Top 10 products of conquering candidiasis

Top 10 products of conquering candidiasis
Top 10 products of conquering candidiasis

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Fungal infection or scientifically candidiasis a common disease, which is caused by a fungus of the genus Candida.

Top 10 products of conquering candidiasisAlmost all doctors include in the complex therapy along with the medicines, health food. Treatment and diet must go hand in hand.

We will tell you about 10 foods that naturally fight Candida.

Treatment of candidiasis

1. Apple cider vinegar


Organic Apple cider vinegar – an effective remedy for the treatment of thrush. It contains natural enzymes that help to slow the growth of fungus Candida and changes in its development environment. Vinegar can be used for the treatment of thrush in the mouth, on the skin, in the intestine and vaginal infection. You need to choose carefully Apple cider vinegar before purchasing. For best results it is better to choose unfiltered and not pasteurized.

For the treatment of thrush in the mouth to dissolve 2 tsp. of vinegar with 8 teaspoons of water and rinse for a couple minutes. The procedure is performed three times a day until symptoms disappear. With a yeast infection on the skin use bath: two cups of vinegar to a bathtub of warm water. The water should cover all the affected areas. Take a bath for half an hour, once a day, until symptoms are relieved.

For the treatment of thrush in the intestines to prepare a drink. 2 tbsp vinegar 8 tbsp water, drink twice a day. In the treatment of vaginal yeast infection take a bath described above or douching. The vinegar diluted 1:1 and printouts mug Esmarch twice a day.

2. Sauerkraut


One of the simplest and most common foods with candidiasis is sauerkraut. Sauerkraut contains probiotics, which are necessary not only for proper digestion but also to strengthen the immune system. Sauerkraut populate the intestine with beneficial microorganisms which fight parasites, fungi and yeast.

3. Not starchy vegetables


During the diet should be excluded starchy vegetables, most preferred are tomato, cucumber, rutabaga, and onions. They can be eaten as raw and baked. Green leafy vegetables rich in folic acid, which is very often recommended by doctors for the treatment of thrush.

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4. Coconut oil


Organic coconut oil contains substances with antifungal properties, known as Kirilova and lauric acid. These acids inhibit the growth of Candida, closing openings in the walls of yeast cells and causing them to die. Coconut oil also helps to cleanse the body of toxins that accumulate as a result of the collapse of the yeast.

Apply coconut oil inside and externally. It can cook or simply take 1 tsp., gradually reaching up to 3 tbsp For endovaginal treatment using a tampon, some dry warm oil.

Products candidiasis

5. Garlic


Garlic is in the top 10 products that replace antibiotics. It contains allicin – a sulfur-containing compound with natural antifungal properties. This product can in a short time to destroy the entire colony of the fungus – in fact candidiasis will not be able to survive if there is garlic.

If you like garlic, then you will have no problem how to use it. 2 cloves a day to fight the disease. If you are a fan of garlic, it can be taken in capsules, the garlic will dissolve in the intestines, which at the same time will prevent the smell. In the treatment of vaginal yeast infection use a cotton-gauze tampons soaked in the infusion of garlic and douching with an infusion of garlic.

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6. Oil and flax seeds


Very effective in the treatment of thrush Flaxseed oil and flax seeds. They definitely need to include in your diet. Gender tablespoon of Flaxseed oil twice a day will be enough. For seeds to do the infusion. On Nightingale teaspoon of the seeds pour into a thermos 300ml of boiling water. The next day infusion is ready. Drink infusion during the day. The course of treatment until complete disappearance of symptoms.

7. Dairy products


For thrush you need to consume dairy products, which contain lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Kefir, yogurt, unsweetened yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese with a yeast infection will have a positive effect. Dairy products slow down the process to the activity of pathogenic flora, thus providing a healing effect. During treatment can be consumed and milk, unless it has passed the enzymatic treatment.

8. Spices


As the active means of combating the candidiasis are very well suited spices such as cinnamon, Bay leaf, cloves. Cinnamon damage the yeast cells deprived of their natural properties, and in the end causes them to die. The use of clove oil as an antifungal medications repeatedly confirmed by research. Phytoncides, contained in the Bay leaf helps to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body and promote fast relief from yeast infection.

9. Bone broth


The broth has long been used in folk medicine. He perfectly restores intestinal flora and function of the digestive tract. Bone broth contains minerals in a readily digestible form and the amino acid glycine, which stimulates the synthesis of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Also, the broth contains no less important amino acid glutamine and collagen. All this improves the growth and development of intestinal microflora, creating a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria.

10. Olive oil


Olive oil contains oleic acid, which causes strong antifungal effects and stimulates the immune reaction of human body on the bacteria of thrush. Also oil is a source of fatty acids omega-3 and polyphenols, two components that strengthen the body’s defenses and fight the fungus Candida.

The decisive factor in the treatment of candidiasis is a yeast-free diet and the inclusion in the diet of low-fat protein foods and foods rich in probiotics.

Foods that should be avoided


First and foremost is a sugar, meats, fatty and pickled products. As well as alcohol, which contributes to increased acidity in the intestines and stomach. You should avoid eating simple carbohydrates, because it is a breeding ground for Candida.

The practical technique of dietary treatment is reduced to the main task – to normalize the acid and alkaline environment, which is detrimental to many harmful microorganisms, including Candida and mushrooms. Diet for the treatment of thrush must be complied with within three months after the disappearance of symptoms. Be well.


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