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Some time ago, navigators significantly simplified life, appearing in our cars and in almost all types of gadgets. Problems with GPS navigators reduce the comfort of drivers, travelers and ordinary people. In order not to put up with discomfort, you need to know why there are breakdowns, how to cope with them quickly and prevent them from next time. This is what our article will be about. Once warned – armed.

Navigator does not turn on

When the navigator does not respond to the power button – try to charge it well . It seems ridiculous, but not to the masters of the service center, where allegedly broken devices are being brought. Technicians roll up their sleeves to fix the device, and … return it to the happy owner, without earning a penny. Diagnosis – total battery discharge.

GPS “goes into failure” at a charge level of less than 10%, so do not rush. Connect it to the network and drink coffee. When the charge overcomes the critical point, the display will “come to life”.

gps navigator

Another cause of the problem is software problems or system crashes. In this case, try pressing the RESET button and the power button at the same time and hold for about 5 seconds – this will restart the GPS. If this simple step does not work, the problem is in the firmware and you need to update it to the latest version.

A more unpleasant cause of failure is mechanical damage. For example, water (or a device in water) got into the device, then it is necessary to disassemble the navigator and clean the oxidized contacts. And there are more serious physical damage, in any case, with such immediately go to the service center, where the device will take the experts.

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Navigator turns off

Problems happen with the shutdown button – it is physically damaged and therefore turns off the device by itself. Then you need to give the GPS service to repair the button.

There are also glitches in the device chip, this happens due to mechanical damage. Sometimes the same faulty battery is to blame, which is worn out and quickly sets in due to a long operating time, or simply a lack of charge on a fully working battery.

Most likely, again, a problem in the software component of the device. It may hang due to the old firmware or poor-quality device itself – then the navigator will have to reflash.

Navigator does not charge

The blame for this is often a malfunction of a link in the charging circuit.

  • There may be problems with a broken charging cable : the navigator simply does not receive electricity from external resources, because it does not charge and does not turn on. Replace the charging connector.
  • Also, the problem is sometimes the opposite – in the charging input of the navigator itself. In this case, the connector simply misses the board or moves away from it, and the current simply does not flow into the device, or comes intermittently . Then you need to contact the service center to repair the charging jack.
  • If the navigator is charging from the cigarette lighter in a car, then, for example, when the engine is turned on, charging often stops due to a voltage jump. Also, the ignition system sometimes produces high-voltage pulses that adversely affect the charging process, and the matter is not even in the charger. In short, charging the navigator in the car is often a thankless task due to external interference .

polomki gps navigatora

Navigator display does not respond to pressing

In cheap nameless navigators, the problem with a touch screen is most likely the problem – the device was poorly made. But such a plan of failure occurs in high-quality devices, especially with a very sensitive sensor. In any case, often the navigator requires parsing and checking contacts in the touch-screen plume .

It happens that when you click on the sensor, it reacts in another part of the screen . This is often found in old or Chinese navigators with a resistive plan display. Here calibration comes to the rescue. That is, if the touch is not recognized accurately and is not displayed where you clicked, you need to go to the settings, find the calibration, follow the instructions.

Incorrect operation of the navigator sensor

Sometimes the lack of reaction to pressing – the cause of software failures. If a minute ago the sensor was working properly, but now it doesn’t respond to anything, you just need to try rebooting the GPS.

Such breakdowns may occur due to external factors, for example, if the GPS in the car overheated in the sun, or stayed for a long time in low temperatures. This is not the worst, because after cooling or warming up, the navigator starts working again.

Tip: If you are sure that the damage to the screen sensor is due to serious physical damage, take it to a service center. Out of careless self-repair, you can only exacerbate the problem.

sensor navigatora

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GPS incorrectly shows location

  • A possible problem lies in finding satellites. If the device is only purchased, then the search for satellites, with the help of which the navigator basically works, takes some time. Sometimes, due to GPS failures, it simply does not catch satellites, then the device must be reconfigured.
  • Sometimes the program slows down and confuses the location for no apparent reason. Then check the status and operability of the card, if it hangs, restart the navigator.
  • Periodically, the card slows down at high vehicle speeds. Then most likely the navigator simply does not have time to load the map at high speed. You need to go to the settings, in the parameters to reduce the map detail, then the GPS will be easier to cope with its task.

navigatory gps

Navigator does not see the map

Initially, GPS uses maps loaded into it. What if he does not see the card? The reason for such a problem is sometimes the lack of loaded cards in the internal or removable memory of the device. Or, the maps are loaded with an incorrect format for a specific GPS device. Then you need to remove them and load in a new way.

Another reason – the problem in the device settings.

Tip: Go to the “Tools” navigator and select “Map Settings”. There you need to tick all the maps loaded in the GPS itself or on removable memory, otherwise they simply can not be displayed.

Sometimes there is a failure in the flash card itself with maps located in the GPS. Then it needs to be formatted and downloaded again.

GPS navigator memory full

Navigator memory is sometimes really full of unclosed applications or their temporary files. Exit the situation: pressing the RESET button.

In the navigator there are properties to save any service data, then the memory of the navigator is simply worth cleaning. The method of cleaning depends on the model of your device. Moreover, there are auxiliary applications for such problems.

Tip: For pedestrian use of the navigator, you can connect the track recording mode, then the only thing that is required is to periodically clear the memory of old data so that new data can be recorded.

gps navigator problemy

The sound is missing on the navigator

First check the volume: sometimes it is at a minimum. If this is all right, make sure that the FM modulator is not turned on. In many, especially expensive, navigators, there is a function of the FM transmitter and its essence is that when turned on, the navigator distributes all his sounds at a certain frequency, which we can not hear. Therefore, perhaps you forgot to turn it off or the GPS fell into the hands of a child who turned it on. In any case, turn off this mode and the sound will appear.

Also, sometimes there is a problem with mechanical damage to the speaker. It comes to such that it has to be changed. In this case, a trip to the service center can not be avoided.

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Navigator hang

If the navigator hangs incomprehensibly, it is not always necessary to immediately panic and carry it into service. What to do? Sometimes you can fix the problem yourself. There are several types and causes:

  • Overloaded memory . Most likely, you forgot to clean the database of the navigator in time. If at first he simply began to work more slowly, then, in the end, he simply hung up. The solution to the situation is simple: you need to remove unnecessary data from the GPS, free up storage to record new information . If the reason was this, the navigator will begin to function normally.
  • Physical damage. Falling to the floor, ingress of moisture – all this leads to the discharge of the plume and the oxidation of the contacts. In case of serious physical damage, carry the device to a service where they will carry out a thorough diagnosis.
  • Problems with software. Sometimes you need to reflash, replace, upgrade software. If the memory is not overloaded and the device is not battered by physical impact, most likely the problem is this.

polomki navigatorov

Battery swell in GPS navigator

First of all, the reason for this is:

  • Long operation
  • Poor battery, his marriage
  • Finding the battery for a long time in too high or low temperatures

What to do when the battery is swollen in the GPS? If you have an aluminum battery , it should have a special foil window, especially in case of swelling, which can be pierced and let the air out. Further, it remains to return the deformed parts of the battery to its former form by tapping with heavy metal objects.

Otherwise, if the first option is not possible, it is easier to simply replace the battery and continue not to leave it under the influence of unacceptable temperatures.

Knowing the main damage and their causes, it will be easier to avoid them. Therefore, keep in mind all of the above cases, exploiting your navigator. By avoiding the root causes of GPS problems, you will extend the life of your device by several productive years.


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