ADVICE TO PARENTS TO START Toilet Training and Maintain Good Urinary HABIT

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Toilet Training and Maintain Good Urinary HABITFree 3 Days Potty Training

Toilet training is a very important in the maturation of the child step as it allows you to shed the diaper and acquire a habit that helps you integrate into society .

In most cases the control of daytime urinary sphincter is going to get between two and three years , night around four or five years , and it is only after five years when we can speak of disorders such as incontinence or nocturnal enuresis.

When it’s time to start potty training ?

The child should know and understand the important words: pee , urine, poop , feces , wet, dirty, clean, potty , water .
You must realize the feeling of being ” wet ” after making urination in diaper and “dirty ” after taking depositions in the diaper.
It is generally considered good time the first period of good weather (spring / summer) after their second birthday .

How should we begin the process of potty training ?

The first step is to let the diaper .
Establish a routine , taking the child to the bathroom every so often or by that associated with activities of daily living, such as washing your hands before the meal.
Observe the child , as some of them are going to help us, making funny faces with face or posture with legs that will indicate you feel desire to go to the bathroom.
Use clothing that is easy to remove and does not hinder access to the toilet or urinal, since initially the child will not have much time between the desire to void or deposition and the time to be able to endure it.
Use positive reinforcement as we initially help motivate the child, this can be used from small prizes ( stickers , candy ) and convince the child to shed the diaper is a way of growing .

Tips to maintain a good voiding habits

To have an adequate intake of fluids, especially water.
Empty your bladder every 3 – 4h during the day and especially important before going to bed.
Try to wait until the child does not have the time to run to the bathroom, anticipate the need to urinate .
Place your child on the toilet and try to relax to pass urine .

Free 3 Days Potty Training

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