displayed values ​​6,9,12
Tissot Retro T902.310.16.037.00 Gold, leather there is there is Displayed values ​​are 1-12
Tissot T-Gold Nubya T900.309.18.032.01 Gold, diamonds, leather Not Not Displayed values ​​6,9,12
Tissot T-Gold Nubya T901.309.18.102.00  Gold, diamonds, leather Not Not Showing values ​​6.12
Tissot Carson Quartz T73.3.413.11  Gold there is there is Displayed values ​​are 1-12
Tissot T-Gold Nubya T901.309.18.032.01  Gold, diamonds, leather Not Not Showing values ​​6.12
Tissot T-Gold Retro Carree T902.310.16.267.00  Gold, leather there is Not Displayed values ​​are 1-12

Choosing a wrist accessory is an individual matter. It all depends on the preferences, budget, style of the person. But, if you focus on the TOP-7 of the best gold watches Tissot, then in terms of functionality, the leaders are the second and fifth hours from the list above. Their assembly is more complete, unlike other “colleagues.” In them, the time scale is displayed in full, there are three required indicators showing the hour of the day, minute and second. Also, in both representatives of the Gold line, there is an EOL battery charge mode and a date display.

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