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A lot is said about computer processors, but less about mobile information. What kind of processor in the smartphone makes it suitable for work and games? Which option is better to choose? This article tells. It contains the features of modern processors and 5 most powerful CPUs.

What is a dual chip chipset?

Almost all modern processors for smartphones have a dual-chip chipset. It allows you to control the distribution of CPU power depending on the load. This increases the energy efficiency of the phone, and the processor is more stable.

For example, a smartphone is equipped with an eight-core CPU, but at the same time only 4 of them can be involved. Switching occurs automatically depending on the operations performed by the user. Kernels with a lower clock frequency are designed for simple tasks. More powerful – for resource-demanding applications, such as heavy games. 

Optimization at the software level

Before discussing the optimization topic at the software level, one should understand what the CPU core and the clock frequency are, and what their parameters influence. The core is an element of the chipset that determines the performance, energy efficiency and CPU clock speeds.

 mobile processor

Clock frequency is a parameter that displays the maximum number of clock cycles (operations) of the probe per second. The higher this figure, the faster the mobile processor. The situation with the number of cores is the same, but when switching from four to eight cores, you should not expect a performance increase of 2 times. The reason for the increase in work efficiency is primarily in the redistribution of the processes performed by the device. This was discussed above.

Optimization plays a significant role in performance. And it is performed by software. One of the clearest examples is Apple gadgets . The iPhone with a six-core processor takes the lead in comparison with the eight-core solution running the Android OS.

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The value of memory and graphics core performance

The volume of operatives affects the speed of launching applications and the number of simultaneously executed tasks without the need to unload them into the memory of a smartphone, occupying free space on the drive. Here, too, the rule “the more the better”.

graphics core and smartphone RAM

GPU (graphics core) is an equally important component of the system. The performance of the device also depends on its power. This is especially noticeable in games and other demanding graphics-demanding applications. 

Mobile processor rating

A good mobile processor is not only sufficient performance, which is enough for web surfing and simple casual games. But it is also an excellent speed when simultaneously working with several programs in demanding games. Below are the features of 5 powerful gaming CPU models for mobile phones.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

The CPU has 8 cores, 4 of which operate at a frequency of 1.8 GHz and are used to perform simple tasks, and another 4 at a frequency of 2.8 GHz. They are needed to work with applications whose system requirements are high enough.

Tip : if you want a smartphone for games, you can choose a ROG Phone with such a processor – comfortable gaming is provided.

 Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Why in the ranking:

  1. One of the main features in the architecture is 3 MB of system cache. Because of this, the processor does not feel the need to regularly access the RAM, as it is completely self-sufficient to pull games and other heavy applications. And if there are a lot of operatives, like ZenFone 5Z is a fairy tale.
  2. Adreno 630 – a graphics chip – is 30% more productive than its predecessors, which will be appreciated by lovers of mobile gaming.
  3. Extended Reality (XR) – when working with applications that are associated with VR, there are positive changes that open up new horizons in this area. Thus, the GPU calculates 6 levels of freedom in virtual or augmented reality.
  4. Thanks to the development of Foveation, the graphics chip recognizes the position of the eye as accurately as possible: the virtual environment is displayed more qualitatively.

Mediatek Helio X30

Powerful 10-core processor for smartphones gives good performance in everyday tasks and heavy games, as confirmed by reviews. This CPU has three clusters. What they are – in the table.

First cluster
2 Cortex-A73 cores with clock speeds up to 2.5 GHz
Second cluster 4 Cortex-A53 cores with clock speeds up to 2.2 GHz
Third cluster 4 Cortex-A35 cores with clock speeds up to 1.9 GHz

Mediatek Helio X30

Why recommend:

  • Responsible for the graphics chip PowerVR 7XTP-MP4, whose frequency is 800 MHz. The solution is capable of decoding 4K2K 10-bit video format with the support of HDR10.
  • Two 14-bit image processing processors make it easy to work with dual cameras up to 16 mp each. This means that the phones on the Helio X30 are a great choice not only for games, but also for photos.
  • CorePilot 4.0 is a core management technology that provides a 25% increase in energy efficiency compared to the previous model.
  • Performance compared with the previous version of the CPU increased by 35%, and energy efficiency – by 50%.

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Exynos 9810

Dual-chip device entered the top five of the best gaming mobile processors due to speed, and more – good energy efficiency and excellent graphics.

 Exynos 9810

Features of the Samsung CPU:

1. The processor has 8 cores. Four of them operate at a frequency of 1.9 gigahertz, and another four – at 2.9 GHz. CPU based on 10 nm process technology. 
2. The high level of performance is especially noticeable when working in single-threaded mode, which the hardware running ANDROID OS clearly lacked.

Tip : Fans of playing on a large-screen phone will love the frameless S9 G960F . He is just on this processor. For those who want a gaming smartphone, but with dual cameras, Note 9 or S9 + will do .

3. Cool graphics – the Mali-G72 MP18 chip proved to be excellent in games. If desired, you can play comfortably in the mobile version of PUBG, which is to say about Real Racing 3 or all your favorite Tanks.

HiSilicon Kirin 980

Good energy efficiency and speed are the defining features of this mobile processor. The CPU showed itself perfectly in modern games, as confirmed by reviews of smartphone gaming fans.

Three clusters of eight-core processor
The first 2 productive cores Cortex-A76 with a frequency of 2.6 GHz
Second 2 core Cortex-A76 with a frequency of 1.92 GHz
Third 4 energy-efficient Cortex A-55 cores with a frequency of 1.8 GHz

 HiSilicon Kirin 980

What is interesting:

  • High performance in everyday tasks and during the gameplay is not all that the 7 nanometer Kirin 980 can boast of. So, with an active GPU Turbo in games, not only FPS, but also energy efficiency rises. This allows you to spend less battery power during gameplay.
  • The neuromorphic processor is now dual: it guarantees, as the manufacturer claims, an increased speed in tasks that are associated with training. Smartphone on the new processor from Huawei will be able to recognize 4.5 thousand images in a minute, and in 6 seconds – objects for half a thousand photos, while not by contours, but by details.


Apple A12

Powerful CPU for iPhones is optimized for solving problems related to augmented reality and machine learning. The day has come when smart phones are getting smarter. This model, although it has a smaller number of cores in comparison with other mobile processors from the rating, is not inferior in performance.

What is good:

1.  6 cores , powerful graphics and sound chips make this processor one of the best solutions for music lovers and gamers.

2. Even faster, more energy efficient. A12 is a plus of 15% to productivity and 40% to an indicator of energy efficiency in comparison with still actual A11.

 Apple A12

3. The GPU demonstrates a performance gain of 50% in comparison with the previous model, which simply can not fail to please fans of games: 4 graphics cores – this is not a joke. 
4. The advanced algorithm of the integrated component of Secure Enclave accelerated the process of identifying a user’s face.

Recommendation : if you want a productive gaming smartphone on the A 12, a good choice is the iPhone XS , XS Max or XR .

5. The single-chip system is now capable of performing about 5 trillion operations per second. For comparison, in A 11, this figure is 600 billion.

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Tips and tricks

It is difficult to recommend any one of the presented models: each of the processors is able to cope with almost any task. High performance and stable performance are inherent to each option in this rating: regardless of the load level, smartphones with such processors work out their price 100%. Despite the purpose of the purchase: gaming solution, photo or video, you should focus not only on the CPU, but on other indicators: RAM volume, OS, shell, display resolution and cameras, security.


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