How to make money teenager

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How to make money teenager

How to make money teenagerNow more and more students are thinking about how to earn their own money. It is connected with the difficult economic situation in the country (and as a result, the difficult financial situation of the family), and with the possibility of self-realization.

Advice to parents: do not let the desire for your children to earn money. Sit down with them and think about what kind of “business” can engage your child at his age. Advice to teenagers: if you have decided to earn money, no need to hide it from my parents, as you may have difficulties that are not overcome without assistance. Tell them about their intention, and they probably will support you and help.

No matter how old you are – 12, 14, 16 – you will always be able to find suitable ideas for earnings. We offer you with some great ways to make money teenager.

How to make money teenager in the summer

Courier delivery

If you live in a big city, you can pretty easily find work in one of the courier services. This could be delivery of letters, correspondence, small packages. Shipping is free press in the houses, in the end. A big plus would be having your own bike – because to carry much easier than to post on foot. Also require knowledge of the structure of the city, or even region in which you want to work with.

Working at the post office

The composition of the work this work is similar to the previous one. Only here to look for jobs should not in courier services, but directly in the mail. If you work as a mail carrier, you are not there, then you may be asked to help in the Department to analyze and to classify the packages, to help expand the documentation and so on. Of course, a lot of money for this job does not pay, but at least you’re with something will start.

Cleaning of gardens or plots

Many government agencies (the same hospital, for example) have on their site something like a small garden with flowers, trees, etc. Ask around, maybe they need help cleaning up leaves and taking care of plants. If they already have a gardener, surely he will not abandon the young assistant. In the same direction, you can look for work and landscaping of the city. To travel to different areas and to plant vegetation – nothing complicated, and for nature lovers even more interesting and informative.

Walking the dogs

This “teenage” business idea came to us from the United States of America. There walking the dogs for money – earning for students. At us it is not so common, however, is a good idea. Many dog owners don’t have enough free time to walking your pet and some just too lazy to do it. They are happy to “give” you your pet some time in the morning and evening, the dog is walked and did his business. What you must have for such earnings? First, love dogs, not fear them and know how to handle them. If you have a dog, great.Secondly, to be responsible. A dog is a living creature, and while you are with him you will walk, you will be responsible for it. Try to pick up customers living near you, so don’t spend a lot of time on the road. Surely, in your and neighboring houses are dog owners. Write ads at the entrances, and do ask around at the neighbors.


School lessons with the younger students

Will fit this part time job for high school students-students. If you remember well the curriculum over the years, you will not be difficult to help make the lessons elementary school student. Of course, wealthy parents would rather prefer an experienced adult tutor, but not everyone has money on them, because their services are now expensive. If your house is home to people with children, elementary school students, ask whether you need to engage with them English, math, or history? If things go well, the word about you will spread at least the next house, and perhaps more than one parent to turn to you for help.

A camp counselor

More precisely, not by the counselor and his assistant. A counselor can only work with 18 years as a criminal liability for each child in the unit. But in most camps each counselor is another helper, which can be any number of years. Assistants perform various orders of the leaders, and in fact can perform the same job, but without criminal liability. However, the moral responsibility here, of course, available. Especially if we are talking about the Junior squad. This work is practically a vacation, as the sea, and all activities at camp will be available to you. About earnings need to agree in each individual case, it is possible that some camps do not involve the payment of salaries of assistants.

Posting ads

Oddly enough, but the posting of ads in the summer you can earn good money for a teenager. Some even manage to earn over the summer so that enough to buy a good bike. Of course, you need to work a lot and preferably without intermediaries (advertising agencies).


It is more appropriate for girls, although perhaps for some special boys. Many girls in awe of the beautiful bracelets, hair pins, bows, etc. If you are fond of needlework and I can do it all yourself (beaded, fabric, polymer clay), then start making products to order. The price of the product count carefully, so as not to be at a loss. It should be the cost of material used + a small markup for his work. If you have to get good at it, you can become at least a “star” your school of needlework.

Car wash

A great option for those whose town often traffic jams occur. While the driver is in traffic, he would not mind to have his car washed “Express”way. Carry a bucket of water and sponge, and wipe the headlights, rims, hood, vehicle. Of course, a lot of money the driver will not let you, but every little bit, and that’s in your pocket already met normal amount of only a couple of hours. Not to constantly carry a bucket and rags, you can negotiate with a security guard at a nearby gas station and store it all there.

Distribution of leaflets

Various companies are often looking for promoters, and if, in simple terms, the distributors of circulars. You need to stand normally or near subway stations or at the entrance of large shopping centers. Work is absolutely simple, only need to stretch out a flyer to every passing man and tell him a few words. Payment for such work, usually hourly. However, immediately eliminate the temptation to throw all the leaflets and at the end of the day to go for a salary, because the activity of promoters is always managed by the customer.

Repair of equipment

Well suited for boys-high school students who are interested in technology and excellent in it. First, tell all friends and relatives about what you are willing to help with the breakdown of any equipment (or some specific). As the price of your services will be slightly lower than that of adults, experienced repairmen, maybe someone wants to save money and will call you. Let your mom and dad tell everyone at work that their son was happy to fix a broken computer or printer at a reasonable cost. Earn word of mouth, and you will be the first customers.

Some of these ideas earnings suitable not only for summer. So you have the opportunity to get small but stable income all year round!

How to make money teenager online

The Internet is the place where many Teens literally live. But on the Internet you can find not only entertainment, but also effective ways of earning, even for children and teenagers. How exactly can it be done?

“Clicks” on advertising

The work is boring and quickly bored, however, it is a good option for those who do not want to strain. Only need to register on a special sponsor’s website and then to click on certain advertising banners, where and what will tell you.

File sharing

For a certain number of downloads of your file with some file sharing (for example, Deposit Files, Vip-File, Letitbit), you will be credited the money. How to do it? Find several files that really wants to download a large number of people. It could be a new movie, a new game, just released album of the popular band. Download these files for file sharing. And then begins the most difficult stage. On a large number of forums, communities, social networks, etc. poreklamirovat a file reference to it. The more you leave such advertisements, the higher the probability that your file will download a large number of people. As soon as the number of downloads reaches the desired on your account lists your earnings (usually via WebMoney, so get yourself an e-wallet).


Many sites with reviews have a common problem. Only there need not download, views and reviews, written by you. For example, a well-known website reviews Irecommend each participant pays site depending on the number of views to his reviews. Naturally, the more reviews you write, the more the future will be able to earn. You can write about what you enjoy and satisfied or dissatisfied. And although not all of the products on this site are suitable for children and teenagers, something suitable can be found. For example, a teenager may write a review on feed for dogs or cats, on viewed film, about small techniques about makeup. Importantly, the review was well-written and informative.

Promotion of communities in social networks.

The most potential in terms of earnings provides a social network “Vkontakte”, which is so popular among students. The essence of the work lies in the so-called promotion of groups and communities. But it is not necessary to finish the universities and to be an advertiser or marketer. Everything is much easier. You register at one of the special services (and preferably several), and perform the job it offers. Usually assignments are as follows: to put “like”, repost, comment. Examples of such services: VkTarget, B-like. The more hyped your personal page (rating, number of friends), the more complex the task will be available to you, and therefore money they can earn more.

How to make money teenager

Advertising in your community

If you already have your community, it is hard to engage the involvement of participants and the content interesting content. If community yet, then create it faster! When your group becomes popular (there will be many participants, discussions, comments), then you can charge to place it in advertising. Of course, the process of promotion of groups difficult and slow, but the sooner you start, the faster you can earn money. Under the “paid advertising” means links to other community, links to third party websites, advertising pictures, text records, and more. You place in their group content of the customer, and he pays you money for it (for hours, days or months – as agreed).


Earnings for those who enjoys photography. And not just interested, but already reached a certain skill level. There are sites such as photo banks, where photographers post their creations, and anyone can download them for a fee. Part of this fee goes to the photographer, part to the photobank. Find photo in Internet is not difficult – a lot of them, both foreign and Russian. Examine photos in which subjects are downloaded most often and start shooting in the same style and direction. Professional or semi-professional camera, and also a good possession of Photoshop is almost essential. Don’t forget that if you are photographing people, you must obtain their permission to publish and sell images with their participation.


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