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Miscellaneous / Tools

There are numerous applications and tools developed by third parties for Twitter to do just about anything, there are payment (especially designed for business and enterprise) but there are many that are free, some almost essential for the tweeters and veteran. For a long story with this tutorial I chose only four applications I explain below, if you need to explore the world of Twitter apps, I just search Google for “twitter tools” and you will be amazed of the results of the search.


How do we know who are not or no longer do so?

Knowing who we are not or no longer do so after a while, it is complicated without resorting to auxiliary tools. For this case there are simple tools such as: Twitdat: http://twitdat.com/tools/ addition, this also allows you to know who follows you but you do not follow you, and manage users you’ve blocked, among other options.

Another tool that does almost the same and can be booked if the above fails us, is http://www.friendorfollow.com/ In this case the accounts are displayed as icons, and can make a visual assessment convenient set.

Two others also excellent tools for these tasks are: Justunfollw: http://www.justunfollow.com/ and ManageFlitter: http://manageflitter.com/ latter has other uses besides know who does not follow us, for example find having abandoned his account (inactive), and more. As I said, there are many Twitter tools and utilities for multiple management functions and control. You choose the one that best meets your needs.


How to publish a tweet longer than 140 characters

There are times when 140 characters, however synthetic that is the message can not be published without being severed. There are tools that let you do everything tweets long as you want, one of these tools is http://twextra.com/ For logging program works like the automated tweets which I explain below. Just write the text and links that you want and will posted to 140 characters, as always, but when the maximum introduce a short link that allows the reader to keep reading the rest of the message.

Another similar application is http://www.twitlonger.com

I do not recommend abusing this method, because if Twitter has become such a popular network has been precisely this limitation, which gives more speed and versatility, if we abuse end up losing followers.


How to maintain your Twitter presence if we are busy with other things

This can be very useful to promote a business account, but can also help an individual to publish a tweet automatically when you are very interested in being visible only at a certain time. If we want to promote us on Twitter, or give out our product, it is clear that we can not be 24 hours in front of PC. But there are ways to send scheduled tweets making our dynamic account.

There are several tools for this function , one is http://www.twaitter.com/ is in English but is very easy to use. Once we enter (you have to write the same data we use to get to the Twitter account, but it is completely safe, as Twitter does not share the account details), we can write a tweet and tell what day and what time should be published.

Another similar to the previous, even more simple to use tool is http://futuretweets.com/ In this, if we add a link to the tweet must ensure that it does not occupy in total along with the text over 140 characters, because no shortens urls as when published on the web directly to Twitter. The following tool: http://laterbro.com/ not have the problem of shortened urls as you can use a service that automatically shortens when published.


A newspaper based in Twitter, perfect tool to complement our tweets

For Twitter users have few follow on Twitter based newspaper would not be effective, but it totally recommended when several hundred of them, especially if they are sources of incumbents (as digital daily presence on Twitter) ..

How it works …

www.paper.li is a fantastic tool that lets you compose a newspaper automatically (you do not have to do anything) based only on the information published tweeps who you follow and your own. Look at this newspaper (one of which I manage): http://paper.li/Abeldomi/1308823766 ‘s very good layout, but that paper drew up automatically (without human intervention), only indicating its setting which keywords be used to compose the paper (in this case basically everything related to human rights, abuse, violence, society, politics, etc..) and check by himself all the tweets that have posted accounts followed, composing daily then.

The advantage of this tool is that the newspaper can be promoted automatically, ie, sending an automated tweet to all followers that the issue is out now. Moreover, this also automatically tweet often sent two or three names that appear in the publication, which will surely appreciate the authors will even RT that tweet.

Registration is similar to the other tools mentioned above. Just give a title to your journal, specify the fonts you want to use (you and your followers, one or more specific sources, a hashtag, a feed, etc..) And if you also tell a filter to publish only those News that match your criteria. You can also choose to compose a newspaper using all sources of your TL, ie using as the source of your tweets and your followers. Thus, all that is tweeted and link to external news will be published in your journal as headlines with description, including videos and multimedia material will be published as well. For example, the next day I manage only the tweets that I post during the day: http://paper.li/Abeldomi/1311345333


Basic rules of courtesy on Twitter that you should observe

explain some rules of courtesy you should not ignore if you want to succeed on Twitter.

1) If you can, and you let your user volume when someone follow you thank him by sending a private message. In my account @ abeldomi I use a quote from Burke that I like and that fits perfectly with the theme and origin of the majority of people I follow and follow me:

“Thanks for following. Let’s do something good, because … “For evil to triumph, it is enough that good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke)

You can also have a text ready to welcome a new follower. Or, if what you want is to promote your own commercial, you can eg Representative to visit your website or blog and thus learn more about your product, but I advise seriously not trying to aggressively promote the first time, it can feel uncomfortable and leave the tracking. Obviously, all that you have to tell in 140 characters, as if I showed up.

2) If a follower routinely gives RT your tweets, thank him occasionally, for example with the following message:

@ Laura_castro3 Thanks for the RTs of the last days. Greetings.

So that follower will feel gratified and surely it’ll still be a good ally in time to give your information RTs. – Thank RTs will be easy when you have few followers, but as you grow complicate your list. In this case, you can post on occasion a collective appreciation for your followers feel that they are not forgotten. Example:

Sorry I can not personally thank all the RTs received, accept all my collective thanks. Hugs.

– To know who they have RT your tweets, you have to check your TL interactions.

3) If someone mentions greeting you directly, give him back the greeting responding to your tweet (click on “reply”)

4) Do not ask openly and insistently to follow you or recommend you if you do not know your partner, that you often cause discomfort to users.

5) Always keep good manners and courtesy in your interactions with other followers. If a conflict arises during a dialogue and your partner is aggressive, or makes you uncomfortable, it is best not to fuel and ignore him. If he forces the situation to create an untenable tension, there is the option to block him not to appear again in your TL.

6) When you arrive on Friday, if it caused you any good impression twitterers, Recommend it to the rest of your followers through a # FF, in the manner as I explained above. This method looks losing favor, and is now more common to find recommendations any day of the week and time with a simple tweet style:

“I recommend to follow @ _____ …… (explanation of)”


Abbreviations and keywords used on Twitter

In our time, especially since appeared SMS’s, Washap and other forms of instant messaging, abbreviations are a common way to save time and / or space resource.

On Twitter, due to limited length of the text of each tweet (140 characters), it is very common to use abbreviations or names not only for individual words, but also for longer terms. Moreover, most of the time these abbreviations are also used as labels or keywords (in English Hashtags) anteponiéndoles the # symbol. Thus, we have identified an abbreviation as a keyword (example: # FF or Follow friday) allow search and show all tweets that contain it.

Common Abbreviations on Twitter

BB – “Blackberry”

DM – “Direct message” or direct message is a private message that you can only see the recipient.

Example of warning that a user has sent you a direct message: “@ abeldomi I just sent a DM”

EM – “Email” or email.

EN – “Inglés”. Indicates that the link or content referred to is in English and is often used in brackets.

Example: “Text or owner [EN] button”

FA – “Follow always” or Track forever. Used to recommend someone to continue without any doubt. Used as the FF, adding the # symbol.

Example: “@ user # FA for posting great content”

FB – “Facebook

FBACK – “Follow back”, indicating a return tracking someone who has decided to follow us.

Example: “Thanks for following me, and I return # FBACK now”

FF – “Follow Friday” or Friday Follow. It is a tradition that was established in Twitter, by which to arrive Friday to recommend some Twitter users to follow them also our fans, putting the pad is used #, so it can be recognized in searches.

Example: “# FF @ user1 @ user2, to spread good content” is not convenient to FF more than 2 or 3 users every Friday, to avoid saturating the TLs.

FFBACK – “Follow back friday” indicates that the FF back to someone who has been recommended to us.

Example: “Many thanks for your # FF, I return a deserved # FFBACK for you”

FTF – “Face to face” or Face

HT – “Hashtag” or tag is a keyword used in Twitter to find tweets of a particular subject. Van always preceded by the # symbol.

Example of a tweet with hastags “I sighted a UFO over # London #” Example of a tweet where this abbreviation is used: “Friends, today we use the HT # fiestarachada our tweets on the move”

IP – “IPhone” or even Internet IP address.

LI – “LinkedIn”

LOL – “Laughing Out Loud” or laugh out loud.

Example: “I labor with your tweet # LOL”

MT – “modified tweet” or modified Tuit. Indicates that there has been any change in the original tweet being re-tweeting.

Example: “MT text modified tweet”

MSN – “Messenger”

NP – “No problem”

OH – “OverHead” or Heard a rumor

OMG – “Oh My God”, which translates as Exclamation Oh My God!

PLS – “Please” or Please. It is also used sometimes PLZ.

PRT – “partial retweet”. Indicates that you are re-tweeting a tweet shortened by the user.

PS – “Playstation”

RT – “Retweet” or “retweet” is to send your followers a tweet from someone you follow. It is to inform your followers of something you like or have drawn attention to the tweet by other users you follow. To make RT a tweet, hover your mouse over the tweet you want to RT and click on “Retweet”. It is also customary to put the initials RT before the text you want to RT and add the account of the author.

Example: “RT Week against gender violence, from 21 to 30 November in Algete (Madrid) # AlgeteCVG part! Via @ abeldomi “This method of putting the RT before the text is actually a statement that serves as RT, but the correct way to do it as explained above.

TKS / TY – “Thanks” or Thanks / “Thanks you” or thank you.

TL – “Time line” or timeline. It’s the timeline that you can see on the main screen of Twitter, where messages are appearing that the people you follow are posting.

TMI – “Too much information” or Too Much Information.

TT – “Trending topic” or topic of the moment. Relates to terms or labels appearing on the most talked tweets by users at any given time. They can be labels (Hashtags), which all begin with the # symbol, or are single words that are being used very often in tweets.

TW – “Twitter”.

Example: “See you tomorrow at 10 TW”

Via … – Is the citation to the author or source of a tweet we rebroadcast, usually placed at the end of the tweet and may be referred to another tweet, a website, a newspaper, etc..

Example 1: “RT @ Via tweet content user”

Example 2: “Contents of the tweet RT Via elpais.com

XD – is an emoticon that simulates eyes closed and mouth open in laughter. You have to look at it sideways.

YT – “YouTube“.

Example: “Here’s a great video of YT [link to video]”

+1 – How to support a rebroadcast tweet. Standing in front of the message.

Example: “+1 RT retweeted text message.”

Sometimes the figure is exaggerated on purpose to denote a great support to tweet …

Example: “+1000 RT retweeted text message.”



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