Who to Follow on Twitter and How?

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When you follow someone, that person may receive a message telling you that you’re following, if you have configured your account. He, in turn, may also decide to follow us, or not, as they pleased depend on whether what we offer in our bio and content of the tweets read our TL. If I did, and have enabled the option to receive news, we also come a message informing Fback (Follow Back or follow back). On Twitter user can follow another without mutual monitoring, and so differs from other networks as Facebook, where both partners do happen to join their respective networks.


Any account for private or commercial use?

If the idea of opening an account in Twitter is to use direct (non-commercial), the option of following someone should be for the interest that the person or the content of their tweets arouse us. Often observed accounts whose sole purpose is to obtain follow, the classic “follow me and I follow” has in principle a logical rationale, because in this expression the motivation that pushes us to follow, as it is not specified the vanity. When followers are obtained only for the sake of seeing our counter grows can lead to inconsistencies, as is the antagonistic people radically opposed in thought or ideology, or that nothing can bring our mutual good content are followed. Two people collide in the TL can only end in mutual ignorance, or worse. It is assumed that people are affinity, however there are cases of discrepancies, such as policies, that can be healthy if there is mutual understanding and respect for the ideas, if not better avoid tracking.

Therefore, in the particular accounts ideally search tracking people related to us, and if they also feel good vibes maybe lenghty track. But, on the other hand if the idea of opening an account in Twitter is to use it commercial, for example to promote a business, expected to follow someone is that person return the follow-up, and so have one in our TL will read our tweets. Therefore, if after a reasonable time not receive your FBack should stop following him not met expectations. Also, if we continued to follow making without obtaining the corresponding FBacks, would accumulate over the policies that allow Twitter and come a time that this difference in number prevent us make new traces. In this case, the only way to regain that ability is to leave to follow the non-reciprocal. Keep in mind also that Twitter allows a maximum daily pursuits, so I reached a limit inform us that have consumed the quota and will to wait the next day. Similarly, after intensive use of Twitter we notice that hopefully continue one hour before (I will elaborate below on the limits of Twitter) may appear.

– >>> Basic rule for success: no matter how you use it to go to your account, fill it with interesting tweets to other users information. If a potential follower login to your TL and all you see are tweets like: “Recommend me …” or “Follow me and I follow you,” you ignore and lose as a candidate to follow.

On the traces

Tracking limit 2000

When you register in Twitter allows you to follow, at first, the number of users you want, that’s for you to interact and result of this you can start creating your baggage followers. But there are some limits that apply when you have reached the 2000 follow. Previously Twitter had established that could not follow more than 10% of your current fans, but that has changed now each account has different limits applied as Twitter does not publish certain proportions based on followers and followed by your account. If you you should once that limit, Twitter will let you know with a message, and the only way to skip it (to follow more people) is expected to have more followers, or even letting go of following some accounts to have a choice of keeping track additional.

Remember that this is not applicable otherwise, ie, if you keep users unless those following you will have no limit.

Twitter uses these rules to prevent or contain spam accounts practicing or performing aggressive follow-causing system overloads. Remember that the Twitter experience is not a race to get the maximum possible followers.



If we want to follow to get followback

An acceptable practice is to follow certain accounts that interest us in order to also follow us back, so be creating a community of users who interact with or get our message to more people. But lgo we do before deciding to follow someone with intent to obtain a followback, is to correctly identify the type of tweeters before us to not track it useless. Obviously, before proceeding you must read the bios, because if they do not fit with what you expect from a follower is best ignored, and if in the bios there is not enough information to get a composition of place on “how they think” and will be compatible with us, for then you should lose a few minutes to read the latest tweets that have been published, because that tends to be very significant for an assessment of initial set.

For example, if your potential follower means in another language different from your tweets, or have very different interests to yours, or has appearance of only published and not interact, or have his abandoned account … it is clear that it will not be useful for spreading your content That said, for success in finding a Followback “useful”, he notes the following before I follow someone.:

1) Twitter users who follow very few people (if any), but they have a wealth of followers

The accounts of this type of tweeters usually belong to very popular people, as actors, singers, politicians reputable, etc.. They can have hundreds of thousands of followers, and some even millions. For example, at the time of updating this article @ ladygaga has now surpassed 31 million followers and is getting close to 32 million. Of course, unless we want to follow one of these characters as a simple fan, it would logically follow to obtain a Followback therefore would never us.

@ Ladygaga (Lady Gaga) is an example that will not help us to get a return tracking
Note -. Persons who never back track and fill with followers on Twitter are recognized as “egotistical”, ie, lack of humility people who enjoy the practice and never shared. Although the most famous characters are usually egotistical in their pursuits, I do not qualify as such, it is humanly impossible for someone who collects hundreds of thousands of followers, the return each and every one of them. So rule # 1 follow on Twitter: follow never egotistical or very reputable characters followed but just follow, if only we do it with the intention that we follow back.

2) Twitter users who follow and are followed by very few people

Usually people just starting out on Twitter, and on top deserve to be taken into account. They are distinguished by having a small number of published tweets (less than one percent), and because they follow and are followed by very few people. They may be good candidates to follow them, and if not then reply to the expectations, you can always revoke tracking.

Example of account which is sensed by the number of tweets, follow and followers, that the holder is inciándose on Twitter

3) Twitter users who follow lots of people, but that proportion have very few followers.

As I explained, it can make you want to follow until we reach 2000. Thus, we see that during that period many accounts have a significantly higher proportion of traces that fan. The accounts pertaining to this type of tweeters are great candidates to be followed, because, like us, may be trying to acquire a portfolio of followers looking followbaks.

This account has a rate of four times the traces of followers. It is an indication that you are trying to get more followers.

4) Twitter users who have protected their tweets.

If you are looking for a followback, these accounts are not going to be useful, unless it be of your friends or people who are part of a group or closed club (they are showing a picture of a padlock). The reason is that although we continue to us, they would shut our tweets. Protected tweets can only be read by followers who have received authorization tracking. If instead you want to keep a more private and discreet contact, where a followback not a priority, then one has protected tweets is most appropriate.

This account is protected (see lock) only authorizes the holder who can read your tweets. I keep this account for personal interest, as it is a Twitter companion with whom I maintain regular contact, but I am aware that I can not ever give RT any of his tweets for the rest of my followers.

5) Twitter users who have abandoned your account

Check the date of the last tweet has been posted to an account. If it has been many days or months, that has lost all interest as a candidate for one Followback obtained. Maybe the owner has abandoned or not managed regularly.

This account is visibly abandoned since the last tweet is published 4 February, and at the time this article is updated December 5. More than 10 months have passed without the owner of that account has their status.

Monitoring practices inadequate

Improper notices

Often observed for inadequate monitoring practices. These include direct mentions irrelevant to our accounts and sole shape with requests like: “If you keep following me” or “Follow me and I follow you right away.” This we must never do, as we are proposing to our interlocutor to deign to follow its own initiative, when we have not even had the decency to keep him first. This can be counterproductive for the person who practices it. We should always avoid.

Give unwanted

Mentions unwanted (in general, not just for monitoring) are punished for Twitter to consider it SPAM. A daily are suspended tens of thousands of accounts for this reason. The SPAM mention is repeatedly mentioned and before long, accounts that do not follow us. Usually is done tweeters in aggressively seeking traces making its presence with some striking tweet. If we abuse, we can find a notice “Account suspended”, and to recover we have to accept conditions that reincidiremos no future in that practice. If they do it again, we will suspend the account indefinitely.

SO … If you want to get a followback I recommend following accounts only those tweeters that have a balanced ratio between follow and followers who have more followers or traces that are not abandoned. And finally, do not make improper practices such as those already mentioned.

How to know how many follow and followers have an account?

Before I explained above how to find accounts to follow me by clicking on “who to follow”. Well, as we get it down in the list, if you click on the account name or directly on the avatar a window with the data from that account will be displayed, and among them contain the “twits” (no. of them having published) , “following” (number of accounts that are following) and “followers” (number of accounts that you are following), in this way we can go checking account by the number of followers and follow that has, so decide on the fly if you also follow us.

To find out if you have outstanding follow your account

If you are one of those who follow all your followers, then you should occasionally check the list to verify that you have returned them followback. To do this, go to “Home” tab or “Account” and low number of followers shown click on “Followers” list to the right of your followers will be displayed with a button to follow and unfollow. All those in blue is that you’re following them, checks if there are any in gray with the title “Follow”. Click on the button “Continue” to start to follow those accounts.

When excessive monitoring is a problem …

I explained before how I follow someone, and also what happens if we do not get too many traces its reciprocal Followback or return tracking.

-> Solomonic Solution: Stop follow who do not follow (or has ceased to do so), except those accounts that you follow for personal interest, because you bring something or want to be informed about what they post, or just because it is a Friend / Worth to have him on my TL. But beware, if you fail to follow many people in a short time Twitter considered spam and may penalize you, remember the limits and do not follow or stop following mass or could be suspended.

-> As a rule for the future: When you start tracking with intent to obtain a followback, grant them only a couple of days. If after that time you have not returned the follow-up, you should be undone so that your account does not lower performance. Remember also, that from 2000 followers each account has added limits only Twitter knows but does not publish, so you could meet with warnings that you can not follow more people, then you should ignore those traces that contribute less to your TL if you want to keep exploring new Followback.

Should we follow someone who has decided to follow us?

There are debates on Twitter about whether education should be followed by someone who decided to follow us. Obviously, the tweeters point 1 described above, do not follow all his followers because it would be humanly impossible to do, remember we are talking about thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of traces that would be repaid. However, anyone using your account on a commercial basis, it is entirely appropriate to follow all his followers (exceptions then I will address) although it involves some effort, because it will feel to each of them that there is a bidirectional channel and that is not “just” the other side, which will ensure that the vast majority of them keep monitoring and not leave him.

Particularly, but my account is not commercial I like to keep all my followers. This is not a precept; Twitter is designed so that, usually, someone else can follow without reciprocal obligation. However, I believe you can always learn something from the fans, and if any of them were particularly inappropriate to have it in the TL, the solution is simple: block him and ignore it.

Exceptions for commercial accounts

I mentioned that to a commercial account to suit you, in general, follow all his followers. But there are exceptions. So if it is a local business, eg a bakery, it seems obvious that consume resources promoted beyond their local or regional level would not have much reason to be. A realtor, for example, working for a geographic area circumscribed only to a city and its surroundings (say it is the city of A Coruña), and Venezuela continue to account would not be effective for the purpose of promotion, and more On the contrary, If I did follow many of these end up filling your tweets with TL that never interact and mutually benefit the follower nor the information the agency will publish.

Example of a Twitter account-based real estate business in the city of A Coruña, Galicia, Spain



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