Roadmap to choose a product from Clickbank



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Roadmap to choose a product from Clickbank

If you really want to make money with Clickbank you must first understand how the system works and how to find the best products to promote, then give you a fairly comprehensive guide on this subject.

If you do not know that Clickbank is or is you need to read this post
There you can learn all the basics of this platform affiliation, let’s see how to choose a good product to promote.
How to choose a product?

1) First we enter our account, and head has market:
2) Within market there are many categories but only should be of interest:

Business & E
Health and fitness
Self Help

People who earn money online, earn at least 90% of our revenues from these 3 categories, so you should not get away from them, at least at first.

3) It is important to change the language to the language of our target audience in order to see the products we can promote, in our case Spanish, after choosing the category is very easy to select the language to follow.
4) Now we need to select the search type of product you are going to choose, I recommend you look gravity is a great indicator of whether a product is successful or not.
Avg $ / sale: One of the most important features and tells us how we will win in TOTAL for each sale you make.

Initial $ / sale: The price that an affiliate earns when it sells a product for the first time

$ / Total turnover Average Re: This is what will win after a trial period usually 7 days.

Avg% / sale: The% of the sales price we receive when placing a product, the maximum is 75% and the best products typically put in that percentage.

% Average turnover Re: Is the% of the sale price will we re after billing, the maximum is 75% and the best products usually have that percentage.

Grav: Gravity is a unit of measurement that I Clickbank sales basically gives us an indication of how many members are selling a product, each affiliate has sold a product that creates a gravity point, in this example at least 13 members have made a sale this month, greater severity usually indicates that the product is pretty good and sold easily.

PROMOTE (Button): One of the most important, if the product you interested then you can click here to get your link sharpening.
When Giving Create gives us our affiliate link, which we put in all places where we want to promote the product that we like.
6) The last point to be considered is the website, but there are very good products is possible that the website is not the best or not this date, for example web site should avoid having things like:

Payments with Western Union, if you pay one of our prospects hereby will not receive any commission on this sale so we should avoid them.
Sites that take too long to load, the load time affects the rate of sales, so the faster the better.
An old or very complicated design, especially on the home page it is best that the design as simple as possible.

If the website you choose meets these characteristics then it is appropriate to promote it.

While here I have given a brief overview of the Tips that exist to make money with Clickbank, actually there are many more if you want to know them all and make sure a lot of revenue then I recommend you download this ebook:

How to Make Money with Clickbank

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How to Make Money with Clickbank


If you came here to say that you really are interested in making money online, you probably know all the advantages of working online, as being your own boss, manage your own schedule, and I could stay home while earning money.

However, if you are new to internet work for you may not know which methods are really works, and that is why we want to talk about Clickbank, the method currently used and by which earn more than $ 1,000 monthly.
What is Clickbank?

It is an affiliate platform, this means that s a place where thousands of people will be willing to sell your products or if you have a unique product you can make money selling someone else’s products, the most interesting is that commissions often reach 75% of the sale price, this means that if you sell a $ 100 product then you will receive $ 75 of that product. If may sound complicated but the truth is that it is a very simple and all you have to do is tell you to learn and earn good monthly income.

It is important to comment that you’ve tried all the systems that exist to make money online, I’ve tried systems like Adsense, paid surveys, make videos on YouTube and I can assure you can earn much more in less time with this system, to test more than just a button then I let my last statement on Clickbank
As you make money with Clickbank?

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Now you’re probably wondering how you can make money with this system, there are basically four ways to make money with this affiliate system, the first is called direct sales usually sell the products to your family and acquaintances, the second way is through a website, basically you create a website and sell the products you want, the third way is through traffic selling payment the idea is to buy online advertising to advertise your products and the last way is to create and promote your own product then will detail a little more each way.
Choose a product on Clickbank

In order to sell a product we must first choose one, we must first check in your page, then just navigate to the part that says Mercado, the problem is that there are thousands of product in Clickbank and it is appropriate to choose a product that may be of interest to our friends or make it according to the theme of our website.
After finding the right product for us we just have to click on promote, give us a link that will will use to assign us our commissions.

Direct Sales:

Direct selling is to choose a product and sell it to your friends and family, the most common ways to do this is to promote your affiliate will link through social network like facebook or twitter use.

Requirements: None

Earn money with your website:

Basically the idea is to create a website about a particular product, the problem here is that your product is visaed other people and for that you need web positioning concomimientos or have a website that already has a good amount of traffic.

Requirements: You need to know something about internet and how to create websites, you also need to have knowledge of SEO rankear to your website and get traffic.

Traffic Payment:

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The idea is to buy traffic through services like adwords and yahoo, and send that traffic to your affiliate link and every sale that is made to allocate you a commission.

Requirements: You need to invest a lot of money to operate.

Creating Your Own Product:

This is one of the most interesting ways to make money with Clickbank, make money instead of trying to sell someone else’s product because they let you create a product and sell it to other people generally get more profit than you could earn as an affiliate.

Requirements to Make Money with Clickbank

Requirements: Must have knowledge of creating websites, optimization, programming to create instant sales with Clickbank interaction, and have a good budget to pay for all that.

Conclusion: As time Clickbank is really one of the best and most flexible ways to earn money online, but while I’ve told you how it works if you really want to make money with this system you need to know all the tips that really help you make money.