How to properly complete the profile of Facebook

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Logging on Facebook:

we will teach you step by step how to access the social platform safely. And if you have not yet registered with the popular social network and want to create an account, we recommend you read our article ” How to create a Facebook account . ” Steps to login with Facebook Once you have created a user, follow these steps to access the popular social platform:

Step 1: Click on to enter the main page of the popular social network. facebook

Step 2: On the main page of the social network, enter your email address and password in the white fields are located in the top left of the page and then you hit the blue button click “enter”.

Log in with other data Another email:

If you’ve included an account of Facebook other email addresses, then you can use either one to log on to the popular social network. Username:
The username that becomes the link or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) designed by you, you can also use it to log into the popular social network. For example: / junnyvillugas, this is my URL then’ll enter the name and password in the white bars and make him click on “enter” as shown in the image.

Mobile Number: If you included this information to receive text messages or to confirm your registration on the popular social network, then you have the option to enter with that phone number. Just enter the number without leading zeros in the number or symbols (do not forget your country code), write in the following field and the password you click on login.
Facebook Login securely:
First advise you not to disclose your password, you will not even have to trust your best friend because you never know when it will be.

Upon entering the main page of the popular social network make sure the URL is and the images are the same as always. If you do not have Internet at home and use public payphones, it is better you make password changes every so often to avoid problems.

Enable notifications logon, ie, each time you sign a new computer you will get a message informing you that your mail has logged such place or in such equipo.Esto be possible because when you log on the social network will ask the name of the team to follow the session.

Choose a good password using numbers and symbol (at least one), the password must be at least 6 characters that is difficult to guess. Conclusion: The popular social network can be and is a tool of communication very important to you because it acts favorably know if properly used. Therefore we strongly consider our safety tips about how to log on to Facebook like.

How to activate the new Facebook profile?

The profile is already active for everyone, but if you have not seen the ad, surely soon appear for you. Although you can also turn it directly from here . Since it is a big change for users and must be re-used, Facebook is giving 7 day review, in which only the user can see your new profile. You can use that time to review it carefully, customize, highlight or hide the publications you want and complete the missing information. Your friends will see it only when you decide to publish or past 7 days review. Of course, we will publish the new timeline will replace the previous profile, but all the stories, photos and content is retained. Just change the design. Facebook says the new profile will continue to improve in the coming months according to public response. Do you already have the new Facebook profile? Tell us if you like it or not.

Your Facebook profile Pinterest style PinView

Want to change the looks of your profile on Facebook ?
There is a new way to view your profile. You can test the application PinView will give your Biography of the social network that much more visual and easy to see everything that is Pinterest style. As in Pinterest see images in “pinboards” or planks in your Facebook profile will see the contents of your news, events, lists of friends and pages in grids, simulating a large blackboard.
There you can browse and choose from five tabs Profile, news from your friends, videos, photos, and see it all together. Your Facebook profile Pinterest style PinView It can be an alternative for those who are not yet convinced the new Facebook profile and are bored timeline.
PinView also promises to implement new features, including the option to save favorite messages and content to rank by popularity.

How to properly complete the profile of Facebook

After creating your facebook account for the first time, you get to complete your profile. This means that you must enter information in the social network to find friends with common interests, besides the well will know them better. For this there are many options for sharing information about how you are, what you do and everything you love to do.
Remember that all information that you share will see all your contacts or just a few friends, as you have made ​​the privacy settings of your account. You can control what you know.

Log in with Facebook To login, go to the official Facebook page. and at the top enter your email and password. Important: You can activate “Stay signed in” to the system remembers your details each time you enter the page. But be careful do so only if it is a computer for personal use. complete profile facebook

Complete Facebook Profile

Step 1:

answer friend requests If some of your friends who are on Facebook you sent friend requests, you’ll see here.. You can decide to confirm or ignore the request. Whenever you receive a new application icon “new friend requests” will show you how many new applications. complete facebook profile friends

Step 2:

Invite Friends The easiest way to start is to look at your friends who already have added to your email accounts.. Many may already be on Facebook. Look to your friends Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Enter your email and hit click on “find friends”. A window where you need to log in to your email account opens. Then you have to click on “allow” to import your contacts. complete profile facebook search You will see a list of all your friends who are already on Facebook. You can add them one by one or choose “select all” to send a friend request. When you have selected and click the “add friends”. You can also send invitations to those who do not have Facebook account to believe that one. complete profile facebook invite

STEP 3:.

Networks can also complete Facebook profile with information about your school, university and business. Guard changes or leave blank clicking on “ignore”. complete networks facebook profile

Step 4:

Add a photo to your profile Select an image you have on your computer or you take a picture with your webcam.. complete facebook profile picture Edit Facebook profile To see your profile uses shortcuts bar Facebook.
Click on the link with your name at the top right of the page. Access Facebook profile You do not see that there are many things. You have to complete your Bio Facebook, adding more information to share with friends.

Click on the “Update Information” located under your photo. update profile There are several sections to complete.
To edit the information in these sections, pass the mouse over each picture and click the “Edit” link in the upper right corner. Basic Information:
Complete your information on your gender, date of birth, language, political opinions and religious beliefs.
Contact information:
email address, user name, phone number, address, website. Training and employment: you can add and remove tanks and subjects, and tag classmates. Residence: specify your hometown and current city.
Relationships & Family: You can tell your friends your relationship status, for example if you are single (a), fiancé (e), etc…
Displays the options and select the one that best fits your relationship. You can even specify an anniversary date.
Similarly, you can include each family member and indicate the degree of kinship. Remember that you can only include a confirmed contact and that person must confirm that they are in a relationship to be shown on your emotional state. Favorite Quotes: To add the phrases you use most or like. About you: it’s a free space to tell something about you.

You can change the profile picture on the “profile photo” tab. complete profile facebook Did you know … before posting any information you can choose with whom to share? Just search the audience selector. With the drop-down menu, select who you want to share each publication. You’ll see this tool every time you share content whether it is a status update information as if your profile (timeline).

These are the options: Audience: everyone will see it. Friends will see your friends and anyone who is labeled. Just Custom: Includes specific groups, friend lists or people you’ve specified to include or exclude. Conclusion: You note that you can always change any options or leave blank. Here and help you complete the profile of Facebook, but you decide what information to share!

Protect Facebook account

The main advantage that one can find in Facebook, is to have the pleasant experience of meeting again or know of someone who had lost track long ago. Facebook has tools available to those who do not want to provide a huge amount of information about them to the other users (who are often not known).

So I just putting their friends in the category that is convenient for you have the option of privacy settings that allow only your friends can watch your photos and share information.

Not only that, but also have degrees of privacy choice, thus you can avoid contact with entire networks if you wish. These restrictions also expand your videos and photos.

During a speech President Obama has said are increasingly studies indicate that many U.S. employers are guided by the Facebook profile to your future applicants but which in turn should have a care with the information provided there.



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