Millennials and Centenals: 5 Tips to Get the Attention of Generation Y and Z

Millennials and Centenals: 5 Tips to Get the Attention of Generation Y and Z
Millennials and Centenals: 5 Tips to Get the Attention of Generation Y and Z

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The time at which a person is born, to a certain extent, influences the formation of his personality. Today, the generation gap is also affected by the rapid development of technology. Millennials (Y) and centenals (Z) explore the world with their fingertips, using smartphones to communicate with their surroundings. Therefore, when creating advertising campaigns for the Y and Z generation, it is important to consider these features.

Pay special attention to texts and headings.

Millennials (a generation between the ages of 18 and 35) and centenials (between the ages of 14 and 17) prefer text-based communication. The shorter the message, the more likely it will be read. Preference will be given to SMS-message or WhatsApp, after which representatives of generation Y and Z, perhaps, will read the email . However, they will only do this if they like the message header . In truth, the generation of Y and Z is likely to read only the title and respond based on this.

According to the Young & Younger study (source: )

  • 59% centenials (Z) and 51% millenials (Y) will read the text if it attracts their attention with its content
  • 47% centenials and 49% milleanil will pay attention to the text if it contains infographics or attractive photos.

Millennials and infographics


Minimize phone calls

Video can be a great part of your marketing strategy, but phone calls are one of the worst mistakes. Even if they are automatic calls, members of generation Y and Z will probably ignore them or turn off the phone.

The time is long past when a contact center employee called customers from the list, especially if those customers were representatives of generation Y or Z. Surprisingly, this particular group believes that telephone calls violate their private space. Some of them may panic, even if someone calls a friend.

Millennials and traditionalists

It may seem strange, however, representatives of generation Y will most likely find a common language with people younger than generation X. This means that a rather young person will respond to requests from older people more quickly.Generation X and millennials are least connected. Therefore, in order to get the best result in the relationship between a sales specialist and a millennial, this project should be entrusted to a millennial or a traditionalist.

Demonstrate, do not speak!

If you need to tell a story to promote your product, remember the variety of content.Millennials and centers will pay more attention to the information presented in the form of a video , infographic or photo. In order for the video to make an impression on the generation Y or Z, it must be attractive and diverse (with music, colorful, with memorable elements).

Product demonstration for Y and Z generation


According to a study by Young & Younger, conducted by MAGRAM MR and PBN H + K communication agency ( Millennials and Centennials: Whosely Sherit and Post Content ), YouTube has become the main platform for finding information – 40% ofmillennials and 46% of centenials receive news on YouTube.

Even spending time on social networks, 44% of representatives of generation Y and 37% of representatives of generation Z are watching videos.

Provide a reliable communication platform.

Since Millennials and Centenals may have problems with a personal conversation or simply with communication, a call to action, for example, in an Facebook ad, should not contain a telephone number. Simply put, generation Y or Z needs to be allowed to hide behind the screen .

Millennials and centenals willingly meet in real life, if they feel comfortable and sufficiently interested. Groups on Facebook or Vkontakte are very popular now, and people trusting each other willingly organize informal meetings. The results of the Young & Younger study show that 75% of millenials and centenials communicate with friends and acquaintances in social networks.

Generation Y and Z …

The main element of marketing is understanding your customers. For some marketers, the task of pleasing the millennials and centers may seem difficult, but it must be done. These generations have great purchasing power, if done correctly.

When asked what expensive purchases you are planning in the near future (Young & Younger), centennials and millennials answered:

  • I want to buy a car – 60% (Y) and 37% (Z);
  • I plan to travel – 55% (Y) and 41% (Z);
  • consider buying an apartment 38% (Y) and 34% (Z);
  • I want to invest in education 25% (Y) and 43% (Z);
  • plan to repair real estate 31% (Y) and 14% (Z)

Each generation acts and communicates differently. The sooner the marketer notices these differences and proceeds to actions based on the correct information, the faster he will get excellent results. If you study the issue well, then marketing for the Y and Z generation will be quite an easy task.

And how do you communicate with the generation of Y and Z? Share in the comments!


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