ELearning Standards




 ELearning Standards Legislation to reconcile heterogeneous systems and courses is necessary to
two objectives:
1 -. Abricante F.
A course from any manufacturer can be charged at any other LMS
. 2 – LMS.
The different standards that are developed today for the e-learning industry can be classified into:
That the results of the activity of users in the course can be registered by the
1 – About the Content or Course.:
Structures of content, content packaging, tracking results.
. 2 – On the Student:
Storage and exchange of student information, skills (skills) of student privacy and security.
3 – On the interoperability.:
LMS Integration components, interoperability among multiple LMS.

A standard is simply a set of rules or standards that specify how a service should be performed, how a particular product should be produced or how a given process so as to ensure a certain quality and compatibility with other products or services to be performed.
These standards are generated either by international organizations whether public or private, and even NGOs. From all this lies the importance of the as for e-Learning standards:

Increase the amount and quality of content
Increasing the amount and the quality of the contents
To customize the content and reuse.
Ensure compatibility with different platforms.
They allow students to track the course.

One of the great unsolved problems of new technologies of information and communication for education is the lack of a common methodology to ensure the goals of accessibility, interoperability, durability and reusability of web-based learning materials.
The need for standards arises from the expansion of the availability of courses, the development of a real market for training platforms and training contents and limited course offerings available whose cost is high.

Learning Objects and Standards

Standards are international agreements containing technical specifications and quality of products and services that are believed to compete internationally in terms of quality. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has been responsible, since 1947, to create all international standardization.

Student has also been a need to standardize their products and services. With regard to the world of e-learning, the standards refer to the set of policies to be followed in the development process and content platforms. Thus, the standards currently in force in the world of e-learning refers to:

Content: Structure, packaging, etc..
Student: Storage and exchange of information about your skills, privacy, security, and so on.
Interoperability: Integration of components in a LMS, interoperability between different LMS, etc..

With regard to content, together with the development of training systems based on learning objects, have proliferated initiatives that develop technical standards for the creation, storage, use and exchange of these units and between different learning platforms.

To date these have developed several standards. We collect here a list of the most commonly used today and the organizations that develop:

ARIADNE (Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring & Distribution Networks for Europe)
AICC (Aviation Industry) CBT (Computer Based Training Committee)
IMS (Instructional Management System Project) Global Learning Consortium, Inc.
IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers) Learning Technology Standards Committee
ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) initiative has been taken into account in the development of SCORM, IEEE advances, IMS and ARIADNE and today enjoys a fairly global acceptance.

The standards provide common information models that allow systems to share data and courses which gives us the possibility of incorporating material from different suppliers into one curriculum. This increases the range of courses available while the cost of acquisition or development of programs and courses as are reduced.

The ability to reuse the materials and resources is also determined by the design of a model standard packaging contents as learning objects. Finally, thanks to the standard learning technologies are developed to allow “personalized” learning based on the needs of each student.

In the market there are both LMS and courseware from many different manufacturers. Therefore legislation to reconcile heterogeneous systems and courses to achieve two objectives is necessary:

A course from any manufacturer can be charged at any third-party LMS.
That the results of the activity of users in the course can be registered by the LMS.

As you can see in the figure below, the various standards that are developed today for the e-learning industry can be classified into the following types:

About the Content or Course:

Structures of content, content packaging, tracking results.
About the Student:

Storage and exchange of student information, skills (skills) of student privacy and security.
On interoperability:

LMS Integration components, interoperability among multiple LMS.

When talking about a standard e-learning, we are referring to a set of common rules for companies engaged in e-learning technology. These rules specify how manufacturers can build online courses and platforms on which these courses are taught in such a way that they can interact with each other. These rules provide common information models for e-learning and LMS platforms that basically allow systems to share data and to courses or “talk” to others. This also gives us the ability to incorporate content from different sources into a single curriculum.

These rules also define a model standard for content packaging. The contents can be packaged as “learning objects” (learning objects or LO), so allow developers to create content that can be easily reused and integrated into various courses.

Finally, the standards allow you to create more powerful learning technologies, and “personalize” learning based on individual student needs.

Basically, what is sought with the application of a standard for e-learning is:

Durability: That the technology developed to avoid obsolescence of standard courses.
Interoperability: To be able to exchange information through a wide variety of LMS.
Accessibility: That track student behavior is allowed
Reusability: That the different courses and learning objects can be reused with different tools and different platforms.

This support offers many benefits to consumers of e-learning:

Ensure the future viability of their investment, preventing it from being dependent on a single technology, so that in case of change of the investment in LMS courses not lost.
Increases the range of courses available in the market, thereby reducing acquisition costs and avoiding expensive custom development in many cases.
Enables the exchange and sale of courses, even allowing organizations to obtain excess returns on their investments.
Facilitates the development of standard tools for content creation, so that organizations can develop their own content without resorting to e-learning specialists.

Strictly speaking, there is no standard e-learning available today. What exists is a number of groups and organizations develop specifications (protocols). To date, none of these specifications has been formally adopted as the industry standard for e-learning. These specifications do not stop being recommendations, yet the industry is to follow. Among the main initiatives for e-learning standard, we can mention:

Tips To Learn English For Kids At Home

Tips To Learn English For Kids At Home

Most children have a natural aptitude for learning languages. Young learners have certain innate characteristics that make them great learners, including a desire to communicate, a strong sense of curiosity and a certain fearlessness when it comes to making mistakes. Combined with these natural characteristics, the following tips to learn English for kids make teaching the new language at home easy and effective.

Children have a strong aptitude for learning but generally have short attention spans. To keep children engaged in their English lessons, include multi-sensory activities that involve hearing, seeing and touching in addition to speaking. Rotating movement activities with those that require sitting still and drawing or writing introduces variety and keeps the child focused on the task at hand.

Young children often learn most easily when dealing with concrete objects and ideas. Grammatical explanations and abstract concepts can be difficult for children to grasp and should be avoided. One of the best tips to learn English for kids is to use household objects to teach vocabulary and include common phrases, such as “Have a nice day,” regularly in conversation. These ritual phrases have practical value and also reinforce grammar rules without explicitly explaining them.

Playing is a way of learning and exploring for children. Through games, they learn to construct different realities, take on new roles and engage in new experiences. Children can use games, like role-playing, to practice their English skills. They may pretend to be doctors, explorers, teachers, tourists or any other type of person and acquire new language skills at the same time.

Children are generally less afraid of making mistakes than adult learners. They are less likely to feel embarrassed or stupid if they pronounce a word incorrectly or make a grammar mistake. This is a natural characteristic of children, but parents can reinforce it by giving positive, gentle feedback and focusing on the content of what the child is communicating rather than the form.

Finally, parents teaching the language at home should take advantage of the easy access to English materials available around the world. Children should be introduced to English-language books, movies, television shows, music, newspapers, magazines, comics and computer programs. These are all tools for learning that can teach children pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar while keeping their interest and introducing them to the culture of the English-speaking world. Parents can make these materials more effective by experiencing them with their children. They may read aloud, act out stories from books or sing along to music to make the experience more interactive.

For individuals who need to find techniques to learn English for kids, utilizing the Internet as a tool is effective and convenient. You can start to learn English online today.

Learn English

Learn English

Do you want to learn to speak English comfortably and quickly? If so, then you may want to consider taking an English course in Boston. Here you will not only be able to learn a new language, but experience the rich history and culture that this city has to offer. There are many advantages to learning how to speak English in the United States.

The first major advantage of traveling to Boston to learn English is you will be able to use your new skills in the course of your everyday life. This real world experience is the key to helping you grasp your new language quickly and efficiently.

If you come to Boston you’ll be presented with the chance of a lifetime — an opportunity to change your future by determining what’s best for you now. Sure, coming to Boston first and foremost is about learning English and attending your classes but there’s also a lot that happens in the way of personal growth.

Don’t let the city keep you in! While Boston has many things to offer, there are lots of places you can go outside of Boston. The neighboring towns are also very nice, as are the people who live there. I’d recommend you get a bicycle while here and use it to travel to nearby cities. As you meet more people (and ask for more directions) you’ll have new opportunities to practice what you’re learning.

Every language has key words and phrases that are considered slang, and for those who speak English as a first language, they use these words and phrases through the course of their natural conversation. Being able to recognize and understand slang will be a tremendous help when implementing your new skills through either your business or other dealings. All of the experiences that you will gain when you are studying in Boston will help you become more successful in your dealing with English speaking individuals. When it comes to having an edge both in your personal life and in business, learning English can put you a step above the rest.

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To Learn English From Language Schools Online Is Now Easy

Practice makes perfect”, this is an old proverb but it also applies in modern times. This can easily be understood by taking numerous online exercises to learn English online as an example, which are designed by web-based language teaching schools. These interactive exercises usually consist of activities which include conversation and day-to-day situations which occur at car parking lots, airports, markets, offices and homes. These interactive online exercises are intended to help their students in practicing the web-based lessons as per their convenience with the greatest of ease.

The English language schools online usually offer 5 types of courses which are Basix, Grammar Depot, Conversational English, Pronunciation and Useful Expressions. Also, the online exercises of these courses are efficient and effective enough to enable a student speak fluently in English. The courses of these web-based language schools are designed by professional tutors from the US, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Additionally, the enrollment system is also designed very intelligently and offers the courses to the newly enrolled students in accordance with their knowledge and capability. For analyzing a student’s capacity to learn English grammar online, all web-based language teaching schools offer placement tests. These tests are evaluated then and there on the Web and results are displayed immediately. The prospective student is advised to take enrollment in a course according to the scores achieved by him/her in the placement test. So, whether you want to learn from scratch or just brush up on your skills, web-based language teaching schools are effectively catering to the purpose.

The technological advancements have provided us with the internet and video chats. Also, these are the most useful applications provided by the latest developments of technology used to learn advanced English online. Through this technology, a student can have a visual conversation with the tutor daily and ask his/her queries directly instead of sending an e-mail and then waiting for the reply. Through this, the tutors can also boost their students’ confidence and remove the hesitation of public speaking.

In conclusion, we can say that the online language teaching schools explain the tutorials very effectively by making use of video clips, audios, digital images and several other graphics. Students can choose the best language teaching program which suits their requirements and their budget.

Here some Different ways to learn English for your Business

Have you made a decision to learn English for your business career? Or, have you decided to develop your communicative skills of spoken English?
If yes then in this case you need to make sure that you choose the right way to help you achieve your aim.

There are many possible variants to achieve your goal. Practice is a key to learning of any language. You have to practice as much as it’s possible and learn on your mistakes that no one can avoid. Only the group classes will give you the practice of the spoken language. That’s why the best way of improvement and development of your spoken English is to study and practice the language abroad, in one of the English speaking country. Learn English in London UK is one of best options that are available today.

If you want to learn English for Business then the best variant for you could be the courses in English for Specific Purposes, such as English for IT, English for Lawyers, Business English, Technical English and Professional English. For example, Study Business English UK course is devoted to learning of some special terminology of the English language: telephone negotiations, business correspondence, law correspondence, effective presentations.

However, besides attending English classes, there are many other resources you can use. On the Internet, there are many sites that offer English learning with exercises that you can use in addition to your classes. You can find a teacher, a native English speaker one, with whom you will be able to practice and perfect various nuances of the language and grammar; attend English language clubs and chat with like-minded people in English.

In order to learn a foreign language, you need to learn vocabulary, this means – memorize many new words. Write the words on the labels in all places where you go. Speak the language as much as you can. Once you begin to develop language skills, you begin to “think” in English, which is very important. Cartoons and educational programs for children are also a great way to learn vocabulary and grammar rules.

Watching TV and movies in English, is a great way to learn the language. In this case you’ll not only enrich your vocabulary, but also improve the “flow” of your conversation. Take notes in English, read books and listen to the music.

Try to use books for early readers in English. They usually have pictures of English words that explain them, which make the process of learning quite interactive and amusing. Listening to the songs in English of your favorite singers and at the same time following the text of the song, which you can find on the internet, is an effective way to learn the language. Basically get lyrics and sing along with the singer.

It is time- proven that the best way to learn English is to learn it in a place where everyone speaks English. Therefore, English language courses in Great Britain are a fantastic opportunity for those who want to learn British English. Living in the UK open doors for students to explore British culture, experience new life and most importantly practice their English with native English speakers.

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Learn English Online To Master The English Language Easily And Affordably

As we all know, English is without doubt the international language. It is estimated the number of people speak English in the world is in the region of 600 million! Some even say one out of every five people on earth can speak English to some level of competence. It is therefore very important to learn English. It can be really rewarding and broaden your options in job and career advancement. There are many ways one could learn English but the most effective one is through the internet. Learn English online is effective and affordable as there are many good English courses and programs available online. The advantage of learning English online is that you can learn at your own time and can learn from any part of the world! You can use msn and skype to contact your online teachers and study English from the comfort of your home or office.

To improve your English, you have to learn the meaning of many English words and need to understand the usage of English grammar in great detail. Reading English books, newspapers and magazine is the best way to increase ones vocabularies. If we read regularly, we will pick up many new words we come across. You can use online dictionaries to search for meaning of a word that you are not sure or find out the correct pronunciation. Most online dictionary not only can instantly look up the meaning and definitions of the word, it also has the audio pronunciations of the word selected. Using online dictionary is just like having a teacher beside you. It makes reading a very enjoyable pastime as we could understand the whole story in detail. You could also test your knowledge of English language with the many free interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises platform available online as well.

Besides learning English by reading, we must also learn to speak in English. Practice speaking in English with your family members and friends is one of the best ways to learn spoken English. Try listen to radio stations or online stations if you are away from home. You might not understand at first, but keep listening and maintain a regular habit of listening to the stations will eventually pick up the spoken English. You can also learn spoken English by reading newspapers, either hard copy or online soft copy aloud. Watching television newscasts and learn the way the words are pronounced is also one of the way to master the English language as the newscaster always has the right pronunciation. Online learning usually is interactive and you should be able to hear the word being said to you. It is a well known fact that people learn faster when they see and hear things together.

We should also try to talk to native English-speaking people as much as we could because it gives you a real native conversation practice. You should not be afraid to speak in English. If we do not open our mouths to speak, it will be impossible to improve speaking skills. We should not be ashamed of speaking poor English. The most important thing is to learn from ones mistakes. As the saying go, failure is part and parcel of success.

In conclusion, there is no short cut to master the English language. Determination and consistency is the keys to success. If you want to write and speak perfect English, don’t ever give up trying to achieve your goal. If we are prepared to work hard at it, we will be successful in the end. Learn English online is just like having an online teacher available around the clock. There are many inexpensive English study courses and interactive learning tools available online. So take advantage of the internet and learn English online to master the English language easily and affordably.

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Create A Strong Business Base With The Help Of Business English Conversation

English can be defined as one of the most important language, which has importance on a global platform. With proper business english conversation, it will be way easier for you to expand your business growth and come up with successful meetings, on a global option. The international clients are going to interact with you in English, which is also stated as a universal language for you to get hold of. There are various types of business situations, which can also be associated within a role playing format, after coming in terms with the best English learning opportunity.

There are some English reading services, which can help in improving the brand image of your company. This solely focuses towards the business associates, who are currently working on a new campaign. Some English learning institutions can also help you out with the best dialogues, related with role plays, as these can also help you to understand the know the English language well. Reliable English learning centers have some of their own English teachers, who are always ready to help you out, in the best manner possible.

Always make it a point to understand that you have to love English in order to know and learn it. Not only for business related services, has proper English helped you in every sphere of life. Moreover, you can also try and go for practical teaching more than theoretical services, as the more you talk, the more familiar you will be with the language. On the other hand, you can also try and go for the telephoning English option too, which can be used in order to practice telephoning English service.

With the help of telephoning business english conversation, you can easily call with your clients over the phone fluently and this can help in creating a good impression on the minds of the customers. On the other hand, always remember that while planning to go for an interview, there are some standard business questions, which are to be asked in English. There are different types of variations as well as reference questions, which you need to, know in English to answer well.

You have to learn the basic business terms in English, which are only related with the business expansion field. These are again related with only English language and, therefore; you should be aware of these, as well. Reliable companies can even provide you with training options, where you will come across some of the experts and professionals, related with this field, for quite some time now. However, if you come in close connection with businessmen, then you will learn business English with ease.

If you start browsing through the internet, you will come across thousands of companies, claiming to offer you with the best possible service, on the cards. You are asked to check the credentials of the companies, provided by previous client base, before jumping for a final say. Moreover, you can even ask your family members, friends and eve associates, if they are related with this field, for quite some time now.

I am an experienced writer who can help you know more about the special options of English learning services. My areas of concern are related with business english conversation.

14 Handy Tips to Learn English Fluently

When you decide to learn English speaking, you must know that it is certainly going to be one of the best investments of your life. Investing in an English-speaking course online would mean that you are now ready to expand your horizons and enhance your life choices, which in turn would lead to greater opportunities on the professional as well as personal front.

You must prepare and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly in the learning process and be an active student. Let us look at fourteen great reasons as to how one should learn and improve spoken- English skills:

1. Leave behind your insecurities and do not worry about making mistakes. Always remember, you learn from your mistakes.

2. Keep your patience at the forefront, as this is not a one-day or a one-week process. Instead, enjoy and soak in all the information being passed on.

3. Make sure to learn and remember certain phrases that could be used in numerous situations as well. This way you will learn new phrases as well as understand the effective usage of the same.

4. Learn how to greet! It is one of the most basic and primary lesson that requires to be learnt. Make sure to learn not one but a few more types of greetings to help you start an English conversation.

5. Do not rush with your speech. Understand that being a beginner; it will take you some time to get accustomed to the language. Talk slowly with regular pauses and watch your grammar.

6. Do not get overconfident and try to use huge words and sentences. Wait for it! You will have your turn to speak in fluent English making use of all the extravagant sentences and words you wish to use.

7. Keep your ear out for catching pronunciation errors. There are a number of online English speaking courses that can help you develop a hang on the pronunciation of English words.

8. Follow proficient speakers by listening to them speak repeatedly. Repetitive listening and repeating aloud will help you enhance and polish your spoken English skills and add the much-required touch of finesse.

9. Keep all your friends and family involved by asking them to point out an error made by you at all times. If they are well- spoken in the English language, ask them to support your journey by having frequent conversations with you in English. Remember, nothing is better than practical practice.

10. Read as much as possible. You must know that reading aloud and recording your speech will give you the opportunity to replay the words and point out mistakes made by you such as pronunciation, speed, clarity of speech as well as emphasis and pauses.

11. Maintain a diary and make it a point to learn at least one new word and one new sentence every day. This is not enough! Also, try to use the same word and sentence as a part of a live conversation with people. This is an effective way of practicing.

12. Indulge in watching English movies as they can help you develop a good fluency in English and assist your attempt of adapting to the pronunciation of new words.

13. Keep handy a pocket dictionary; as and when you hear a new word being spoken, look it up instantly. This will keep your mind active and gradually result in improving your English speaking fluency.

14. On learning a new word, try to find its usage and its antonyms (opposite). By doing this, you will understand the entire sentence structure you can use this word in.

Prepare yourself and start the learning process. Developing English speaking fluency will indeed be a turning point in your personal as well as professional life. Learn how to speak English by indulging in reading, writing and speaking only in the English language. You can also learn to speak English fluently professionally by enrolling in the English speaking courses available online.

Satish Poman is a prolific Mumbai-based freelance writer who writes on numerous topics including Online English tutorial, Motivational tips, Education and Improve English speaking, to name a few.

Corporate Business English Conversation Can Help You To Attract Potential Clients

It is an inevitable truth that business meet is flourishing at a fast pace with a good competitive level. The competition is very high and you need to be good in every sphere in order to reach the top, with ease. In case you want to be a part of this competitive market, you need to be fluent in English language, which can be stated as the international language group of all time. If you are from a different part of the world, where English is not that strong, you might have to take help of business english conversation, for improving your communicative skills and create a positive working environment, for your use.

It is not an easy task to learn English if you are completely dedicated towards this language group. Moreover, the best part is that English is always preferred by maximum clients, therefore; if you fail to speak English properly, it means that you will lose your client, within a jiffy. Also remember that academic English is completely different from business English category. Therefore, you need to be aware of the latest business English courses, for the same.

For the primary step, try and look for the reliable online classes, training students for quite some time now. Courses, with years of experience, are the best one to choose, as they are well acquainted with both traditional as well as modern English learning means. They can help you to choose the traditional business English style and compare that with the present moment. Thus, you do not have to fear any more regarding the kind of client, you are about to handle.

On the other hand, try and go for the business english conversation, which is completely different from the traditional means. These are best known for their prompt result and top notch quality, through which, you can converse with both native English men and people, from other parts of the world and with lesser English knowledge. Thus, by going for these courses, you will surely grab the eyeballs of your clients as well as other competitors, too.

For another option, you need to be aware of the business english vocabulary or the basic start for your course. Reliable online companies have years of experience in offering you with step by step procedures, so that you never feel the urge of taking any second help, after completing the courses. Business English is always short and crisp, without use of long or complex sentences. You need to let people know more about your mindset through simple yet attractive and effective English steps. These are some of the most prominent options, on the cards.

Last but not the least; you can land up with the right audio and visual aids, while planning to try and deal with business English courses. The email courses will last for 5 days and you need to be aware of the best classes, to help you out. Make sure to attend the courses accordingly and without failing, even a single class. Thus, you can have expert advice, associated with this field, more.

I would like you to know more about English language, which is the international language. My areas of specialization are business english conversation and business english vocabulary.

Business English Conversation By Its Required Path To Follow

Learning the internationally acclaimed language English has become one of the important necessities of today. English speaking crowd everywhere takes that extra charm that others forcefully envy. In the present world good vocabulary in English has become the key to strategic and effective business. Also business english conversation requires writing emails, presentation making or just for understanding most of the conversations of importance that take place in English. Thus, English is an important language to stick to global business.

The language however is very simple and easy to learn. One by dedicated zeal and enthusiasm could easily learn the basic language structure. The expansion in the linguistic understanding starting from there, one could easily reach the advanced stage of having good conversations in English. There are however, several English speaking classes available under various institutions. Taking the aid of those, learning English could be very simple. Obviously, it may be difficult for a non-English speaking person to learn an alienated language all of a sudden, but depending on the requirement of its general use, the language does hold severity.

The most important thing in learning any language is the confidence of expressing thoughts. One has to think in English to deliver his or her thoughts correctly by the proper use of grammar. In learning the basics in English, attention to someone having fluency in the language is must. The grammatical errors by large gets corrected by just paying severe attention. For more confidence, in the understanding aid of the language’s structure, watching English movies, reading English newspaper on a regular basis could be helpful. Having conversations with a friend who has fluency in the language could further bring forth the confidence in speaking English.

Often in hearing business conversations we may feel that two people having the conversation are speaking in simple terms. Butthese conversations often seem like simple but stay quite powerful. If understood incorrectly, a good business deal could slip out of hands. The right cause of such problems is the lack of practice of business english conversation. To counter that the solution is to stay in regular practice and taking understanding and speaking lessons. Regular practice could easily make a person of any language background fluent in the internationally acclaimed language.

Mostly the English speaking established business people speak English in strong vocabulary with severe usage of idioms. Even in their daily life conversations they use those in regular basis. Learning to understand and to use them holds an important part of the business english vocabulary that sets a standard of the business dealers. Using idioms could make a non-English speaking person join the conversation and even understand the pun intended jokes of the business class merchants.However, without even understanding, a serious business conversation may get dull and wasted.

There are times when people of the same office have different views, make different assumptions and even solve problems in different ways. The reason for that is the cultural background of the respective people. Often, people from different cultural backgrounds speak different dialect of English, but however the overall gesture remains the same. The understanding and to even participate in the conversations of different dialects, requires more of understanding of the person in respect. Having a fair knowledge of the working functionality could be highly helpful for conversational aid.

The article I wrote points out the important requirements to get fluency in business english conversation. There are however, the rest of the requirement that has to come from the reader and the required.