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Do you want a reliable laptop for study or work? Need a super productive gaming laptop? Or your main requirements – comfortable web surfing and high-quality video? We have prepared for you a review of 10 top laptops for 2017. In this ranking there are models designed for different tasks. Read in the article about the attractiveness of these options, and what are their shortcomings.

  1. Apple MacBook Pro MF839  

The ultra-reliable Apple MacBook Pro MF839 with a bright Retina (IPS) display of 13.3 ”is a comfortable station with the necessary parameters for work tasks. However, the laptop is also suitable for entertainment, for example, a comfortable network cinema viewing: the resolution of 2560×1600, inherent to the display, will give you the pleasure of high-quality images.

Important: despite the glossy finish, the screen gives less glare due to Retina technology.


  1. Good in everyday and work tasks: the computer is based on a dual-core Intel Core i5. The cores operate in four threads at 2.7 gigahertz frequency. You can overclock the chipset frequency to 3.1 gigahertz.
  2. 8-gigabyte RAM is suitable not only for working with office programs, but also for demanding applications. And an integrated video card is enough for an undemanding game and online programs.
  3. The laptop runs on a secure, virus-free operating system.
  4. Save up to 128 gigabytes of information with an SSD drive.
  5. Connect your laptop to a TV with HDMI.
  6. Talk with relatives and friends in video mode with a 1.3 megapixel webcam. Record reviews for youtube, because frontalka shoots in HD.
  7. Two stereo speakers will delight loud and rich sound reproduction.
  8. The keyboard of the classic form factor (without a digital block) is equipped with a backlight: use the device comfortably even in the dark.
  9. A capacious battery (75 Wh) will give you amazing autonomy.

This model does not have a drive, which is considered an insignificant disadvantage , because the absence of a drive reduces the weight of the device.

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  1. ASUS X751SATY124D



A working machine with an integrated video processor – ASUS X751SA-TY124D , which has a 4-stream chip for four cores, which operate in a frequency band of 1.6 gigahertz – suitable for office workers and students. RAM of four gigabytes is enough to use most of the classic utilities with comfort.



  • The large, equipped with a glossy coating, 17.3 “screen, created on the basis of TN + film, displays a picture in HD + suitable not only for work, but also for watching dynamic movies. After all, the response from 3 m / s, inherent in such a matrix, will prevent the appearance of a loop behind frames that quickly replace each other.
  • Stereo speakers sound loud enough to do without additional acoustics.
  • There are enough terabyte “screws” for storage of “heavy” programs and multimedia files with the head.
  • The laptop is equipped with a driveas well as a slot for reading SD cards with different form factors.
  • A joint audio port, designed to connect the headset, will save the user from unnecessary wires.
  • A full-size keyboard (with a digital block) allows you to use your laptop comfortably. This option is convenient for calculations.
  • The 37-watt four-cell battery will last up to three hours.

This device has only one slot, designed for RAM, so it’s impossible to add “strength” to it, which is considered a disadvantage .

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  1. HP 250 G5 (W4N28EA)

The quad- core HP 250 G5 (W4N28EA) , in which each of the cores operates within 1.6-2.56 GHz, is attractive (the laptop has a weight of less than two kilos, which is achieved due to the absence of an optical drive) and is powerful enough for everyday use with iron. ” So, along with processor parameters, the device was equipped with four gigabytes of RAM , which significantly increased its speed.


  1. Watch movies, surf the Internet comfortably with a 15.6 ”WXGA HD display.
  2. Download everything you need and do not worry about the free space: a laptop drive holds a terabyte of information.
  3. Communicate with friends and relatives, pass remote interviews without any difficulty – a webcam is built into the device.
  4. Island buttons, sensitive touchpad – everything you need for comfortable typing. A Num block is useful for convenient calculations.
  5. Enjoy listening to audio tracks without headphones, with excellent sound, which is achieved thanks to the DTS Studio Sound technique: stereo speakers are noise-canceling, they sound volume and rich.

Despite all the advantages, this device has a couple of minuses : it can not be upgraded by adding RAM, and the keys are not highlighted.

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  1. ACER One 10 S100215GT

4. ACER One 10 S1002-15GTCompact, lightweight (without a station weighs 640 grams) and transformed into a tablet ACER One 10 S1002-15GT – a netbook with 10.1 ”diagonal and attractive, restrained design.

Attention! This transformer completely gets rid of the keyboard unit (if necessary) and, in addition, is equipped with a multitouch screen. You need to type the text – attach the docking station. I want to watch a movie, read or chat in social networks, lying on the couch or sitting in the bus – remove the keyboard station and use the device as a tablet .


  • The screen of the device is based on TN + film technology and displays a 1280×800 (WXGA) detail image. Due to these display options laptop is convenient for reading and working with text. Comfort and adds anti-glare coating.
  • A quad-core Intel Atom operating at 1.33 gigahertz without overclocking and turbo at 1.83 gigahertz, as well as a video card using 2-gigabyte RAM, is enough for surfing the web without “hangs” game
  • Since the netbook has a tablet “stuffing”, it is not heated, and therefore it works quietly.
  • Begin to use immediately after unpacking thanks to the pre-installed tenth version of Windows.
  • 32 gigabyte storage is enough to install a minimum set of programs. Memory expands with an SD drive.
  • Broadcast content from netbook to TV with HDMI in “micro” format.
  • Connect the headset through the integrated audio jack and communicate with the video via a two-megapixel webcam. Use it to record an FHD video and share it with friends.
  • Compact keyboard and “smart” touchpad will give comfortable use.
  • Textured plastic casing does not collect dust and fingerprints.
  • The 8400 mAh battery is enough for 5-7 hours of network operation with average brightness.

The disadvantages of this device include its fragility. However, transportation of the device in a good bag or case eliminates this disadvantage.

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  1. ASUS X541SA-XO056D

Ideal option for surfing the web and working with office software – ASUS X541SA-XO056D . Engineers have equipped this workstation with a matte 15.6 “screen that transmits an image capable of 1366×768 resolution. These characteristics of the laptop make it comfortable to use, regardless of the degree of light.


  1. The “stuffing” of the laptop is a chipset with four cores (1.6–2.56 gigahertz) and a 4-gigabyte RAM — powerful enough to work online, with office software and light photo editor.
  2. Two-kilogram laptop allows you to store half a terabyte of data.
  3. The disk drive cannot be installed, but three USB flash drives are installed (or two flash drives and a mouse) due to the corresponding number of ports. In addition, the user is available to broadcast content to a large TVthanks to the micro HDMI connector.
  4. With a combined audio input, the user can connect a headset.
  5. Enclosed in plastic, the laptop has two acoustic speakers that play the sound loudly enough not to use amplifiers.
  6. A 3-cell battery, whose capacity is 36 Wh, is enough for a two-three-hour network application.

Despite the obvious advantages in the work plan, the device has a minus – the video card uses RAM, so the laptop is not suitable for gaming.

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  1. DELL Inspiron 3552

Lockable, DELL Inspiron 3552 , running Linux, is perfect for both academic use and work. For entertainment, this laptop is also quite good: comfortable surfing in the network, this device provides games at medium and minimum settings.

Attention! The screen of this laptop was created on the basis of TN + film: this matrix responds quickly, so the owner of the device will enjoy the action – the loop behind dynamically changing frames is not visible.


  • The 15.6-inch broadcasting content in HD / FWXGA resolution, the display with a glossy finish is convenient for text work: make plans, type text, perform calculations and record lectures.
  • Working at the initial 1.6 gigahertz four cores and four gigabyte RAM is enough for fast online work, the use of standard applications and undemanding gaming.
  • The internal storage of thelaptop allows you to store 500 gigabytes of data. In addition, the device is equipped with a tray for connecting SD-cards, as well as an optical drive.
  • Three USB inputs are enough to connect a manipulator, flash-drives and other peripherals. In addition, the device is equipped with an HDMI port related to the category of mini / micro, which allows you to play files on a television display.
  • Frontalka, which is equipped with a laptop, not only provides high-quality video, but also allows you to record HD videos.
  • The built-in 2.0 speakers sound loud enough, so if you don’t want to disturb others, plug in headphones: they will also be pleased with the sound.
  • Equipped with a separate digital-type unit, the keyboard adds comfort to the owner.
  • A 40-watt four-cell battery withstands four hours of continuous use. In addition, it is removed, so you can replace it with a more powerful battery or connect a second battery. This is useful for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Among the drawbacks of this device is a glossy screen coating and the lack of key illumination.

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  1. ACER Aspire F 15 F5-573G-51Q7

7. ACER Aspire F 15 F5-573G-51Q7.pngTo the delight of gamers who value freedom of movement, there is a Linux-based one that is equipped with two speakers, the ACER Aspire F 15 F5-573G-51Q7 . This is a powerful, but light (weighing a little more than two kilograms) gaming machine with a headset jack.


  1. Super-speed in games. The dual-core, four-streaming Core i5, belonging to the seventh generation, runs at an initial 2.5 gigahertz, but the processor lends itself to turbo frequency overclocking, which reaches 3.1 gigahertz.Processor “power” is perfectly combined with a 4-gigabyte separate video card of a discrete type, whose work does not affect the RAM (eight gigabytes).
  2. This laptop is the best option for racing, shooters and action games: the fast-response TN + film matrix, on the basis of which a 15.6 ″ monitoris created, will save you from an unpleasant plume from replacing each other at high frame rates. In addition, the display reproduces FHD, which allows you to enjoy the details. The matte finish with which the screen is equipped adds comfort: play in any light.
  3. Play licensed game applications from disk – the laptop is equipped with a disk drive.
  4. Save your favorite games and movies, as well as other necessary files, without worrying about the free space: there will be enough terabyte internal storage.
  5. Connect your laptop to a large screen to fully enjoy video content or the game with HDMI.
  6. Connect a USB flash drive, speakers, gaming mouseor joystick and other USB peripherals with five connectors.
  7. 6-cell battery “stretches” up to 12 hours, so this laptop is convenient to take on the road.

The disadvantages of such a device include the absence of a gaming key from the keyboard.

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  1. HP 250 G5 (W4M56EA)

8. HP 250 G5 (W4M56EA).pngSimple and stylish, equipped with Bluetooth, HP 250 G5 (W4M56EA) is a good base case. The laptop was equipped with a 15.6 inch screen that reproduces the HD image at 1366×768. Created according to the TN + film technique, the display has an antireflection coating, which makes it convenient to operate even in bright or flickering lighting.


  • The chipset, equipped with two cores operating at 1.6 gigahertz frequency at the initial level and overclocking to 2.48 gigahertz in the turbo mode, as well as a 2-gigabyte RAM, provide a comfortable solution to everyday tasks.The hardware “stuffing” of the laptop is suitable for web surfing, working with office applications and classic utilities.
  • Half a terabyte of “hard” is enough to store all the necessary files, not only text files, but also multimedia ones.
  • Good image when video is provided by a 0.3 megapixel webcam.
  • The peculiarity of the plating made of plastic is in the textured coating: fingerprints, dust particles are not noticeable.
  • Print and perform calculations comfortably thanks to full-size keys, supplemented by a digital block.
  • Easy to carry: a laptop without a battery weighs about two kilograms. In addition, the device is locked with a lock, so it will not open in case of a fall, which will save the screen.
  • Work for 2-4 hours without recharging with a 4-cell battery 45 Wh.

Given that this laptop is a basic version, it has no minuses . Those who need something more powerful should look to other models.

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  1. ASUS X751SATY124D

9. ASUS X751SA-TY124D.pngEquipped with a headset audio jack and stereo speakers, the ASUS X751SA-TY124D is a handy 17.3 inch version, perfect for work. It will appeal to those who are undemanding to multimedia parameters. The resolution capability of the TN + film screen of this laptop is HD +. This is enough for comfortable watching movies online.


  1. Good performance is achieved by the four processor cores, which operate on 1.6 GHz, as well as 4-gigabyte RAM related to RAM. It is comfortable to work with such a laptop, it will suit students.
  2. The hard disk installed in the device allows you to store a thousand megabytes of information.
  3. The drive is built into the device, as well as a slot for SD flash drives.
  4. Three USB and HDMI ports will be enough to connect the necessary peripheral devices: speakers, printer, TV.
  5. Equipped with a separate block with numbers, the keyboard will add points to comfort.
  6. Use the laptop without recharging for up to 4 hours with a battery equipped with four cells and having a capacity of 37 Wh.

The disadvantages of this laptop include distorting in bright light image, which is the result of a glossy finish.

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  1. HP 255 G5 (X0N95ES)

10. HP 255 G5 (X0N95ES)Equipped with a card reader, weighing less than two kilograms, HP 255 G5 (X0N95ES) is an option with a webcam, which is suitable for work, study and multimedia. In a laptop equipped with a terabyte screw, all the files needed by the owner will fit. The drive installed in the device will add a score to operational convenience.


  • Suitable for undemanding gaming, graphics and multimedia applications: a quad-core dual-gigahertz AMD is installed in the laptop and a 4-gigabyte RAM is installed.
  • Watch the movie with pleasure on the 15.6 “screen, which reproduces the Full HD image. In addition, the device has two stereo format speakers, created using a noise-canceling technique: their volume range is sufficient to eliminate the need for speakers.
  • The laptop was equipped with three USB inputs (one belongs to the third version, the other two to the second), VGA, and HDMI, making it possible to connect the device to a TV-set, a network port, and a combined-type audio input.
  • Use the device for up to three hours on one charge with a three-cell battery of a removable type: if desired, the user can change the battery or purchase another battery to increase autonomy.

The disadvantages of this laptop include the absence of a discrete video card, which makes it “weak” for games.

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Each of the top 10 laptops presented in this review is good in its own way. Those who need a laptop for surfing the web to watch movies online will benefit from the easy and productive ACER One 10 S1002-15GT transformer.Remove the docking station and turn it into a tablet. This option is ideal for daily trips to the office or university, business trips and travel. For fans of “hot” gaming, who value freedom of movement and comfort, we recommend ACER Aspire F 15 F5-573G-51Q7. Super-powerful, super-productive, with a large diagonal and convenient manipulator – what you need for the pleasure of the game.



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