How to protect your Facebook account from hackers?

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 How to protect your Facebook account from hackers?

Much has been made of the security we have in our social networks, especially within Facebook, as it not only the people have access to our photos, but also easy access to more personal information.

Here we have given in parenthesis recommendations on steps we must take to ensure that our information is not available for everyone, not Welcome how to block , how to see if an unauthorized person enters our mind and even how to create a secure password .

However, many users do not know the security measures that integrates Facebook to your account is “inhackeable” and thus can be quiet. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1 -. Login to your session, click on the Settings icon and select the Settings option from the account.

. 2 – Now select the Security tab and there you will see several options such as: login notifications, approval logon, code generator, passwords for applications, trusted contacts, recognized devices and active sessions.


This section is for to be notified via text message or email whenever your account is accessed from a computer, smartphone or any device that has not been used before.


This option is for wanting to log into your Facebook account you are prompted for a security code, which is sent through a text message to your cell phone or via the Code Generator, which works when you have your Mobile hand or internet.


The Code Generator is used to reset your password or security code to generate log. Only click on Enable. Now only access your Facebook application from your smartphone, tap the Menu button, scroll down, tap code generator and then Activate. Now click on Continue and enter the code shown on your phone and go.


Many times to log into other applications you do through your Facebook account. However, not having enabled this section could have complications to access them, so it is best to have specific passwords for each app, this way you can log safer.


In this section you can choose trusted contacts if you ever have problems accessing your account.


Here you can check the devices from which you have accessed your account. Failure to recognize one, click on Delete to the session is automatically closed.


Finally, in this section you can see what time and from what gadget last connection to your session was held, this so you can tell if someone unauthorized joined your Facebook.


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