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Choosing a computer’s system unit seems like a daunting task: so many components, the parameters of which should be compared and taken into account … If you assemble yourself, you can damage some parts, and it is scary to trust the consultants: they will suddenly sell a very expensive option and only watch a movie ? This article will help not to doubt. She talks about the main types of computer assemblies and that they should contain and what characteristics to possess. The information will help to buy the option suitable for a specific task: for home watching movies, working with documents, games or video editing.

 computer system units

Main types of computers

In order to choose the right system unit, it is first of all necessary to decide on what exactly it is necessary to buy a computer. By appointment, all PCs are divided into 3 main types. Features of each of them are discussed below.


It is clear that such a computer is chosen to enjoy the gaming innovations. That is why his main task is to provide the most comfortable and smooth gameplay in modern games. The gaming industry is developing quite quickly, and therefore the components of such a home assembly must meet the system requirements.

gaming system unit ARTLINE Gaming X49

To get a realistic picture, forget about the frame gap and braking, you have to spend a decent amount: game configurations are not cheap. However, the main advantage of such systemists is that they are suitable not only for games. Decent hardware makes it possible to use resource-demanding software, for example, for working with graphics and audio, video editing.


As a rule, they belong to the average price segment. Such assemblies are designed for listening to music, watching videos, comfortable internet surfing. For undemanding games, a multimedia computer is also sufficient.

multimedia systemic ARTLINE Home H43 v10

A couple of tips:

  1. Lovers of VR technologies should choose a model with a video card that supports the corresponding devices;
  2. Music lovers and fans of multichannel sound better buy a computer with built-in audio interface. However, most modern motherboards are equipped with quite a decent audio chip with support for 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems. With such a device you can have a great party at home (the main thing is to invite all the neighbors so that you do not swear).

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For everyday work tasks, such as typing, sending emails, bookkeeping, office system blocks – what you need. They are also suitable for making voice / video calls on Skype or using software for IP-telephony. With access to the Internet, too, there will be no problems, and more for the office and not needed. At the same time, components in such computers are simple, and therefore such assemblies can be bought quite cheaply.

Note : An office PC is also suitable for home if the user needs a device for watching videos online, the simplest games and studies .

Office DELL Vostro 3668

Criteria for selecting a system unit

To buy a suitable system unit for the home, you must choose the right components. In other words, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of iron and choose a PC with exactly the parameters that are needed for certain purposes.


To choose the right motherboard , you need to consider a couple of things:

  • The number of RAM slots. Two slots – the optimal minimum, as two slats of 4 GB RAM, for example, will give a higher performance indicator than one 8 GB strap. In addition, this solution provides more opportunities for upgrade.
  • Overclocking support – it matters only if we are talking about a game assembly with an appropriate processor. For AMD, such CPUs get the prefix “X”, and for Intel, the letter “K” appears in the model name.

As for the appearance, the presence and absence of lighting and other aesthetic nuances, then everything is individual. Although it is worth noting, such system units are more expensive.


Choosing a computer with a suitable processor is an easy task. In the office assembly fit almost any quad option. If there is a need to save or not the need for demanding programs such as Photoshop and the like, then you can easily do with two cores. The main thing is that there will be at least 4 streams. It will not affect the speed of typing text documents, working with letters and watching videos.

Tip : It is important to consider, among other things, the generation of the CPU. For example, Intel i3 8 generation has full-fledged 4 physical cores and is essentially an analog of the i5 family of Kaby Lake.

AMD RYZEN 5 processor

For multimedia home system units 4-core CPU is also quite enough, regardless of the manufacturer. But the PC for games is a separate topic.

Note : Clock frequency also affects performance. The higher the number, the faster the PC. However, the gain depends on other parameters of the CPU.

Modern games are very voracious. Therefore, the gaming “machine” needs a powerful processor with at least four, and better with six or eight cores , so that the supply is. Here you should pay attention to the models equipped with a CPU with an unlocked multiplier (for overclocking). This gives you the opportunity to get a decent performance boost in games.

If overclocking is not needed, then you can save. In addition, modern versions of RYZEN 5 , 7 from AMD or the same Core i5, i7 of the eighth generation from Intel demonstrate solid capabilities in the “factory” settings.

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Video card

If we talk about the PC for office work, discrete in most cases is not required. It is possible to do with an integrated graphics processor . For multimedia assemblies, this is also not important, but if the user really wants to connect glasses or a virtual reality helmet, then it is better to buy a model with a discrete GPU. It is important to examine the product and pay attention to whether the device supports VR technology.

ARTLINE Gaming X47 v15 (X47v15) with Radeon rx570

One of the available graphics cards that can cope with serious challenges is the Geforce GTX, starting with model 1060 and higher. For example, in Gaming X49 is just such a component, and even with 6 gigabytes of memory. This is not a multimedia, but a very viable gaming solution. Of course, there are computers both simpler and cheaper, and not necessarily on NVidia. For example, you can find a version with the Radeon rx570 on 4 GB – X47 v15.


When buying a computer system unit, you should know that in the case of RAM, first of all, pay attention to its volume. So how much RAM is needed? About this – in the table below.

For what
how many
For office from 4 to 8 GB
For multimedia at least 8, but if the budget is completely cut, then you can buy a sistemnik with 4 GB, and add more in the future
For games at least 8 GB, and for complete comfort it is better to choose the option with 16 GB

Choosing RAM , you should also take into account the frequency at which it works. This is not so significant when it comes to multimedia or office assemblies, but in the case of games, performance gains are noticeable. 2666 MHz – the optimum minimum. 

Tip : the more powerful the components, the more powerful the cooling and power supply should be .

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Choosing a hard disk is one of the simplest tasks when selecting components. For multimedia computers, it would be nice to buy a version with a hard drive from 1 TB. This stands in Home H43 v10 . For an office, you can have 500 GB, like the Vostro 3668 , and even less.

Game decisions need something more capacious. Modern games are quite “weighty”, and the reserve of free space is obviously not superfluous. Suitable for 1-2 TB HDD. The presence of SSD for modern builds with demanding software is already becoming standard. Plus, the speed and responsiveness of the PC will clearly be noticeable: games with SSD run faster. However, it is worth remembering that SSDs have a limited read and write cycle: it can fail faster if you frequently write and delete files. Therefore, if the user plans to not only store a lot of content, it is better to take a small volume SSD for OSes, and for all other files, choose the hard drive.

top game ARTLINE Extreme Poseidon P99 v10 with a huge HDD and SSD

Interesting : if you want the most powerful and the best, you should pay attention to the top advanced gaming system blocks, the power reserve of which is enough, perhaps, for 10 years. Extreme Poseidon P99 v10 – just this: 10-core “heart”, more than 60 GB RAM, a total of 5 TB of storage and 2 very cool video cards allow him to solve absolutely any problem. He also has a powerful cooling, a body with a transparent wall and lights.

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Bonus: monitor selection

Of course, after buying a system unit, you should think about choosing a suitable monitor .

So, selecting the option for the office, it makes no sense to spend money on flagship models with advanced functionality. HD resolution and matrix type TN + film – optimal, especially if the user does not need super detailing and wide viewing angles. For example, an inexpensive E2218HN with FHD resolution and a diagonal of 21.5 “is suitable, as well as possible.

 monitors - office E2218HN, multimedia U2718Q and gaming VP28UQG

For devices for multimedia computers other requirements:

  • at least FHD resolution;
  • IPS-panel, so that the picture remains saturated and clear, regardless of the viewing angle;
  • thin frames are also a plus: visually the screen seems larger.

Tip : an excellent multimedia version – U2718Q . A decent diagonal, 4K resolution, thin frames and maximum viewing angles make it also suitable for working with graphics.

From gaming displays expect more: fast response, high resolution, good refresh rate. And manufacturers supply them with all sorts of modes, the option to synchronize the frame rate with a video card for a smooth picture. A good example is VP28UQG .

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Knowing why you need a computer: for home watching movies, office or toys, choosing the right option is not so difficult. To decide which system unit is better to buy, you should pay attention to its filling. This article will help speed up the selection process and not be disappointed in the result.


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