How to make money on freelancing? 10 steps to a dream job

How to make money on freelancing? 10 steps to a dream job
How to make money on freelancing? 10 steps to a dream job

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how to earn freelance

How to earn a freelance novice? Achieving success in the world of freelancing is a natural result of many competent strategic decisions, hours of hard work, compliance with agreements and deadlines. We have already written about the 7 best sites for searching for remote work : check out this list and select something appropriate for you.

How to earn on freelancing: step-by-step actions

If you want to become a successful freelancer and constantly increase your income without working for yourself – we offer you to read our guide of ten tips that will help you acquire all the necessary skills for working as a freelancer!  

  1. Choose the right niche for yourself

At first, it seems to most newbies that it is possible to undertake any paid work at all. But as you delve into all the subtleties of freelancing, you will have your own strategy for choosing the direction in which you should move. Later, with experience, its own permanent client base will be formed. In order to make it easier for you to decide on your future focus, read our article on the most popular professions for freelancers .

When a freelancer specializes in a specific type of activity, after a while he not only gains important experience, but also becomes an expert in his field – and experts can request a higher payment for the provision of specialized services.

Let the numerous debates about who you should be – a highly specialized worker or a specialist in general knowledge – do not confuse you. Think for yourself: if you needed a specialist, for example, in web design, who would you choose – an experienced expert in web design or an ordinary general IT specialist?

I think you would have made your choice in favor of the first candidate and didn’t lose it – after all, a highly specialized employee can guarantee you to do your job efficiently and on time, without exchanging for third-party projects, as well as having experience in this field.

If you choose the right niche, deciding to specialize in it and make every effort to establish yourself as an expert in your field, you can count on a profitable business for many years.


  1. Try to formulate your proposals as clearly as possible.

An important decision that you have to make before you earn on freelancing is to decide on what you are doing and what you are not planning to do.

The more specific you can be about the services you provide, the better. This will not only help you to establish yourself in the right way, but also allow you to control the perception of your activity by potential clients.

Even if the benefits of third-party short-term projects may seem tempting (and sometimes necessary), remember one important thing. Namely: by taking on tasks that do not bring you closer to your ultimate goal of becoming the best in your field, you only miss the opportunity to get significant progress for you.

  1. Build for yourself the image of an ideal client

Before you can start looking for customers, you need to decide for yourself who you will work with exactly, and who does not suit you in one way or another.

Do you want to create websites for small business owners, introduce new development functions for startups or enter into long-term contracts with corporations? A clear distinction between the types of businesses you plan to deal with will be important to the effectiveness of future service delivery.

To determine what your ideal customers should be, ask yourself the following questions:

  • In what area can there be problems with the services provided by me?
  • Can a business I want to work with afford to hire me?
  • What trends can I identify in the area I am targeting? (Age, gender, geographic location, common sites)

Choosing the right niche and the ability to competently form communication with your potential audience – this is an important aspect of planning the launch of your freelancing career.

  1. Create a convenient and pleasant looking website before you earn on freelancing

Obviously, one of the best ways to demonstrate your technical skills is to create your own effective portfolio site. If you want to be taken seriously as a freelancer, you will need a website that:

  • clearly demonstrate your skills;
  • show that you are an experienced specialist;
  • tell about your human qualities;
  • will contain detailed contact information so that potential customers can easily find you.

The goal of your portfolio is to educate, interest and convince potential customers that it is you who suit them. That is why it is worth taking the time to select the jobs and services that may be in the portfolio, as well as work on their visual presentation before you start looking for new projects.

  1. Properly plan the time you will spend on freelancing

Creating a high-quality portfolio for a website, developing a personal brand and adding artwork to your portfolio will naturally take a lot of time. If you have a main job that fits tightly into your daily schedule, but you want to fully switch to freelancing – try to get the most competent approach to planning not only your time, but also your budget.

How to make money on freelancing, if you have a main job? In the process of transition to the second job you need to secure a profit from freelancing in the amount of 50-75% of total income.

Managing a tight schedule and heavy workload (including demanding freelance projects), as well as responsibility for the results of the work will quickly teach you how to conduct your own business competently.

  1. Improve your skills

What is the best way to meet the expectations of your customers? Convince them that you possess impressive skills that are in high demand.

Be sure to practice and learn in the process. Always remember – you, as a highly qualified freelancer, are able to increase your earnings by gaining experience and gaining additional knowledge.


  1. Take care of your reputation

There are many ways to earn freelancing and increase customer confidence in your industry. In addition to creating high-quality content for blogs and collaboration with well-known influential people in your industry, you can, for example, write detailed articles or even become the author of your own book, create an online course or take part in a public speech – all this will help you gradually build credibility in occupied niche.

Such useful for the reputation of classes and projects can be further added to your own portfolio – and thus demonstrate to people their skills and abilities that potential customers will be able to appreciate.

  1. Feel free to use your dating

One of the most effective ways to improve the quality of work of a freelance employee is to use already existing connections and contacts. Friends, relatives, former classmates, colleagues, neighbors – all these people can become an excellent alternative to cold contacts.

If you have, for example, a good friend – contact him and ask if they object to using his name in your project or when managing the site? It will not cause any particular inconvenience to him – but such cooperation will be able to benefit you. This can be a valuable recommendation or positive feedback about your work – your potential client does not know about your relationship, and you can benefit from it.

  1. Start your blog

The goal of creating a website that demonstrates your skills is to attract and convert new customers. What is the best way to increase the number of potential customers that reach your site? Create high-quality blog content that positions you as an outstanding expert in your field! By the way, in the future, in your blog, you can answer questions you already know about how to make money on freelancing, and monetize this topic too.

First you have to create one or two blog posts to share your own useful ideas that your potential customers can search on the web. In the future, you should gradually increase the number of posts per month in order to attract a new audience to your website.

  1. Know your value

Establishing the amount of payment for your services is an important step towards determining your value as a specialist. You need to make sure that you receive enough funds to ensure a comfortable life. Many clients are ready to pay without hesitation big money to freelancers for high-quality and timely work, which can cause you a deceptive first impression. No need to think that all clients will be equally accommodating and generous, and projects will start pouring on you like a horn of plenty – always set the price for your services according to the skills and experience you have gained.

But do not underestimate yourself, especially if you have already chosen a niche for yourself and know how to make money on freelancing in it. Before setting your rates to a minimum, make sure that the fees you charge in the future will be able to cover your financial needs. You can always keep a customer with low payment for your services, but this cannot last forever.

In the future, you can increase the amount of payment, and hope that your client will stay with you. But if you start from the optimal price category, you do not have to constantly feel “deprived” – and also no one forbids you to increase the cost of paying for your services in the future, without prejudice to your business.

Now the way freelancer does not seem so thorny and difficult, is not it?

We hope that this article was useful for you and will help you achieve greater success in the future. Good luck to you!


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