Why choose a double confirmation subscription

Why choose a double confirmation subscription
Why choose a double confirmation subscription

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A confirmed subscription increases the effectiveness of mailings! We analyzed more than 700 million messages sent by our clients for the period from August 1 to November 1, 2013, and compared some success factors of subscriptions with and without confirmation.

Battles between supporters of double confirmation and against him are fought almost from the very birth of Email Marketing. And although much has been said, the endless stream of articles and stormy discussions on blogs and forums does not deplete. Let’s look at everything, starting with the basics:


A subscription without confirmation (the same subscription with a single confirmation, a subscription without verification or a subscription with the initial receipt of the consent of the subscriber) occurs when a new subscriber is automatically added to the distribution list without the additional request for his consent.

A confirmation subscription (it’s a double-confirmation subscription or a verification subscription) involves sending a letter to a new subscriber with a request to confirm his willingness to subscribe by clicking on the appropriate link. If this does not happen, the contact is not added to the mailing list.

Many marketers will object:

“Why annoy my new subscribers with these useless confirmation letters? Does it even make sense?

In general, there are several important reasons for additional verification:

1) Maintain the purity of your list – Typos make it all. This is the most common problem with subscription forms and a huge headache for direct marketing managers. Because of one incorrect sign, your letters will be sent to another person or will not be delivered at all because of a non-existent address. You will lose your time and money and, possibly, will irritate potential customers. But, much worse, you may have serious problems with leading email services, such as Mail.ru, Yandex and Gmail, which will forward all your messages to the Spam folder or block you altogether.

2) Safeguard against malicious subscriptions – Imagine the consequences of the actions of someone who signed you for a joke or even worse, using a viral script to fill in the subscription forms on the Internet (including yours) with fictitious information! Or spammers who use spoofed email addresses to send millions of emails, including the one on your list. And what if this someone is your competitor or a sworn enemy from school, who decided to “hard” substitute you, adding anti-spammers and / or representatives of the FAS? This can happen to you, as has already happened to many! Double confirmation of the subscription will save you from these problems, now and forever, automatically!

3) Avoid the spammer shortcut – What happens when subscribers complain about your emails by sending a spam complaint to your email marketing platform (for example, GetResponse) or a mail service (for example, Mail.ru)? Many leading services may require you to prove that your list consists only of those subscribers who actually subscribed to receive letters from you. And in most cases, the undisputed evidence is a subscription with confirmation. And if you can not provide such, all your letters will be perceived as spam ! And since we all understand that this is fraught with sad consequences for your business, it is better to secure your list and your reputation in advance.

4) Increase the deliverability of your mailings – A list consisting of verified addresses and subscribers, who are 100% willing to receive letters from you, significantly increase the deliverability of your mailings . Moreover, you will have a higher ratio of discoveries and referrals and much less complaints and formal replies. This will enhance both your reputation as the sender and the results of your email marketing.

Clean list -> Less spam complaints and better deliverability -> Profit !!!

5) Reduce the cost of email marketing – When you upload your database to GetResponse, you pay according to the size of your mailing list ( GetResponse Prices ). In the case of a subscription without confirmation, you will always have a sufficient number of subscribers who either want to unsubscribe, or will not be able to receive your letters for the above reasons. When choosing a subscription with a double confirmation, you will no longer pay for them, saving!

And now, what will supporters of a subscription without confirmation confirm?

‘Signing up with double confirmation reduces revenue.’

It is a myth!

Let’s look at the facts. The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP), the partners of GetResponse, show the opposite: any short-term losses of any kind are more than offset by the growth of such indicators as the frequency of mailings, acceptance and susceptibility of letters and conversion. Simply put, a double-signed subscription brings greater return on your efforts (ROI) and gives you more chances of success!

‘Subscribing with double confirmation reduces your list.’

In this case, we have a counter question – is it advisable to have a larger mailing list, if a significant proportion of it consists of those who unsubscribe at the first mailing or whose addresses do not exist at all? And if, instead of them, there will be high-quality contacts that may well buy something from you? And now just count and decide for yourself whether you should spend your time and money on unverified subscribers.

If confirmation of a subscription is so important, then you probably want to ask –

‘Why does GetResponse make double subscription confirmation optional?’

Email marketing does not stand still. Over time, double confirmation of the subscription will become the standard, as more and more experienced and responsible marketers are moving to the bright side. But, as in many cases, people need time to make sure and decide for themselves that they are more comfortable.As we mentioned earlier, there are two positions, and we want to give you the choice to decide for yourself. Although let me ask you a question, which side will you take after reading this article? Write in the comments below.


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