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Teenagers always want as much independence from adults. And, of course, do not want to depend on anybody financially. Therefore, the majority of young people from twelve or thirteen years looking for opportunities to earn at least pocket money. And the most easy money Teens find in the Internet, in projects that do not require initial cash investment.

For example, in projects such as SeoSprint, Wmmail, just reading the letter and walking through the sites, you can earn a teenage schoolboy, at least, to pay mobile communication.

If you don’t know where to get money for free and for free, then we wrote this article, which we recommend reading.

1. Earn money online for Teens and students from 100 rubles a day

If you wish to earn large sums of money to various projects sites to earn money can provide work that is more complex and thus better paid. In this case you should make a small effort and learn how to perform a variety of tasks.

As a rule, everything is quite simple. Each task is attached a description of what needs to be done and presented to the contractor requirements. But some do not stop at this, because they want to earn more.

ways to make money teenager at 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 years

The most popular types of earnings for students read below the article. We consider almost all the known ways

2. Ways to make money teenage student 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years in online without investment

You should pay attention on such tasks as writing articles. There is no need for investment, and this activity is well paid. Moreover, such earnings for Teens are optimal.

Teenage school children from ten to sixteen years of age and older are often much more competent than some adults due to the fact that by studying the curriculum, they are constantly confronted with the rules of the Russian language, so you can correctly and beautifully Express their thoughts. In writing articles it takes a very important place, because whatever the deep meaning of the article, no one will work with a large number of errors. (Also read — what is a business without attachments from scratch)


Real wages for adolescents on the Internet by writing articles

For starters, to get started in this field, you can practice writing articles-of rewrite. In its specifics this work is very close to the school presentation. Or rather, you give the article you need to rewrite in your own words, change the sentence structure but keep the meaning of the original article. In the end it should be a unique article. In that effort, imagination and a good vocabulary.

work for school children 11,12,13,14 years

Copyright and rewrite could bring a stable and high income. For some adults, writing and typing is the main job. But in order to successfully perform the task of the customer, to obtain certain knowledge and experience.

To earn by writing of rewrite necessary to “fill the hand” and write as much as possible, and over time your work will be all better.

At first the income isn’t great, but the more you gain experience in such tasks, the greater will be the payment. And after some time it will be possible to take on more paid assignments and to write so called essays and other complex work is copyright.


Thus earning, adolescent students aged 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 can pay for mobile communication, Internet and other services. But most importantly, the opportunity to purchase various communications with which children and teenagers are easier to earn in online without investment and deception.

3. Other ways to make money teenager

Maintaining your blog site

For in-school adolescents your website or blog (such a web resource may be a few) can bring its owner a decent income. Income will depend on the selected theme of the web resource. A couple of years while the required approach to filling the content to achieve income from $ 200 and above will not be difficult. The most important thing in this kind of earnings is regular filling of content under the keys with high queries from search engines.

jobs for teenagers from 14-16 years on the Internet

Browsing the Internet — maintaining your website — blog

We recommend you to choose for your sites, forums and so on the following topics: finances (Forex, investments, all about the money), construction and real estateautomotive themesinsurance, and other commercial subjects.

I suggest You read the article about website creation with his own hands from scratch for free. (You will also find step by step instructions for seo optimization and promotion of your web resource in the Internet).

about creating website from scratch yourself (with your hands) and seo optimization

Do not forget about the competition, for example, on the subject of earn money online 100 $ a day without investment student and the like have quite high competition, all and Sundry writes about ways to earn money, but by not achieving high results in this area.

Before you choose this kind of earnings is recommend that you first try your hand at writing articles, as your customers, which you will write articles with errors will be sent back for revision (or to refuse payment).

Once you learn how to write and create stories that you can move on to the next type of earnings, that is, to maintain your website (blog). And only then can you successfully run a blog, ordering articles in exchanges of content already on their web resources.

Lovers play games

Most Teens and students love the free time to play on computers, tablets and other gadgets in different online games. These games online are myriad. This method assumes the earnings on such games.

how to make money at 12 years old

Earn money playing games

To do this you need to create and develop your account in the popular online game,for example World of Warcraft, World of Tanks , and the like, and after achieving a certain experience of the account (for the sake of what playing the game) you sell it to someone who is willing to invest money and to continue playing. Prices on these accounts, sometimes impressive, however, this method of earnings, we are unable to avoid.

Surfing the web resources

This way of earnings is associated with the surfing of different sites. These services, which were mentioned in the beginning of the article (SeoSprint, Wmmail) offer specific web addresses and emails that you want to view. Quite often job referrals at these locations at certain times in the correct order.

earn money online for teenagers of sixteen years

Surfing the web resources is earnings for Teens 12-13-14 years or more

This kind of earnings will not bring you a lot of income. If you only want to try to start to look for jobs as work online for teenagers this way of earning could come. If you are able to thus earn in a day from one hundred rubles and above, then you are quite diligent and persistent people, and then in other ways you can achieve a lot more income. Recommend not to stop surfing and move on, as income here is much smaller.

Earnings in social networks

This method depends directly on the social network. Most modern teenagers have gadgets (PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.) through which you can communicate on social media, likes, make reposts, and some already have a certain audience at the expense of these actions. In this case, you have the option to earn 100 rubles for their habits of communication through social networks. You will need to register in such services as VkTarget, V-like, SMOfast, Sarafanka , etc.

how to make a schoolboy of ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen

Earn money online for students without investments in social networks through the services

To earn money online on social networks, you will need to log into your account and carry out tasks from customers. The job can be different is like the post, repost, subscribe to group, add to friends, etc. so the bottom line earnings you should be clear.

Earnings for freelance

Gaining momentum in the field of freelancing such services microplug as Work-zilla, on such resources you can perform certain tasks and get paid for it. The tasks in these services not necessarily just on the Internet. There you can find the original tasks, ranging from solving problems in mathematics, ending with the placement of the ad on the boards in Avito and courier delivery of any goods. (Also read — how to make money on Craigslist)

work online for students fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

Freelancing work on the Internet is free schedule, favorite work and reconciliation studies

Where else to find a job teenager, 15-16 years old (or younger) on the Internet?

If you are a student and you are 12-13 years old, or you are a teenager 14-16 years and what is described above does not suit you, then read on more ways to earn money, which you probably will do.

If you all the time, not enough money, we recommend that you read our article about how to learn to save up money.

Ways to earn money online for teenagers

Method # 1. Poster

Work for people, which is the publication of articles (texts) on a website or blog, posting to a group or public on social networks, etc. For this work, little pay, as to do is very simple and requires no special knowledge. Student — teenager will need one time to learn how to publish (run job) and then the execution of the work will go quickly. The text to set (publications), as well as the link itself and other detailed information about how and what to do gives you, the customer.

Method # 2. Moderator — moderator

Job is moderating the comments, message, news, users, as well as the health of the blog, site, forum, etc. will Also require a one-time obtain from the customer the job and information about the job.

Method # 3. Creation of sites for sale

It’s hard work for the student, but teenagers modern and fashionable young people to create a website on a popular engine is not difficult and many already know how to do it. Earnings is to create a interesting project under the order, sold it through a freelancing website, or create a project, promoting it and then selling. To sell sites that generate revenue from advertising on the exchanges websites such as Telderi, pr-cy, etc.

how to earn money teenager 13 - 14 years

Method # 4. The execution of tasks

Also provide a list of services — exchange of content, which also is a very many different setting. Remember that when performing tasks or some work no one knows about your age, unless of course you do not betray your ignorance. So if you are sure that will do the job to take a job in the proposed work, and to do it in time.

So, here these services:

    1. Advego.ru
    2. Etxt.ru
    3. Work-zilla
    4. TurboText

Recommend that you register in Advego, there are many customers and providers, and therefore you can select a job in the high proposed paying for the work. The service worked well, so no cheating should not be here because the service is the protection of both customer contractor’s work. Just contact the support service and will assist.

4. The fastest way to earn money teenager and not only

All the money in sales.

5. As a teenager it is easy to distinguish the scams from the real way of earning

There is a very simple criteria — how to distinguish real way of earning from fraud — think about it — if you’re going to do the job for which you promise to pay, whether it’s to bring someone favor!

Here are some examples:

  1. You write interesting articles — read them (work in copywriting — a real and you can make good money)
  2. You lead the group Vkontakte and other social networks is also interesting and useful content
  3. Or you offer a quick profit on your purse, moving someone a small amount of money — there is clearly something wrong!
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6. Conclusion

Work for teenagers of 12, 13 and 14 years quite a lot, we have reviewed only the most popular ways of earning where you can earn money without cheating, but if you now nothing fits and you still wonder how to make student — perhaps it is already in yourself, as we covered about 80% of the suggested ways to make money.

Finally, the main advice is to make good money on the Internet — is constantly learning, without knowledge you earn only little money, and Vice versa, studying Internet marketing, web design, and other technologies you will gradually begin to earn several times more than their parents!


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