How to Make Money in Real Estate — 5 Types of Real Estate for Profitable Investment

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The Relevance of Real Estate

  • Principal of real estate in which to invest capital (sorted by popularity)Whatever the objectives pursued, capitalize on the sale, lease or acquisition of the object housing, real estate remains the most reliable and profitable investment able to increase and preserve cash.

The relevance of real estate

The relevance of earnings in the real estate market due to the fact that even in the face of such factors as:

  • the unstable political situation,
  • when the funds under the inflation loses its value
  • destabilization of the economy,etc.,
  • real estate investments (land, apartment, residential and non-residential premises) remain the most reliable way of investment.

Compared to stocks, production and trade with much less risk. If it is impossible to predict the rise or fall of value of the property, to be safe you can rent out and cover part of the costs, while the situation is not stabilizing most.

In the Russian Federation, investors ‘ interest for over twenty years, converted it to liquid real estate as a source of investment of financial assets, which confirms the profitability and prospects of development of this market.

First, the level of activity of financial investments is the real estate housing and Commerce. Especially the interest in these types of properties is manifested in large cities with high business activity, greater turnover, in this context, it is more profitable to invest in warehouse space, land plots, apartments and houses there than in the provinces and suburbs. (Also read — How to get money on the security of real estate in Sberbank)

how to make money in the real estate market money

In any case, need to know how to calculate all stages of the investment process. Cost, timing of investments, interest on loans, risk insurance and many more factors, each of which in the end may prove decisive.

Principal of real estate in which to invest capital (sorted by popularity)

  1. Investment in commercial property.
  2. Real estate residential Fund.
  3. Land.
  4. Investing in overseas property.

The less-popular investing in real estate are:

  1. the acquisition of suburban areas, which are often not privatized and are owned dacha cooperatives
  2. capital garage, with the exception of those located within or near the city centre. They can be used for garages, warehouses, so the demand is there.
  3. construction in progress. Unfortunately, there is a tendency now of ransom with the purpose of disassembly and sale of building material, it is cheaper to buy ready-made than to build and carry out communication.

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