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Around the Samsung Galaxy S8, like its “brother” S8 + , a lot of hype – this is always the case with brand-new flagships. It was decided to compare the new smartphone with its predecessor model – Galaxy S7. The review highlights their main differences according to 4 criteria: appearance, hardware stuff, software and, of course, the screen. The article also discusses the general features of the models.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7

Both smartphones from Samsung have good matrices and a high resolution display, as well as a convenient case, decent cameras and processors that allow you to enjoy the games “to the fullest.” At the end, the reader will be able to find a detailed table of technical characteristics of both flagships.

The appearance of the flagships

The main thing is how these Samsung phones differ in appearance – the display. S8 – frameless model: the edges of the screen are curved and occupy almost the entire front side. The S7 screen is standard. The shell of the eighth series of Samsung is made of metal, which is supplemented with glass: it looks beautiful, but “collects” fingerprints. In the seventh version of the case is completely metal, it is less sensitive to prints and scratches.

Galaxy S7 appearance

S8 weighs slightly more than its predecessor: 152 and 155 grams, respectively. However, the user is unlikely to feel the difference. In terms of protection, the manufacturer did not introduce innovations: both smartphones are protected from moisture and dust penetration in accordance with the IP68 standard .

Buttons for locking and volume control of both gadgets are located on the side faces. But the F7 fingerprint scanner is on the front and on the back of the S8. In addition, the Galaxy S7 has classic keys on the front panel: “home”, “back” and the call key of the last used applications. The front side of the eighth Galaxy is clear: it is almost completely occupied by the display, and these three buttons are located on it.

Galaxy S8 appearance

Different devices USB-input. If the manufacturer equipped S7 with classic miniUSB 2.0, then its young fellow was equipped with a universal Type-C connector. The inputs for the classic headphones are smartphones – a 3.5-mm mini-jack: when creating the S8, the manufacturer did not limit itself to Type-C alone and did not assign it the function of an audio connector.

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S7 and S8 screens

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 screens are significantly different in appearance, besides there are some differences in terms of characteristics:

  1. the frames framing the display;
  2. diagonal sizes;
  3. permissions;
  4. the presence of a blue filter;
  5. generations of glass that covers the screen.

Now it does not hurt to consider the common and distinctive features of gadgets in more detail. Smartphones differ in diagonal. The S7 is 5.1 inches, and the S8 is 5.8. Despite the rather large diagonal , the S8 fits comfortably in the hand due to the elongated body and an 18: 9 aspect ratio.

frameless s8

The display of both gadgets is based on Super AMOLED, which pleases users with a natural black tint and excellent behavior in the sun. The screens are equipped with a sensor that simultaneously recognizes 10 touch points. Both displays are protected by Corning Gorilla glass. But the models of the S8 series glass is more durable – it belongs to the fifth generation.

In general, the screens of smartphones are good: both have high resolution and good color depth – 16 million colors. True, the resolution of the S8 is slightly higher than that of the S7: 2960×1440 dpi and 2560×1440 dots, respectively. However, to say that the image quality of an older gadget is worse, it is impossible: for its diagonal, such indicators will be more than enough.

Galaxy S7 screen

But the main feature of the S8, which distinguishes it from the Galaxy S7, is that the screen is curved on both sides. This allows the owner to enjoy improved viewing angles.

Automatic and individual brightness settings are in every smartphone, and these are no exception. But the Galaxy S8 has a blue glow filter, which is designed to reduce eye strain: it will be more convenient to browse social networks, watch movies, play and read with this filter.

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Iron comparison

The hardware stuffing for each of the devices is decent. Smartphones behave well not only in light applications, but also in demanding games.

S8 performance test

Characteristics of iron:

  • CPU. Both models are equipped with proprietary processors with eight cores . In each smartphone, four cores are designed for simple programs, and another four – for complex ones. This saves battery life.
  • Performance. S7 is practically not inferior to a new model in speed. So, in the seventh Samsung, the processor cores operate at a minimum frequency of 1.3 GHz, 2.4 GHz from the maximum, and the first four from the first four – at 1.7 GHz, and the second – at 2.3 GHz.
  • RAM. Both older and younger smartphones have an excellent 4 GB of RAM. This is exactly enough to comfortably work with multiple applications at the same time.

S7 performance test

  • Inner memory. In S7, the permanent storage is two times less than in S8 – 32 GB against 64 GB in the eighth. However, the volume can be increased: both gadgets support SD cards , which can accommodate up to 256 gigabytes.
  • Autonomy. Gadgets are equipped with 3000 mAh batteries, but the eighth Galaxy doesn’t remove the battery, which makes it different from its predecessor. Devices are able to charge without wires and support the possibility of fast charging.

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Smartphone software

On the seventh Galaxy is the sixth version of the Android OS , S8 is also controlled by a newer version of the operating system – the seventh Nougat. It is more convenient than the previous one: here a multi-window mode was finalized, which makes it possible to comfortably operate with several applications at once. Also, the manufacturer has equipped a young smartphone with a shell from the manufacturer – Experience 8.1. In addition, it is planned to upgrade the seventh version of the android to the eighth.


In Galaxy S7, as well as in its young fellow, there is Always-On Display. This allows users to always see the time on the display, as well as notifications. The Galaxy S8 has another feature: there is no separate application menu on the screen: the user can invoke the list with a vertical swipe on the home screen. The S7’s classic side menu, application store, and gaming mode are found in its young counterpart. But on the S8, the developers also pre-installed the Facebook and Microsoft programs. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely erase them from the phone – only “freezing” or deactivation is possible.

Galaxy S8 differs from its predecessor by the presence of a sensor that scans the iris of the eye. Thanks to this technology, the personal data of the smartphone owner is even better protected: to unlock the phone, the user only needs to bring the screen to his face as if he were going to take a selfie. Additional protection, as with S7, is provided by the KNOX anti-virus encryption application.

Note: to synchronize with a computer or laptop, both devices use the Smart Switch program.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S8
Display diagonal 5.1 “ 5.8 “
Screen type Super amoled Super amoled
Screen resolution 2560×1440 2960×1440
CPU 8 nuclear Samsung Exynos 8890: 4 cores – 1.3 GHz; 4 cores – 2.4 GHz. 8 nuclear Samsung Exynos 8895: 4 cores – 1.7 GHz; 4 cores – 2.3 GHz.
Ram 4 GB 4 GB
Inner memory 32 GB 64 GB
Maximum allowed SD card capacity 256 GB 256 GB
Main camera 12 Mp 12 Mp
Front-camera 5 Mp 8 Mp
The fingerprint scanner there is there is
Iris scanner not there is
operating system Android 6.0 Android 7.0
Degree of protection IP68 IP68
Battery capacity 3000 mAh 3000 mAh

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Samsung Galaxy S8, as a newer model, in many respects will show its superiority over the S7 smartphone. The lack of frames that frame the display, the increased diagonal, as well as the mode that reduces the strain on vision, and the improved selfie-camera are the main differences from the S7. In addition, the S8, in contrast to its predecessor, has increased security: in addition to the sensor, which the owner’s fingerprint recognizes as usual, this smartphone is able to scan the iris of the eye. It saves personal data better. However, the characteristics and capabilities of the S7 is also quite good, so its owners may not be in a hurry to look for a replacement.


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