ASUS Eee PC T101MT-EU27-BK 10.1-Inch Convertible Tablet

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asus eee pc convertibleASUS Eee PC T101MT-EU27-BK 10.1-Inch Convertible Tablet (Black)

1-Product Description

ASUS Eee PC is basically resembles to the sub notebook and resembles to notebook. These computers are the development of ASUS Tek Corporation and are the ingredient of ASUS Eee. The family of ASUS resembles to notebook line and terminologies. These products are introduced into market late after the 2007 and gain popularity because of their fast speed than the computer and less weight. The system is based on the Linux operating system and relatively available at less price then the tablet computers. These have the traditional hard drive like the Combo drive and the window operating system which suppose to be user friendly than the disc operating system.

2-Product Details

These computers maintained the position of milestone in computer industry because of their performance and compatibility and ease in operation. Most of the business people are using this technology for facilitating manual work no doubt, there impacts are long lasting. These computers minimize the sale of laptop because of light weight and affordable price. The ASUS exclaimed the name Eee derives for the slogan of company easy to learn, and easy to work and finally an ease in playing.

3-Technical Details

these ASUS computer are the with the Intel ATOM N 455 with the central processing unit, memory up to 1GB with double data rate random access memory. SODIMM slots for connecting the external memory and enhancing the limits of memory. Hard disk is 250 GB without involvement of optical drive. 10.1 touch screen with the capability to show the multi touch functionality with home premium operating system. Camera is for rear facing and other devices. 3 Mega pixel cameras are for chatting and card reader. Window XP with latest version are it’s another feature.


Meets the needs of every customer they can use it for the typing purpose for business and chatting and other related composing. Surfing internet; internet can be surf by this device speedier and accurately as it has the high performance processor which upload the data within minimum span of time. Price is concerns they are available at $430.99, which are less than other devices. Touch screen are highly responsive and fits to customer needs for toggling in various application. Multi touch screen are best and more effective than the traditional clicking of mouse or typing with the key board to access the applications.


These devices are there to work with optimal ability in web surfing and other compatibility moods generation. The key boards of ASUS Eee are relatively small and hamper the performance of person who wants to type in early basis. The pages up key reside with the shift. These complications obstruct when composing the data and it will destroy the application. The cursor settings are sometimes unpredictable.

6- Conclusion

Overall, the features are accompanied to needs of individual which implement it for their business surfing and other activities. These ASUS system are more effective than the laptops and finally are inexpensive enough.

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