Video marketing and video content: TOP 10 killer facts and ideas

Video marketing and video content: TOP 10 killer facts and ideas
Video marketing and video content: TOP 10 killer facts and ideas

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Video marketing is a trend of the future that changes reality. How should business use video to keep up with the times? How to create an effective case-review in video format? Read our new article about video content.

Video conquers the world. Video marketing is fundamentally changing the approach to advertising and communications, and also dictates new rules for businesses and entrepreneurs. I asked Vitaly Khachaturianz , an expert in media production with 10 years of experience, cameraman for Channel One, NTV and MTV Special, head of the multimedia department at business school, to comment on this trend. “It is not surprising that the video is now in trend,” says Vitaly. – The Internet allows you to erase the boundaries and unite many completely different people. And you need a universal language that everyone understands without exception. And this is the language of visual images, understandable to everyone since the days of rock art. And steeper than this language, only the language of moving images of visual images, that is, video! ”

But what experts of leading digital companies say about video marketing *

  1. By 2020, online video will occupy more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic
  2. Video for social media marketing in 2016, 60% of marketers have already used
  3. Millennials when making a purchase decision in 4 cases out of 5 will take into account video
  4. Watch video about the product will be 4 times more consumers than read about it
  5. Fully viewed videos 55% of users – the highest rate among all types of content.And more than 50% of videos are viewed on mobile devices.
  6. Videos no longer than 2 minutes are more popular. If you compare them and videos with timekeeping over 7 minutes, short videos will have 40% more involvement
  7. 73% of marketers are planning to increase the use of video
  8. Approximately 43% of users would like to receive more video content from marketers in the future.
  9. According to estimates, Facebook is the most effective social network for video: it is 8.4 times more efficient than others. And the video on Facebook gets an average of 135% more organic coverage than a photo.
  10. Companies using video marketing have a 27% higher response rate (CTR) and a 34% higher conversion rate for their sites.

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I offer you TOP 10 ideas for video content:

  1. YouTube videos about your brand or product
  2. Interviews with opinion leaders who use your products and recommend you
  3. Webinars that you conduct to sell, inform or test new markets and products
  4. Video broadcasts of your events, in particular, in social networks. Did you know that, according to experts, the live broadcast of the event increases the brand’s attractiveness by 63%?
  5. Records of your public speeches, workshops , lectures and seminars
  6. Screencasts for working with your online product
  7. Video comics that can be very useful if you create educational courses
  8. Scribing videos explaining a particular technology and having very high viral potential
  9. Video appeal to clients or partners of the owner, or top manager of your business
  10. Cases reviews about you, your business, your products and services from your loyal customers . This, by the way, is one of the most fashionable formats for sales in the B2B sector.

Use video content of various formats.

And now I will tell you about the structure of an effective case-review that you make together with a client. Here are 5 elements that will make your review more convincing and useful to viewers:

  1. Client name, position, company, what the company does
  2. Explain how and why your service / product has been selected.
  3. Client’s story about how he uses this product.
  4. Result: how the client solved his problem with this product or service. Try to put here only measurable numbers.
  5. In the end – the recommendation of your service and product, and, of course, a call to action: for example, choose … try … register … buy and the like.

As an example, I will cite our case review from Alexander Belanovsky, a well-known expert in social networks, an entrepreneur and founder of BIZMOTIV.RU

Use video content more often and engage your satisfied customers in creating it.Then you will not only keep up with the times, but also increase your sales due to the value of your video content!


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