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How to choose a refrigerator is a matter of concern to many, because without such equipment it is impossible to imagine a single modern abode. When buying you need to consider a number of important factors and parameters that affect the further operation.

Manufacturers constantly offer various modifications that include many functions, in particular, antibacterial coating, light and sound signals, auto-freezing, Biofresh compartment, etc. Having these options is what matters when choosing a refrigerator . This is due to the fact that it is the functionality that determines the ease of operation and the efficiency of the functioning of the equipment.

In addition, it is important that the model chosen is a harmonious tandem with all the other elements of the interior. Only in this case, the design of the room will be not only practical, but also stylish.   

Assembly Models

What do refrigerators look like?

Which refrigerator is better to take depends on a number of parameters. These include the following:

  • Overall parameters.  In this case, size matters, because if it is larger than it should be, then this leads to clutter in space, and if it is smaller, the refrigerator will differ in small capacity. The choice of the refrigerator in the parameters depends on the area of ​​the room. The optimal size is 0.6×0.6 m, since usually the standard kitchen is 8-10 m. If it is smaller, then it is reasonable to choose a modification of 45×60 cm. One should not exclude from the attention the height, which affects the ease of operation. The dimensions do not determine which refrigerator is reliable.
  • Volume The capacity of the equipment is determined from the account of how many people will use the unit. This parameter depends on the frequency of cooking, the need for products. The optimal value for a family of 3-4 people – 250-300 l.
  • The number of branches. It is rational to purchase a unit with several compartments only in case of storing a large number of products in compartments with different temperatures. It is also optimal when the room has large dimensions.
  • Design. The appearance of the model determines the stylistic decision of the kitchen. Therefore, the correct choice of the brand of the refrigerator depends on the design of the room.
  • Functional and noise level. On this depends not only the degree of cooling, but also the comfort in the room.

It is also worth considering the number of shelves, power consumption, the presence of antibacterial coating, etc.

How to choose the optimal model in size

The first and most important when choosing – dimensions. The parameters are determined by the size of the room, and the capacity of the unit depends on them.

Dimensional models

Big units

There are 5 modifications:

  • Little ones. The size varies in height in the range of 0.8-1.6 m, in width – about 0.5 m, and the volume is 50-60 l. This option is best suited for villas, hotels, office space.
  • Minibars They reach 0.8 m in height, 0.5 m in width, and 0.5-0.6 m in depth and capacity. Usually such refrigerators are used to store beverages, berries and vegetables.
  • European standard. The height of the modifications varies in the range of 1.7-2.5 m. At the same time, the main parameters correspond to traditional sizes and constitute 0.6×0.6. Capacity, in turn, varies in the range of 50-140 liters. This is a great model for houses and apartments with small kitchens.
  • Medium in height, but large in width. In this case, the latter figure exceeds 0.8 m, the height reaches 1.7 m, the capacity is 200-260 l. Rational model for storage of preparations for the winter.
  • Large. In this case, the width is standard, and the height varies in the range of 1.95-2.1 m, the volume – 350-850 l. When choosing a large refrigerator, you first need to measure the kitchen area, take into account the necessary space for opening the door and ventilation, and start from these parameters.

The market offers for the consumer standard and embedded units. The purchase of a modification determines the area of ​​the room and the stylistic decision. To understand the difference between the built-in refrigerator and the usual one , you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of both options. This will allow you to adapt all the features to your room.

Type of models

Modifications of refrigerators

Free-standing models have the following advantages:

  • the ability to enter into any room;
  • ease of operation and ease of maintenance;
  • a wide range of models;
  • considerable capacity, what is the main advantage of this type of units;
  • exception of damage to the facade during defrosting;
  • lower cost compared to embedded options with the same functionality.

But such models can not boast of originality, and the units themselves are cumbersome. In addition, modifications conceal the usable area due to the need for a technical distance between the rear wall and the wall.

Which refrigerator is better – built-in or not , is determined by the features and parameters of the room where it will be located. The first models, above all, are characterized by excellent coincidence with the general interior of the room. In addition, this option is famous for:

  • almost silent work, which is important for the kitchen, which is combined with the dining room or studio apartment;
  • minimum vibration indicators, excluding the loosening of the facades of headsets;
  • a variety of sizes and configurations.

Freestanding models

Stand alone devices

But this version of the unit is not so easy to install, especially on their own. The choice of the built-in refrigerator depends on a number of factors. It is necessary to take into account the fact that such modifications have a smaller capacity as compared with detached units. Yes, and at the price of this option will cost more.  

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How many chambers should be in the fridge

The choice of model is also influenced by the number of cameras. Their figure varies in the range of 1-3. The choice of a specific refrigerator depends on the functionality of the “product keeper”.

What makes a single-chamber refrigerator from a two-chamber? The first is a unit with small dimensions and one door. Such modifications contain only the refrigeration compartment. But single-chamber models can have a freezer compartment. Only this is extremely rare.

Units with two chambers– the most common option on the market, the choice of which is the main factor is the relative location of the compartments. It must be said that such models are produced in various transformations: with one common door or different for each department. The advantage of this option is to maintain the temperature regime of one compartment, even when opening another. A similar approach affects the consumption of resources.  

Models with two cameras

Two-chamber modifications

There are models with three cameras , but such units are less popular due to the partitions between the compartments, which hide the useful volume. It is important that the department used most often is located at the top of the equipment, with the exception of Side by Side models. This placement saves resource consumption by up to 10%.

You can also find a combined version. In terms of parameters and functions, such models are no different from ordinary ones, the secret lies in the design. These modifications are a device with two autonomous devices (freezer and refrigerator) located in one unit.

The criterion for choosing such a model is the number of compressors. This is the option with two superchargers. This is due to the fact that in one case two systems operate independently of one another: the first generates cold in the freezer, and the second cools the products in the unit. Common components in this case are the chassis, electronic control segment, cable. That’s what a combined fridge is.

What are SbS refrigerators?

Side-by-side refrigerators are devices that are distinguished by the location of the compartments. The latter are on the same level, which justifies the name “side by side”. The arrangement of the parallel type is distinguished by convenience and comfort, and compared to conventional models, it is wider and deeper. This option is rational to buy only for a spacious room.

Pros are:

  • quick opening of both compartments;
  • independent and organized product distribution;
  • preventing the formation of ice and frost due to a mechanism that forcibly forces air;
  • independent temperature adjustment;
  • options that eliminates bacteria;
  • self-freezing;
  • availability of an electronic type control system;
  • a bar that is built in and performs the function of cooling drinks and generating ice.

Side-by-Side Models

Devices Side By Side

The disadvantages of this option should be attributed to the size, high cost and increased power consumption. Manufacturers complete the device with two superchargers at once, which increases the consumption of resources.

To choose the right model, you need to pay attention to a number of factors. it directly:

  • dimensions;
  • spaciousness;
  • zonality;
  • number of shelves and drawers;
  • options.

Even when choosing a unit for a spacious room, you need to take into account the dimensions. If there is usually no problem with the width, then height plays a role. For people of small stature, such a parameter is fundamental, because convenience and comfort of operation depend on it.

These models are equipped with two and four doors, but the most practical are the first. If the unit has an ice generator option, then we must not forget that such a modification will have to be connected to the water supply system.  

The working volume of these models is different and varies in the range of 300-800 liters. In addition, they differ in the zonal distribution of the internal space. Allocate segments:

  • freshness for storing products that have a small duration;
  • moisture, eliminating the drying of greens;
  • adjustable temperature, which preserves the juiciness and appetizing appearance of fruits and vegetables;
  • cooling to place drinks in bottles.

In each zone, a favorable climate is formed, which is formed due to a special mechanism of air circulation.

Device zones

Food storage areas

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Type of defrosting

It should also decide what kind of refrigerator is better drip or No Frost . The first option on the market is becoming increasingly rare, and the replacement comes modifications that do not require regular thawing.  

Drip models (“crying”) are equipped with a special device on the wall, which equally distributes the temperature inside, and condensate forms on the surface, which flows into a specific container, from which it then evaporates. With improper care, the hole is clogged, and the liquid flows under the boxes of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, such models require periodic defrosting and washing. But despite this, you need to highlight a number of advantages:

  • extensive range;
  • affordable cost;
  • saving resources;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • spaciousness.

But the models are different and disadvantages: different temperature conditions, the need to defrost, the formation of moisture on the back wall. In addition, such a system does not work in the freezer.

Compared with the first option, the models with the No Frost (NF) system effectively eliminate excess moisture in both chambers, and there is no need to defrost equipment. It is necessary to periodically just wash the device in order to ensure hygiene. The advantages of this mechanism are:

  • fast freezing of products;
  • no need for extra care other than washing;
  • maintaining the same temperature in all compartments;
  • functioning in both chambers;
  • rapid recovery of temperature after closure.

Models with NF

Devices with NF system

But the rapid circulation of air in such models leads to the drying of products, so storage requires the use of special bags and containers. The presence of fans reduces the working volume of equipment, and some models are very buzzing during operation. In comparison with the first option, these modifications are more energy-consuming, and their cost is higher.   

The choice of a dry freeze refrigerator (know frost) depends on a number of parameters, as in any other case. Here it is necessary to take into account the class of energy saving, dimensions, capacity and other factors that affect the usability.  

When choosing a refrigerator, not everyone knows what a freshness zone is. This segment is made in the form of a separate compartment with the formation of high humidity and low temperature in comparison with the indicator in the refrigerating chamber. This compartment is perfect for storing cheeses, vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries. It is strictly not recommended to have meat, poultry, fish. Models with a zone of freshness are 5-10% more expensive compared to the variants without it. Optimally, when the branch is located at the bottom of the equipment.

Compressors – the right amount

As already known, there are units with one and two compressors. In the second case, a more accurate and independent:

  • temperature determination;
  • department shutdown;
  • defrosting chambers separately.  

In addition, in such models there are less frequent breakdowns such as blockage of a capillary pipeline. More modifications have a longer service life compared to single-compressor due to the effective use of devices. Each supercharger is switched on only if it is necessary to reduce the temperature in the compartment.    

Models with 1 and 2 superchargers

One-compressor and two-compressor units

There is an opinion that models with two compressors are noisier and more energy consuming. But it’s not always the case. These parameters are completely dependent on the characteristics of a particular modification. In theory, one low-quality blower makes a lot of noise and consumes more resources than two high-quality devices.

The main disadvantage of dual-compressor models is the relatively high cost. But if we take into account that units with one supercharger are performed according to the FNF scheme, which solves the problem of independent temperature control, then such models work louder, and the price is almost the same in two-compressor ones.   

Facing the problem of choice, the task becomes much more complicated. Which is better single-compressor or dual-compressor , depends on the required noise level and energy class. In terms of convenience, you need to choose the second option.

In addition, in such models, the load is distributed evenly, and the compartments are isolated from each other, which maintains an optimal temperature. This is convenient when defrosting – only one necessary camera is turned off. Even if the supercharger fails, only the camera for which the device was responsible will not work. At least until recovery there is an opportunity to use one branch.

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Energy Class

Like all appliances, refrigerators operate on the network and consume a certain amount of resources. In connection with the growth of electricity tariffs, one has to look for the best options to save money. Such a parameter when choosing a model plays an important role. What class of energy for the refrigerator is better , you need to understand.

This parameter ensures the efficiency of the units. The optimal value is in the range of 10-50%.

Energy groups

Categories of resource consumption

Resource consumption is determined by many criteria, in particular:

  • model power;
  • the capacity of the office;
  • the load on the device;
  • ambient temperature;
  • opening / closing frequency;
  • type of defrosting;
  • the presence of additional functionality.

On average, the consumption of the refrigerator is 13 kW per month and above. Special marking contributes to the selection of models according to their own preferences. The most effective are:

  • Models with class A +++ . Energy efficiency is below 22, while the technique is economical up to 50%.
  • Aggregates category A ++ . In this case, the indicator of profitability is the same, and the value of energy efficiency is 22-23.
  • Modifications of the group A + . With efficiency everything is the same as in the first two options. In this case, the energy efficiency indicator is 33-34.
  • Category A devices . extravagance of devices does not exceed 35%. At the same time, the indicator of energy consumption is 44-55.

It is rational to purchase equipment related to these categories. The rest are considered costly and unprofitable. Of course, that person does not constantly consider the power consumption per day, but for a month it translates into a decent amount, so when purchasing, you need to think about this parameter.      

How to choose a silent refrigerator for home

A running motor and moving parts in the refrigerator create noise and transmit vibrations to the body.

Silent devices

What models are silent

The buzz is created directly due to the operation:

  • supercharger;
  • blower fans;
  • refrigerants;
  • relay.

To select a silent refrigerator , you need to consider the following parameters. It is a mistake to believe that the number of compressors affects the noise level, in this case the degree is determined by the quality of the components. The screw blowers function more quietly, but the cost of such devices is higher compared to their counterparts. Affects the principle of operation of the compressor, which can be inverter and linear. In the first case, the operation is continuous.

It is rational to choose units with noise levels up to 40 dB . The optimal model determines the price, which is natural. It depends on the use of modern technology and innovation. Units that work very quietly do not exist.

Variations of laboratory modifications

When choosing a laboratory model, the question arises, which refrigerator is better: ball or spiral . The first option is more effective than traditional air. This is due to the greater area for the exchange of heat. Such models are used for semi-micro syntheses, in the process of which a small amount of energy is released. At the same time, there is enough space for the transition process of low-boiling substances.

The second option is used to exchange the heat of the two streams. Such models are used for steam transformation and cooling of substances. The use of devices is not allowed as a reverse. This is to prevent condensation from spilling.

Laboratory units

Devices used for laboratories

Ball models are notable for their convenience:

  • stirrer axis inserts;
  • introducing various substances into the reactor;
  • installation in an inclined position to avoid flooding.

The number of balls in such models varies in the range of 3-8. Which option to choose depends on the purpose of use.         

Spiral model is more effective. This option is used as a downward, and during operation can be neglected relatively large losses of distillate. But in some cases it is necessary to complete such devices with a tube of potassium chloride raw materials, which helps to eliminate the accumulation of atmospheric moisture.

How to choose a model for a car

Car accessories provide convenience and comfort on the road. For longer trips, it is important to purchase a refrigerator that allows you to preserve the freshness of the products. In the presence of the unit will always be at hand cool drinks. This is an opportunity to save caught fish after fishing.

The market offers consumers options that differ in terms of working volume, energy consumption, operating principle and other parameters. In abundance of options, the question arises how to choose a refrigerator for a car so that the model meets the necessary criteria.

Units for vehicles are divided into several categories, differing in:

  • cooling principle (compressor, adsorption, thermoelectric);
  • installation type (external or embedded);
  • network used (onboard and from the household highway);
  • exploited resources (some models use propane / butane in their work).

Car units

Devices for vehicles

The main criterion is the principle of cooling. Compressor is not very convenient for installation on the vehicle due to the generated vibrations, and with frequent driving on bad roads, the models fail.  

Adsorption options work for a long time offline, which is convenient for long journeys. Still such models differ in capacity, and function from an automobile network or by means of gas. This option boasts noiselessness, but at the same time, the modifications are cumbersome, cost more compared to their counterparts and are afraid of strong shocks.

Thermoelectric models are the most popular option. They differ:

  • compact size, so suitable even for a small car;
  • the ability to heat foods;
  • the absence of moving parts and components, which provides resistance to vibrations and shaking on the road;
  • no conventional refrigerant;
  • low noise.

But the capacity of such models is small, so for a large company modifications will not work.

You need to choose the option from your own preferences and the number of people who will use the unit.

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How to choose a refrigerator for wine

Connoisseurs of fine drinks need to know how to choose a refrigerator for wine. It is not always possible to store bottles in the basement of a country mansion, but it is convenient when there is always a small collection in reserve for friends.  

Wine cabinet must be responsible for:

  • preservation of optimum humidity;
  • maintaining a constant temperature for both cooling and heating;
  • fresh air supply inside the model.

Wine cabinets

Appearance of wine cabinets

When choosing, you need to pay attention to a number of parameters that affect the ease of use. This directly:

  • spaciousness;
  • humidity level;
  • presence of tinted glass;
  • type of air filter;
  • temperature conditions;
  • type and number of blowers;
  • energy consumption category;
  • the presence of a lock and alarm;
  • the number of shelves and the material from which they are made;
  • climate class.

Such models can hold from a few bottles to hundreds. It is imperative that if the unit is completed with glass, it should be tinted to prevent light from entering the inside of the chamber. This approach contributes to the preservation of the original bouquet of the drink. Sunlight only accelerates the processes of fermentation, affecting the color and taste.

Models equipped with a blind door are cheaper at cost and are suitable for storing wine collections. Storefronts are used for demonstration.        

Which model to prefer?

The abundance of offers on the market makes it difficult to choose a particular model. Everyone knows that Liebherr is the leader among brands For home use, we recommend the Liebherr CTPwb 2121 two-chamber model , which is characterized by an optimal price- performance ratio. The unit has a system of defrosting No Frost, a capacity of 195 liters, energy class A ++ and 1 compressor.


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