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The manufacturer Samsung releases the extensive Galaxy family in several series. The lineup is associated with top smartphones on the Android platform. The Galaxy family combines three price segments (from budget to image). Also, the series stands out for its popularity, however, the company itself is positioning gadgets as an alternative to expensive smartphones. The letter designations define the belonging to one or another segment. There is a choice in the range of prices in each of the families.

The J-series is a budget version with inexpensive materials and a simple body, but rich in filling. A-series is represented by the middle category, here the models have outstanding performance, good quality performance of every detail. And, finally, S – top gadgets in a stylish case of expensive materials, with excellent performance.

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Family

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Design difference

Belonging to each of the three segments is displayed in the filling of smartphones. Of great importance is also the appearance. It is no less important, since “they meet by clothes”.

J series Series A S series
View Elegant simplicity and minimalist features in appearance. On the hand of the series is a metal case. The materials are light metal alloy and tempered glass. Samsung has traditionally avoided sharp corners in design. Despite this, the models in this series look strict. The design of these devices is both defiantly catchy and respectable.Models differ in the big sizes and absence of sharp sides.
To the touch felt high-quality materials. On the case metal and glass with protection remains a minimum of prints.
Ergonomics Smooth surfaces cause pleasant sensations, but slide in your hand. The camera, unlike the previous models, is made recessed into the body.Due to the location and size of the device, the control of the side keys is effortless. Devices differ in the thought-over thickness.The body is thin, but it lies well in the hand and is easy to control. The camera is recessed into the case, and the speaker is positioned correctly – from the top right. It is pleasant to hold devices in a hand, despite the big sizes.
The camera looks organically on the back, there are no protruding parts. The keys and sliders on the edges are comfortable to use.
Screen A frequent choice for most devices is a 5-inch screen with a protective glass. Display Super AMOLED, which is characterized by a lush palette of colors. It has high resolution and diagonal from 4.5 to 5.7 inches. Trump flagship devices in the screens. In the Edge versions, it is curved, and in S8 it is rounded and occupies the entire space of the front panel. This is a technological innovation.Such a move has a number of advantages: firstly, the gadget has a special appearance, secondly, the screen visually seems much larger (when it is huge), it creates the 3D effect, thirdly, it adds functionality, such as side bookmarks and call bar.

Samsung Series S, A, J

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Smartphone stuffing

Nevertheless, the main emphasis in distinguishing the series is on technical stuffing. Characteristics of iron affect the performance of smartphones, and additional functionality expands the possibilities. The devices of the series are based on the Android platform 6.

J series Series A S series
CPU The simplest model J3 is equipped with four cores, the processor provides a frequency of 1.4 gigahertz. All three smartphones are equipped with an eight-core processor, only the A3 with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, and the “older” indicator of 1.9. As in series A, all gadgets carry eight cores:
Both “older” models J5 and J7 will be more powerful with their eight cores at 1.6 GHz. in S6 2.1 GHz.
RAM Only the leader of the J7 series has a RAM of 3 gigabytes, the rest are content with a capacity of 2 GB. Model A3 of the series is equipped with 2 gigabytes of RAM. The sixth model is content with 3 GB of RAM, but the “big brothers” S7 and S8 are loaded with almost computer 4 gigabytes of RAM.
Smartphones A5 and A7 already have 3 gigabytes.
Memory All devices with this letter in the index have a built-in memory of 16 gigabytes.However, there is a slot for memory expansion cards SD. Same with the main memory. The model is the smallest A3 has a storage capacity of 16 GB, but large samples have 32 GB. S6 with S7 left with 32 GB of storage.
S8 carries as much as 64 gigabytes of internal memory.
Other features Smartphones of the series carry two SIM cards.Despite its budget, there are many options available. The matrix of the main camera is the same for everyone in 13 megapixels, but the front camera has a different resolution for each model. All gadgets have support for memory cards, slots for two SIM cards. There are numerous sensors, including the popular fingerprint scanner. Flagships carry only one SIM card. Only the S8 leader has a universal slot. Oddly enough, the most powerful 16 megapixel camera matrix carries the “youngest” S6 of the line. The rest is enough 12 Mp, and the difference is not particularly noticeable.
Cameras: the “youngest” model A3 has 8 megapixels, while the others have a matrix of 16 megapixels.

Samsung Series S, A, J

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Characteristic features of each

Like any line, the Samsung letter series has its own characteristics. Despite such a big difference in prices for each of the models, everyone has their own “chips” to conquer users.

J series
Series A S series
Advanced cameras (both main and front) with a whole package of settings. The series of smartphones has original different color solutions (from golden to blue). You can always choose the one that will be to your liking. The main advantage is a curved or rounded giant display that looks even more visually.
You can work simultaneously from two accounts in instant messengers. Front camera with a good matrix for selfie lovers. Gadgets have the ability to wirelessly charge. To do this, simply put the phone on a special device.
You can use the function of paying for purchases through the phone. It has a general body protection against the effects of water splashes and large amounts of dust. Maintains short-term immersion in water to a depth of 1.5 m. Separately provided fast loading option. Using it, the battery is filled one and a half times faster.
High level of data security. You can connect directly to Samsung Smart TVs.
It is also possible to synchronize with Gear gadgets (virtual glasses, cameras, smart watches).
Protection against moisture and dust.

Samsung S8, A7, J7

Galaxy smartphones in each of the series embodied different needs. Each model is good in its segment. It is unlikely that anyone who wants to emphasize their status, suitable budget smartphone, albeit with excellent characteristics. The J series is suitable for those who need a gadget at the best price, with decent functionality. If you need a productive model for work or games, then you will love the series A. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and emphasize the image? Then the S-series is a good choice.


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