Digital technologies in science and practice: 5 main conclusions and facts

Digital technologies in science and practice: 5 main conclusions and facts
Digital technologies in science and practice: 5 main conclusions and facts

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GetResponse in partnership with the Moscow State University Graduate School of Business organized and held the International Conference within the framework of the “Science Festival of Moscow State University-2017”. GetResponse was represented by Oleg Basha, Director General of the Russian Representative Office, and Julia Rakova, Marketing Director for Russia and the CIS. The conference was well equipped with the help of services like San Diego LED screen rental etc., also attended by speakers and experts from VSHB MSU, L’Oreal and companies. In one post we collected for you all the most interesting of 2 days of this conference.

1. Digital transformation in Russia. Are we ready for it? According to a study of large companies from Hitachi Data Systems and OSP Data, which was presented by Natalya Buchstaber, deputy dean for academic work and international relations at VSB MSU, the picture is simply depressing. This is how the respondents evaluated the degree of readiness of the technologies used in their organizations:

  • Data storage – 3.8% readiness for transformation
  • Confidentiality and data protection – by 3.7%
  • Data Management – 3.5%
  • Ubiquitous (mobile) access – 3.1%
  • Speed ​​and variety of types of analysis – by 2.9%
  • The ability to turn the knowledge extracted from data into business results – by 2.9%

Against the background of the latter, investing in powerful analytics tools big data becomes quite controversial. The best alternative is fast and easy tools, one of which is marketing automation, which is already available for medium and even small businesses.

2. Marketing automation , which Oleg Basha was talking about, is the newest trend in business, which allows you to send the right messages to the right person at the right time so that he can perform the actions you need.

Oleg Basha and GetRespons

Automation results (Ascend2 study data):

  • An increase in the number of leads noted 61% of marketers
  • Improving the quality of leads – 57% of marketers
  • Increase sales revenue – 47%

With marketing automation, you can control a person’s behavior from the very beginning of your interaction with him. Automation is successfully used in car sales, when building loyalty, when reactivating an outdated database. Moreover, in the case of reactivation, the first sales can occur the very next day.

In GetResponse, marketing automation is implemented in the Marketing Automation functionality . The algorithm is built on the basis of human behavior scenarios based on his actions. Creating such a scenario is a simple and fascinating process that allows you to manage the life cycle of your client.

3 Growth Hacking (growth hacking) , which Julia Rakova spoke about, is the newest direction in digital marketing and business development. It is built on creative marketing, experimentation, data analysis, application of the best digital practices that can bring rapid growth.

Growth hacking and Julia Rakova

Growth hacking can be attributed to the rapid creation of landing pages and the use of contact collection forms. Only here you must remember about the call to action and encouragement (lead magnet) so that people leave their contacts to you. Landing pages have several times higher conversion rates than websites. At the same time, you have only 8 seconds – this is how much time a person evaluates your landing page. And if you are not interested in him, he will simply leave. How to hit potential customers in such a short time? The answer is. And this…

4. Video marketing . Video on your website or landing page attracts attention, increases engagement and trust in you, your business or product. The Era of the video is coming, and the following facts confirm this:

  • 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers will follow their idol’s advice on buying a product (Google, 2017)
  • 4 out of 5 millenials take video content into account when making a purchase decision. 70% of millennials are likely to watch a video about the company when shopping online (Animoto, 2015)
  • Companies that use video in their marketing grow 49% faster from year to year compared to those who do not use video (Aberdeen Group, 2015)

Julia Rakova cited the real case of the GetResponse Academy: a 10-course course in Email Marketing for Beginners . The program is fully compiled in video format, and each lesson is sent to students by email. Access to the course is free. 2 weeks after the launch of the project, over 1,100 people have already studied. And this is absolutely no investment in advertising! Now more than 3,000 people have been taught at the Academy, and every month the course brings GetResponse new sales.

5. Personal brand

Another current digital trend is the development of a personal brand, namely public speaking. And not only offline, but also online – for example, in the format of a webinar . And here a valuable role is played by valuable content and the correct presentation of information. The storytelling is very good: the ability to turn your presentation into a bright story, sometimes even a drama. Stanislav Gurevsky, the founder of the agency, shared such secrets of successful performance as:

  • The path of the hero (the creation of a bright script performance on the methodology of Joseph Campbell);
  • Use metaphors that make it easy and quick to explain even the most complex processes.
  • The objectives of a successful presentation, which according to their impact, can both inform and sell the product, as well as change the knowledge and beliefs of people.

Based on these goals, the script, content and drama of the performance are built.

By the way, you will be able to hear our best speakers and learn about new digital tools at the nearest online marketing conference “How to increase sales without increasing the budget” on October 18.


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