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A good shot of a loved one uplifting. But few people want to spend a lot of time and effort on professional image processing before posting them on the social network. Ideally, the process is as follows: point the camera, smile, press a button, send a photo to Instagram. You can even add a couple of Emoji.

To get as close as possible to this simplicity, you need a gadget class “Selfie.” Popular smartphones for selfie with a suitable front camera are good in their own way. Review of the best models will help determine the best option for portrait shots.

Best Smartphones for Selfie

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 for Selfie

The top model of the famous brand offers almost limitless visual and technical capabilities. The Galaxy S8 screen is bent on the sides, and the frames there are missing. 
Watching movies and playing with high-end graphics on a 5.8-inch screen is a pleasure. The display perfectly displays the bright colors of pictures taken with powerful cameras of the phone.

Advantages of the front camera:

  1. The camera for portraits has an eight megapixel matrix and an integrated automatic focus system. This means that the images will differ in clarity and contrast.
  2. In the instant the frame is created, the gadget’s screen glows and replaces the flash. 
  3. With the help of the front camera, you can videotape as QHD.
  4. Using a variety of stickers and filters, you can “play around” with selfie shots.
  5. 64 gigabytes of internal memory will not worry about the number of photos in high resolution – even without an additional flash drive of this amount is enough for a long time.
  6. Instant shooting and image processing will provide 4 GB of RAM.
  7. Even taking into account the large dimensions of the smartphone, it is comfortable to hold in your hand.


  • high price.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 for Selfie

The premium gadget boasts a giant 5.5 inch screen with curved sides. This allows you to effortlessly examine all the details of the image on the display. And keeping the Galaxy S7 in hand is comfortable and pleasant. An image will help to complement the image with a tasteful cover . The settings are easy to understand, besides they can be changed at your discretion. On a powerful device, applications and programs are loaded quickly, so surfing the Web or playing it is a pleasure. And it charges up to 100% of the smartphone in less than 1.5 hours. The phablet has a front camera with a 5 megapixel matrix. High-speed autofocus deserves special attention.

The advantages of the selfie camera:

  1. Good matrix and sensitivity will allow to make clear and contrasting photos.
  2. The backlight of the display works as a flash.
  3. The wide-angle lens has a capture angle of 120 °.
  4. A variety of features to improve will help to get a perfect selfie.
  5. The strength and direction of the light can be adjusted using the Searchlight function.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for Selfie

A neat fashion phone with a good front camera will appeal to those who do not like to overpay for the promotion of the model. All-metal body looks expensive and presentable. The large display allows you to comfortably view videos and photos, play and read. To safely use your smartphone while driving, you should use a special car holder .

Clear and sharp photos will allow you to make a front 5 megapixel camera with fast focusing. Features of front end Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 :

  1. It has an f / 2.0 diaphragm. These figures are enough to get photos that are nice to share on Instagram.
  2. During shooting, photos are automatically corrected: noticeable imperfections are “retouched”, complexion is improved.
  3. The front camera “knows how” to determine the age of the person who is being photographed. The function may not be extremely necessary, but you can have fun: the age of the same person at different times of day and at different angles can be very different.


  • in low light, the frames are grainy.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 for Selfie

The popular Galaxy J5 2016 is a powerful and elegant gadget. It is comfortable to use this device daily, without fear of damaging it by accident – the base of the phone is made of metal. 

A reliable device is suitable for performing any tasks: calls and correspondence in messengers, Internet surfing and games – there is enough power to run several applications at the same time.

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The 13 MP main camera has autofocus and face recognition system. A well-thought camera for selfies deserves special attention:

  1. Front-line 5 megapixel equipped with auxiliary flash.
  2. To improve the characteristics of the photograph is a special “beauty mode”. He not only responds to gestures and facial expressions, but also has the function of widescreen shooting. So on the selfie without any problems fit all the necessary details.
  3. It will please the adjusted white balance and the level of detail of objects.


  • there is no autofocus, but this is compensated by the “beauty mode” and the LED flash.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 for Selfie

Those who wish to get a selfie at an affordable cost should take a closer look at this model of the Korean giant. In Galaxy J7 there are no additional “frills” that will interest top smartphones. But the battery life has almost doubled compared with the 2015 version. But, just in case, you can buy an additional charger , for use in the office, for example. In addition, Super AMOLED-display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, few of the competitors in this segment can boast.

Amateur photographers will love the main 13 megapixel camera. It has f / 1.9 photosensitivity and auto focus. In terms of sharpness and contrast, images can compete with flagship camera photo cameras. As for the front-end, it has the following advantages:

  1. A matrix with a resolution of 5 megapixels and a f / 1.9 aperture will take care of sufficient illumination of the portrait.
  2. Own flash camera helps out when shooting in case of low light.
  3. Enhancement technologies will help to “trim” a photo in the process of getting a frame and improve the image already received.


  • autofocus at frontal – no.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 for Selfie

Galaxy J3 2016 is a worthy example of a budget model with optimal economy-class technical indicators. The device looks advantageous due to the high-tech style in the design. The screen with a diagonal of five inches does not differ in size, but it can boast HD-resolution. The Super AMOLED matrix, on the basis of which the display is created, provides a bright image of high contrast. To protect it, it is advisable to buy a special film or glass .

The main 8 megapixel camera is equipped with a LED-type flash and autofocus. In the settings you can find eight shooting modes.

Features of the front camera:

  1. The matrix is ​​5 megapixels and helps to make clear and sharp selfies.
  2. Different shooting modes allow you to take a photo that matches the mood.
  3. For fun there is a function with which you can decorate the frame with an additional ready-made picture.


  • There is no front camera flash, so in low light it is problematic to take a selfie;
  • no autofocus;
  • The built-in memory is only 8 GB, so it is recommended to put a memory card to store a large number of images.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for Selfie

A neat, inexpensive 5-inch model is relevant for those who are used to using a minimum of phone functions, but often take selfies and photoblogging. Smooth body lines make the Galaxy J5 Prime look elegant and fashionable. The smartphone has two gigabytes of RAM, and if the 16 GB internal seems not enough, you can put a flash drive up to 256 GB.

The device for selfie is impressive with both the front camera and the front camera. The front at 13 megapixel supplemented by LED-flash, as well as systems of autofocus and face detection, HDR mode. The images obtained with its help are distinguished among others by the naturalness of the transfer of colors and detail. Especially – with natural light. Also available in FHD-quality video. 

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Advantages of the front camera

  1. 5 megapixel and flash allow you to get beautiful, clear portraits for Instagram and other social networks.
  2. Frontalka allows you to record videos as FHD with an available resolution of 1920×1080.
  3. The high luminosity of the front camera – f / 2.2 – will help to make a contrast and clear picture even in low light.
  4. Profi mode is intended for manual setting. With it, you can adjust the white balance, exposure and sensitivity to light.
  5. There is a possibility of improving the selfie while shooting.

Lenovo Vibe K5

Lenovo Vibe K5 for Selfie

Affordable Vibe K5 is created for music lovers and selfie lovers. It is on the sound quality and front-end that the developers of the smartphone have focused. Dolby Atmos technology and two multimedia speakers make it possible to listen to your favorite tracks, even in very noisy company. A special application that is already installed on the phone gives access to the equalizer. With it, you can adjust the desired sound settings for games, music, movies or speech.

The main camera with a 13 megapixel matrix has an LED flash and autofocus. Also available are face detection and ability to mark locations. HDR and panorama shooting modes are also available.

The front has its own characteristics:

  1. Selfie camera 5 megapixel has a photosensitivity f / 2.8. Therefore, good shots are obtained and in low light.
  2. Frontalka perfectly cope with video calls via instant messengers or Skype.
  3. The built-in program automatically “retouch” the photo.


  • taking selfies is better in daylight, otherwise pictures can be a bit blurry. Improve the image will help monopod for selfie .

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime for Selfie

The ergonomic Galaxy J2 has a 5-inch diagonal and a nice, textured back panel surface. Despite belonging to the economy class, the device looks expensive and stylish. Built-in 8 gigabytes can be supplemented with a flash drive up to 256 gig , so do not have to worry about free space for photos, videos and games. 1.5 GB of RAM is also sufficient for quick work of the phone.

8 megapixels of the front camera compensate for f / 2.2 sensitivity, good flash and autofocus. The ability to record video in HD mode will be a nice bonus.

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Features frontalki:

  1. 5 megapixel camera for selfies has the same sensitivity as the front camera – f / 2.2.
  2. LED flash will help to make a decent shot, even in low light. 
  3. If a photo needs to be taken immediately, convenient control will help: to quickly turn on the camera, simply press the Home button twice. This will work in a situation where the device is in “sleep” mode.

This smartphone with a suitable front-facing camera will be a good workhorse for everyday tasks and colorful selfie shots.

Huawei P9 Lite

Huawei P9 Lite for Selfie

Easy P9 Lite refers to the devices of the average price class. It operates on the basis of an 8-core processor. The diagonal of the screen is 5.2 inches, so the size of the phone is something between the usual 5 and 5.5 inches gadgets. Pleasantly surprised as much as 3 gigabytes of RAM, which will allow programs and applications to work as quickly as possible. A 16 built-in memory gig can expand the card . The slot for it is combined with the slot for the second sim card.

The front camera with a matrix of 13 megapixels is sensitive to light f / 2.0. For shooting various objects there are several modes, including a separate one for photographing food. In addition, you can configure the camera manually, independently. Video recording takes place in FHD mode.

Features frontalki:

  1. 8 megapixel self-camera will allow you to take a really bright and contrasting pictures.
  2. Photographing under artificial light or in low light conditions is possible without any problems due to the sensitivity to light f / 2.0.
  3. Frontalka allows you to shoot video in HD-quality.
  4. To improve the images automatically triggers on-screen highlighting.

A phone with a good front camera does not always exceed the cost of a refrigerator . The best devices for making selfies are launching Asian brands on the market – from South Korea and China. The technique of their production pleases with the availability and good-quality assembly, and selfies come out contrasting and clear, without exposure to light.

The plate will help to compare the main features of the top devices:

Matrix (MP) Diaphragm Video
Samsung Galaxy S8 eight f / 1.7 QHD
Samsung Galaxy S7 five f / 1.7
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 five f / 2.0 FHD
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 five f / 1.9
Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 five f / 1.9
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 five f / 2.2
Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime five f / 2.2 FHD
Lenovo Vibe K5 five f / 2.8
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime five f / 2.2
Huawei P9 Lite eight f / 2.0 Hd

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