Archos 70 – 250 GB Internet Tablet (Black)

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 Archos 70 – 250 GB Internet Tablet (Black)
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ARCHOS 101 Internets Tablet 8GB1-Product Description

Technological advancements are there to make the work of human more convenient whatever the type of work business, general each depends upon latest technology latest technology pave the way for new developments. The ARCHOS 70 is basically the part of ARCHOS 8 the generation launched at 2011. These are 7 inch wide and 18 cm normally running on android system. ARCHOS 70 internet tablets are there created for internet connectivity and ease to operate the device without the involvement of other devices like the cables and wire to support the system. Android operating systems are more effective than the mobile technology and paving the way for internet connectivity.

2- Product Details

System has the wonderful capacity to save the various data consisting on the movies, photos and even to songs a much free space provided for each sector to make the system more accurate for storing data. Storing hard disc with 8GB to store the movies, songs and other document like the micro soft word, excel and other applications which are there for business transaction and system. You can even amuse yourself with much time with listening songs, watching movies and other information sharing. Support for audio, video like windows media player, VLC media player and other video software like the WMA, FLAC video formats.

3-Technical Details

Video and audio can be amuse more than the 36 hours, that is expended period then other ARCHOS system. ARCHOS 70 with the seven inches multi-touch screen to provide the capacitive display with 16 million pixels compatibility. Support for various systems and audio, video system. System comes with the one year warranty. System comes with the identified standard identification number B00422XOEG and model 501586.

4- Pros

Document reading on the other application comparatively to ARCHOS more persistent to run the PDF formats books which can be easily located and read out. Internet browsing can be doing with effective quality and promptly like pruning of different websites. Flash support, system provides the flash support while working on the internet base system. The web experience comparing with iphone and ipad is superior with such device.


There are many complication attached to system like the future capacity for up gradation. System comes with the 256 MB random access memory and if, in future need arise then the chances to attached the extra memory does not there. SD slot are there unable to support the external memory. System comes with the hacking capabilities which other devices has the secured system to make the product. The system comes with the 3D graphics accelerator to make use of android 3D features and other interaction. There are many live interfaces which makes the wallpapers and transition more effective and persuasive. The connectivity with the TV screen can be possible via the HDMI output.


Each product has the merits and demerits but the merits make the product more popular among the people this ARCHOS 70 with android operating system are there to make the product more reliable and effective.

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