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Financial Tools are very useful for organizing our financial statements, so much so that we can get a financial peace of mind to be able to decide our future financial security.

On this page you can find a number of financial tools that allow you to organize, track and deduct your financial future.

Like any system in life, the tools have been created to perform any activity more efficiently (To nail, a hammer; For cooking, the stove, to preserve food, the refrigerator, etc..), All that is used to improve the quality of life of humans can be considered a tool.

Imagine having to unscrew without having to hand a screwdriver, maybe a knife – it is possible – though it would be much more efficient when we have the right tool. For personal finance tools also exist, and very helpful.

Since there are tools for everything,, designed under the standards used in the field of personal finance, a number of tools to manage our finances.

Below you can download the PDF tools are not placed in order of relevance, but if you use it in the order used to get out of debt recommend using the order defined in the online course “10 steps to exit Debt “.

My Statement

The financial condition to diagnose our current situation, ie how much we have.

Monthly Income and Expenses

This form is useful for making a diagnosis of what is our balance sheet at the end of the month. It can also be the basis for developing a budget.

List of Debts

If lists debts you will realize two things of utmost importance (i) all of your debts and (ii) the different interest rates. This will serve to prioritize debts and pay those with the greatest interest.

Payment Plan

This table will help to make a payment plan for each creditor (recommended to complete for each of your debts), where you will place the months, interest rate and remaining balance. For each monthly payment checks the remaining balance will give you the feeling that these forward.


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