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Samsung is always up to date. For example, the Galaxy Note (one of their best lines) is currently experiencing the 8th generation. Below are all the features of models of different years of release, their characteristics and differences from other versions. It will be interesting.

Galaxy Note N7000 – Large Pioneer

For the sake of frankness, it is worth noting that the dimensions of the SAMSUNG N7000 Note at the time of release were quite unique. The aspect ratio of 16 to 10 made the gadget somewhat unusual in use. But the software features and convenience of working with various documents through applications did their job: the first Note was loved and bought with pleasure. This device has become for its owners more than just a phone.

The product of the first generation, which had just incredible for its time (and this is 2011) characteristics:

  • 5.3 inches diagonal – no other manufacturer could boast of such a screen;
  • There were 2 cores – such an indicator and at the moment it is considered to be quite good, what to say about those years;
  • 1.4 GHz frequency for Exynos 4 processor (the company produced it independently);
  • Memory – one gig, also cards could be put up to 32 GB;
  • The battery capacity is 2.5 thousand mAh – an indicator for standard phones of that time is very good, but considering the screen size, it would be worth increasing the capacity.

Note SM-N7000

The undeniable advantage of the new device was the stylus, due to which the probability of incorrect selection of an element on the screen was minimized. He recognized 256 levels of depression and that was enough for basic device control.

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Galaxy Note II N7100 – more, more powerful, more stylish 

A year later, a model with even larger screen characteristics appeared on the market – the popularity of the older brother led Samsung to single out the Nout series into the flagship family.

What are the data in the phone Note II N7100 :

  • the large display became even larger, having increased by 0.2 inches, its resolution also changed somewhat (it was 720 to 1280);
  • there are 2 times more nuclei (i.e. already 4);
  • RAM also grew – became 2 GB;
  • the battery capacity is increased by 600 mA, which is not surprising when you consider how much energy is needed for the active operation of such a screen;
  • The camera is limited to the same 8 megapixels as in the SM-N7000;
  • added a mode of multiple windows.

From the previous generation, the pen migrated, but already significantly modernized, which already distinguished 1024 levels of depression. 4 times higher sensitivity allowed to perform more subtle work, in particular, to write handwritten text.

Note SM-N7100

For greater strength, the Note II screen is covered with a good protective glass. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t refine the camera. The Exynos processor, which was equipped with the second version of the Nout, worked at 0.2 GHz faster than the last of his fellow.

Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9000 and SM-N9005 – stylish design

One year – two versions. Their main difference is in the processors: in the SM-N9000 it is the Samsung Exynos 5420, and in the SM-N9005 it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. An unexpected solution with a back cover – imitating the leather surface was not very resistant to various kinds of mechanical damage. However, it is thanks to her that the appearance of this model has become fond of many: the desire to have a non-standard object works wonders.

Note 3 SM-N9000

As for the standard indicators of the model:

  • the diagonal has traditionally become more than 0.2 inches, but the overall size of the smartphone, fortunately, has decreased slightly;
  • finally finalized the camera and now it is already with 13 megapixels;
  • the number of cores increased to eight (4 + 4), which pleased the new owners;
  • there is more and RAM – increased to 3 GB;
  • A memory card can be installed up to 64 GB, and the native memory was two times less – 32 GB.

The capacity of the battery in Note 3 is almost unchanged, receiving only 100 additional units of power. Of the “chips” can be called USB 3.0 and infrared – previously released versions were deprived of this. We can safely say that the third Nout is still quite in the spirit of the times even today: it perfectly “pulls” most of the most frequently used applications (such as social networks and various instant messengers).

Note 3 SM-N9005

An interesting fact – in this device, for the first time in the line, the Samsung company used a Snapdragon processor, which was manufactured by a third-party company.

Video lovers have already begun to use the capabilities of the camera and record in 4K format. A small addition to the screen – the resolution was equal to 1920×1080 points. This version is quite successful, even now, many are happy to continue using this device.

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Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H and Note 4 Edge SM-N915F – brutal smartphones

Finally, in the SM-N910H, the company decided to get rid of the plastic frames: they were replaced by more reliable and stylish metal ones.

As for the rest – described below:

  • the back panel remained “leather”, only the stitching from it disappeared;
  • they worked hard on the resolution, having increased it to 2560 by 1440 points (not all laptops can boast of this now);
  • the diagonal remained unchanged – 5.7 inches;
  • 4K quality video smoothly entered the lives of people and the built-in camera completely allowed shooting in such a format;
  • the stylus is now on par with the writing pen for accuracy;
  • the phone began to charge quickly (it was possible to choose one of two options in the battery settings: normal or fast charging).

Note 4 SM-N910H

The cool solution in the fourth laptop is a fingerprint scanner. It is clear that at the dawn of implementation, he had many “lags”, but still the presence of such chips like the new owners. Optical stabilization allowed to shoot much clearer than before. Pleasantly pleased and microphone. But you always need to have a charge at hand, because The battery capacity has increased by only 20 units, and the screen’s energy consumption has increased.

Note 4 Edge SM-N915F

A little later, the Edge SM-N915F version was released , which differed in the shape of the matrix. She was unconventionally bent on the right side. Its screen, by the way, had a diagonal of 5.6 inches.

Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920 – stylish design 

He was presented with simply gorgeous looks in the best hi-tech traditions: glass and metal. The model is rather a new device, rather than a continuation of the Note line. This is another vision of the usual flagship: the familiar dimensions and a large number of functions implemented through new technologies and approaches.

Note 5 SM-N920

Of the main “losses”:

  • the battery in this model cannot be removed;
  • missing memory card slot;
  • the infrared port has also sunk into oblivion.

But, there were also “pluses”:

  1. The camera in Note 5 has become better in terms of the quality of frames received.
  2. The fingerprint scanner is finally really finalized.
  3. Charging the smartphone has become faster (the rate of 100% could be achieved in 90 minutes).
  4. “Feed” it was also possible through a wireless connection.

The advantages can also be safely attributed to the fact that the phone has become much thinner (only 7.6 mm).

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The biggest problem of Note 5 is that it does not “forgive” errors with a pen. If, by mistake, it was inserted incorrectly, then everything: it would be unrealistic to remove it yourself. The same can be said about the fall: in the Note 5 that fell once, the screen refused quite quickly. But to change it is not cheap, so some owners decided to just buy a more recent model in the end. About her – below.

Galaxy Note 7 SM-N930F – removing excess

Unpredictably, Samsung missed the number 6, immediately releasing the seventh version. Unfortunately, she led herself quite unexpectedly. There have been many cases where the battery of the phones really exploded while charging the battery due to a rare production error. When it became known, the corporation immediately withdrew this series from the sale and exchanged all the models already sold for serviceable ones.

As for the characteristics:

  • good moisture protection (IP68 level);
  • A “memory card slot” has risen from the past;
  • the camera has improved significantly – it focuses just instantly;
  • an iris scanner has appeared;
  • the stylus is simply beyond all praise: more than 4 thousand gradations of pressing.

Note 7 SM-N930F

As for SIM cards, there are already 2 slots for them in this model. Memory expands due to additional media (up to 256 GB), and the built-in there already has 64 GB.

Unfortunately, Note 7 stopped releasing early enough. Although the manufacturer claimed that the percentage of unworkable products in this line was small enough, they did not resume production, focusing all their attention and energy on the next generation.

Attention, the question: is it possible better, but to be more reliable? Yes. And about such a flagship is written below.

Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F – no cooler

The hottest novelty of the market, which can not be ignored. Samsung has once again been able to surprise the sophisticated public – despite the large screen diagonal (6.3 inches), the device is quite easy to use: it fits perfectly even in an elegant female hand.

What’s on Note 8 is so special:

  • Infinity display (also known as “infinite display”, i.e. with rounded sides);
  • the Samsung logo disappeared from the front panel;
  • the camera has become double and long-focus with excellent luminosity (F1.7 and F2.4), the “Live Focus” function has appeared;
  • using the stylus, you can create notes even when the screen is off;
  • the device can safely withstand immersion in water for half an hour (depth up to 1.5 m).

Note 8 SM-N950F

It is pleasantly pleased that the fingerprint scanner is almost not noticeable, while its ability to recognize the owner’s hand has shown itself well. Now you’ll be surprised with high-quality photos, so Samsung has created an opportunity to turn a regular frame into a unique animated message or emoji icon using a stylus.

All Note 8 applications run fairly quickly, and the screen resolution allows you to catch even the smallest details of high-quality drawn graphics (it is recommended to enable full-screen mode for greater effect).

Pleases a good sound, including when using standard headphones that come in a set with Nout 8. A pleasant addition – the phone eventually adapts to the needs of a particular user. There is no need to customize it.

Naturally, with such steep characteristics, the device needs a large amount of energy for an operational and long active mode. The battery keeps charging well enough (the battery lasts for 24 hours).

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Samsung’s legendary lineup

At the start of production in 2011, no one could have imagined that the unsightly Nout of non-standard dimensions would live for so long. But initially a good filling, the presence of a stylus and a fairly high-quality screen did the trick. They were joined by excellent design solutions, which throughout the history of Note delighted users. The table below shows the comparative characteristics of all generations of the Nout model.

Display size Battery capacity RAM Number of Cores
Note SM-N7000 5.3 inches 2,5 thousand mAh 1 GB 2
Note II SM-N7100 5.5 inches 3.1 thousand mAh 2 GB four
Note 3 SM-N900 5.7 inches 3,2 thousand mAh 2 GB four
Note 4 SM-N910H 5.7 inches 3,2 thousand mAh 3 GB eight
Note 5 SM-N920 5.7 inches 3 thousand mAh 4 GB eight
Note 7 SM-N930F 5.7 inches 3,3 thousand mAh 4 GB eight
Note 8 SM-N950F 6.3 inches 3,5 thousand mAh 6 GB eight

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The latest version of the phone rejects the need for such devices as tablets and netbooks – it seems that this flagship can do anything. It is especially convenient to associate it with smart watches from various manufacturers, virtual reality glasses and other devices. This is a new round in the history of not only the model, but the whole Samsung brand.


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