The most popular hashtags on Instagram: everything you need to know

The most popular hashtags on Instagram: everything you need to know
The most popular hashtags on Instagram: everything you need to know

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How to put the most popular hashtags in Instagram

There are many theories about hashtags on Instagram: how they work, increase coverage and help promote an account. We tell how everything is arranged in fact and how to work with hashtags correctly, select tags for a post and analyze efficiency.

What is hashtags on Instagram

A hashtag is a word preceded by the # symbol, which acts as a link within a social network. Hashtags users mark posts related to a particular topic.Sometimes they create personal hashtags to divide posts in an account into different categories.

In Instagram, you can put up to 30 hashtags under one post. All subsequent words simply will not work as hashtags, but will look like plain text.

Hashtags can be placed not in the body of the post, but in the comments.The main thing is that this comment is left by the account owner.

It does not matter how much time has passed between posting and adding hashtags. But if the hashtags are added much later, the post will not go to the top of them: this is greatly influenced by the speed of the set of likes, while in old posts it is low.

Hashtags are also stories. They work on the same principle as hashtags in the account: when clicking on a tag, the user goes to the tape with other publications, where the same hashtag is used.

What are the hashtags for Instagram?

Hashtags solve several problems: from the mechanics of contests to the promotion of an account.

  1. Sort photos by topic

Initially, hashtags were invented to determine the topic of publications: it is really convenient to find all food posts with one click. And now, hashtags work this way, especially in people’s personal accounts.

  1. Create rubrics

Bloggers or brands write on different topics. So that posts in one account do not mix, they use personal hashtags with the category designation, for example: # mashest, # mashasport, # mash-travel (of course, with such primitive hashtags, you will find not one, but hundreds of mash posts, so personal hashtags are more original).

  1. Help to hold a contest, giveaway, sfs

Without hashtags, most contests mechanics would be impossible. By hashtags, the organizers find the participants and determine the winner.

  1. Group UGC content

Brands find publications with UGC thanks to hashtags. Users publish reviews, photos from institutions, shots with products on their personal pages, but at the same time indicate the brand hashtag. With the help of the hashtag, the company finds this content and can respond to the publication or use the author’s post on its page.

  1. Attract new people to your account

Users find new accounts through hashtags and like or subscribe to an account.

  1. Help to find customers

In some areas, unofficial rules of hashtags were published, through which you can find accounts of people or companies you are interested in.

For example, nail salons and private masters indicate the hashtag # manicure TESTING OF THE CITY (district, metro station). Customers know about this and are looking for a service in the right place with the help of hashtags.

Search for services in Instagram using hashtags

What is a shadow ban

It is a myth. For several months, the topic of the shadow ban was very relevant for marketers. According to the theory, Instagram bans for some tags, and the account does not fall into them in the issue.

Technical support Instagram has denied this information. Representatives of the social network explained that the algorithms for generating payouts by hashtags are very complex and not all posts can in principle get into this tape. Therefore, sometimes (rarely) the post is not shown on the hashtag, but the point is not in the shadow bath.

However, there is a black list of hashtags: they are related to prohibited topics (violence, mate, sexual materials). They are forbidden to use.

How to get to the top by hashtags

Reaching the top 9 publications on the popular hashtag can bring additional likes, coverage, and sometimes subscribers.

Hashtags are conventionally divided into:

High-frequency – more than 100,000 publications.

Mid-frequency – more than 50,000 publications.

Low-frequency – up to 50,000 publications.

Depending on the size of your account, choose the appropriate type of hashtags. Hundreds of factors affect the output to the top of the hashtag, but the main one is the speed of the set of reactions under the post.

  1. Select the tag that you want to get to the top.
  2. Look at the current top: how many likes on posts and when they were published.
  3. If in your account you usually get less likes for the same time, choose a less popular hashtag.
  4. Determine the time for publication when your audience is active (via Instagram statistics or a more advanced method using , details below).
  5. Publish a publication with a hashtag.

A simple way to get to the top of the popular hashtag: the issue of the hashtag also displays stories with this tag. In them, the competition is lower than in the tape. Try to get into the selection of stories.

The most popular hashtags in Instagram

Users are looking for the most popular hashtags in the social network.Millions of publications have been published with these hashtags. They have a common theme, for example:

#love #instagood #me #tbt #cute #follow #followme #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #selfie #picoftheday # like4like #instagramanet #instatag #smile #friends #fun #fashion #summer #instadaily #igers #inashion #stamer #instaaily #inters #inma # # #tflers # follow4follow #likeforlike #bestoftheday # l4l

As you can see, most hashtags are aimed at mutual activity. Once upon a time, users really could honestly respond with a subscription to users who published the hashtag # follow4follow. But now you only collect mass-followers and mass clickers.

List of the most popular hashtags in Instagram

To get to the top for such hashtags is impossible, and in the general tape you will quickly fall through. They give only autolayers from users who are configured to publish with popular hashtags.

Why do you need it? What will the most popular hashtags give you on Instagram? You will receive additional likes. But this activity from irrelevant accounts, most often – commercial or bots.

There is a way to get to the top for thematic hashtags , thanks to the use of popular hashtags without markups.

  1. Post a post with 30 popular hashtags.
  1. After 5-10 minutes, remove these hashtags and put thematic, low-frequency, which will remain in the post forever.

This scheme does not look like an example of a competent advance. Whether you decide to use it is up to you.

How to find popular hashtags on Instagram

Services for the selection of hashtags

Popular tags are published on various resources – there are a lot of them in Google. You can find assignments in applications, for example, in MyTager.

Instagram recommendations when searching

Start typing the hashtag in the Instagram search bar, and the social network will prompt similar options

Does account promotion work through hashtags?

The scheme with getting likes just for indicating the correct words in the signature looks attractive, but this method is outdated. Some users believe that hashtags will help them promote an account, but in practice it turns out that they receive only a few dozen likes (and this is a good result) from irrelevant accounts.

Whether hashtags are suitable for you to promote your account, you can only learn through experience – test the effectiveness of different hashtags.

Users do not search for information on thematic hashtags, new accounts are found in the “Recommendations” section. Getting there is a separate challenge. The list of recommended publications is individual for each user.It is influenced by what the user likes, comments and saves.

How to find themed high-quality hashtags

Use no more than 5-10 hashtags per post. Choose relevant hashtags for your account. To find them, refer to the accounts of competitors. See what hashtags your audience puts.

Make up your own hashtags – define the keywords of your account.Remember that Instagram does not distinguish between the declensions of different words, so nouns should be in the nominative case.

Do not use phrases that are too long, since spaces are not working in the hashtags and it looks sloppy.

How to put hashtags on Instagram

As in the real world, Instagram has its own unspoken rules for communication. In order not to look silly, follow the rules of hashtags.

  1. A hashtag is a word, not a phrase.

# Do not # write # sentences # from # hashtags. It looks sloppy.

  1. Do not take other people’s personal hashtags.

Make sure that if you are not just one-hundredth of the mashast, but not the second, so as not to confuse your followers and followers of the author of the hashtag, who ranked him first.

  1. Remember that hashtags also read.

And #super #cute #sexy #girl will embarrass your friends and colleagues.

How to analyze hashtags using Popsters

Popsters analyzes posts with hashtags from any Instagram account. See your statistics, statistics of your competitors or any accounts you are interested in.

To start the analysis, find your account through the search bar. Determine the date range you need and click the Download button.

On the left is a section with graphs. Two indicators are interesting here:


The graph shows the number of posts with a specific hashtag for the desired period. This indicator considers the number of hashtags used in publications, finds the most popular hashtags in the account.

Hashtag analysis on Instagram

Hashtags / ER

The graph shows the average ERpost for publications where hashtags are used. This chart will help assess the effectiveness of contests or rubrics.

Analysis of hashtags in terms of involvement Er

Relative hashtag activity

The ratio of average activity in publications with certain hashtags to regular publications.

Relative hashtag activity - metrics on Instagram

Search by hashtags with criteria

To find posts of a specific type that contain a hashtag, select “Search by hashtags” in the search bar. Enter the hashtag you are interested in and a set of parameters: “+ has: audio”, “+ has: video”, “+ has: photo”, “+ likes: 100”. So you filter posts by media type and number of likes.


  1. A hashtag is a link within a social network that helps to find similar publications, organize a competition, create headings.
  2. In one post, you can add up to 30 hashtags. Gaps do not work in them, and still social networks do not distinguish the form of words.
  3. Promotion using hashtags is no longer working.
  4. Collections of popular hashtags can be found on special sites or in applications.
  5. Find relevant hashtags for your account from competitors or from subscribers.
  6. Popsters analyzes the performance of hashtags.

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