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It is since 2010 that MySQL has become the property of Oracle , these acquisitions were made ​​in MySQL :

The team ‘s most important market engineers and dedicated support staff
Oracle Lifetime Support services

MySQL is the open source DBMS most used with increasing popularity over 70,000 downloads per day, customers and partners MySQL are concentrated in five main areas: Web 2.0 , SaaS , businesses, and telecommunications sectors OEM / integration.
It remains to be seen whether in the days futures continue Mysql always held this leading position, because many of its partners and customers already abandoned . They blame Oracle lack of clarity in the development and publication of updates .
After Linux distributions : Fedora and openSUSE , who dropped MySQL is to turn Google , one of the giants of the Web to turn the system database management Oracle relational database .

The announcement was made ​​at the conference Extremely Large Databases ( XLDB ) and Google thinks migrate its systems MariaDB MySQL 5.1 to 10.0. This migration would probably involve thousands of servers still running MySQL .
This news did not surprise many people, because Google had already affected since the middle of the second half of this year, one of its engineers to MariaDB Foundation, Google has also actively participated in the development of patches to MariaDB .

We think this is a sad news that Oracle should inquiter too , since today if Google decides to abandon Mysql, several services will be bought by Google may also obliged to leave Mysql .
The lack of transparency is a serious concern because Oracle Mysql is still used in some very sensitive administrative applications, where updates and patches holes at regular intervals reassure users .


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