Intelligent use of credit card

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Know and use our credit card wisely can generates great benefits, the most important PAY 0 % INTEREST and this can be achieved any cardholder from a person who has a modest salary , to those with higher incomes .

The secret is not to sign more than you can afford , buy after the cutoff date and settle the total usage on the date indicated .

Today there are various credit and loan options on the market , but some of them are a costly alternative , for example, where Pawnbrokers charge can reach up to 13.5 % monthly interest for borrowing money , while if we use our credit card wisely can fund us FREE for up to 50 days , which would save up to 20 % .

Today CONDUSEF explains how you can get this benefit , and also gives some suggestions for better use your credit card :

First you must know and get familiar with some concepts that are important and that you should keep in mind to use the plastic properly, which are:

Court date , which is the day of the month that ends and begins a new period of what is spent on the card.

Payment deadline , which is the date that has the cardholder for payment and not fall into arrears and where banks generally provide 20 calendar days.

Minimum payment is the amount to pay the bank to avoid falling into arrears .

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Payment for non-interest , is the total amount of consumption made during the period that must be liquidated fully , one must include the monthly payments on promotions.

Period is the start date and end comprising a cycle and between 30 and 31 days .

Cardholders who pay 0 % interest are those who:

They use the credit card as payment in lieu of cash,

Pagan the total consumption made ( total balance ) and

They take advantage of the 50 days of funding granted by the bank and are between the closing date and the payment date .

The following diagram shows how a period is made , the most important dates that cardholders should take into account , as well as how to make up the 50 days of funding.

In this example, the 50 days of funding fall from 8th January until 27 February. It is worth mentioning that if the person using the card on January 9 , then it will 49 days of financing and so on . RECOMMENDATIONS .

Liquidate your total consumption for the period in the payment date indicated on your statement .

Use your card the next day of the court date .

Just sign what you can pay in full each payment date .

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Do not abuse the promotions for months without interest and that compromise your ability to pay.

Use your credit card wisely and make the most of it.

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The Best Financial Tools

Financial Tools are very useful for organizing our financial statements, so much so that we can get a financial peace of mind to be able to decide our future financial security.

On this page you can find a number of financial tools that allow you to organize, track and deduct your financial future.

Like any system in life, the tools have been created to perform any activity more efficiently (To nail, a hammer; For cooking, the stove, to preserve food, the refrigerator, etc..), All that is used to improve the quality of life of humans can be considered a tool.

Imagine having to unscrew without having to hand a screwdriver, maybe a knife – it is possible – though it would be much more efficient when we have the right tool. For personal finance tools also exist, and very helpful.

Since there are tools for everything,, designed under the standards used in the field of personal finance, a number of tools to manage our finances.

Below you can download the PDF tools are not placed in order of relevance, but if you use it in the order used to get out of debt recommend using the order defined in the online course “10 steps to exit Debt “.

My Statement

The financial condition to diagnose our current situation, ie how much we have.

Monthly Income and Expenses

This form is useful for making a diagnosis of what is our balance sheet at the end of the month. It can also be the basis for developing a budget.

List of Debts

If lists debts you will realize two things of utmost importance (i) all of your debts and (ii) the different interest rates. This will serve to prioritize debts and pay those with the greatest interest.

Payment Plan

This table will help to make a payment plan for each creditor (recommended to complete for each of your debts), where you will place the months, interest rate and remaining balance. For each monthly payment checks the remaining balance will give you the feeling that these forward.

standard chartered credit card

Best debit and credit cards

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standard chartered credit cardHere you can see which are the best cards without maintenance or renewal fees that financial institutions offer for 2013 :

Best debit and credit cards 2013

Citibank Visa Cepsa : 5% fuel in Cepsa in points redeemable for fuel or regalos.1 % in other establishments in points redeemable for fuel or accident regalos.Sin anuales.Seguro fees and travel assistance 24 hours Protection Insurance Purchases and free insurance that protects the items you purchase . We must put payment card this month.

Carrefour Visa Pass : Up to 10 % on fuel Carrefour gift voucher . 1 % on purchases by check anuales.Seguros regalo.Sin associated fees .

Citibank Citi Gold: Accident and Travel assistance 24 hours , Purchase Protection Insurance and free insurance that protects the items purchased with your Citi Gold Credit Card against theft or accidental damage , mobile phone use and the withdrawal of effective in case of robbery.

Citibank Debit Card : Free Cash withdrawal worldwide . No commissions or renewal fees .

Evo Debit Card Bank: Free Cash withdrawal in Spain and the rest of the world. To get the card , you have to hire EVO Smart Account .

Evo Credit Card Bank: Return of 1% of the compras.Para get the card , you have to hire EVO Smart Account

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Visa Electron debit card for Arquia : Withdraw money from any ATM has no cost . The associated account has no maintenance fees , or transfer out square or plaza, or by pointing , or by income or check cashing

Visa Electron and Visa Classic Mediolanum Bank : Debit Cash withdrawals at ATMs available in all the world bearing the mark VISA or VISA Electron. The first year both cards are free. From the second year, the Visa Electron are free of charge if you have contracted the Single Account or Freedom . In the case of Visa Classic , you have to be domiciled payroll and Unica account or Freedom . In addition, Visa Classic incorporates accident insurance , insurance travel assistance , a support service to the owner 24 hours and an information service of lost / stolen card

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card ?

Debit Cards

The main feature of debit cards is that the full amount is automatically withdrawn from the account associated so we can only have the funds to have the account at that time. As the bank acts as lender usually has lower fees than credit cards or even free .

It is one of the most common types in the world. It can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, in stores to charge is accepted , transfer and other operations such as checking account balance or recharge mobile prepaid card . Usually has a maximum daily cash withdrawal .
Credit Cards

The client can perform the same type of transactions with debit card , however , is distinguished by the credit card you can have money without having funds in the account associated , ie the bank is lending the money used to through a line of credit to be opened with the signing of the card. Each bank offers the maximum debit balance that can reach every customer based on their personal characteristics , depending on the limit cards have gold, platinum, classic, etc. .

At the end of the month each customer decides how much you pay above the minimum payment. Naturally , the bank will charge a interest for the remainder of the amount owed and , if fully paid the amount due, no interest will be charged . Apart from the interest on the amount withdrawn , often charged an annual fee.

They are increasingly widespread microchip cards to replace those with magnetic strip.

Earn money writing books

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Earn money writing booksEarn money writing books

If you are interested in making money online you’ve probably trying various methods such as surveys or creating a website but you realize they really are not very good and in the end you have to work hard to get some money, but I sure all methods you can generate money the truth is that for every person there is a perfect method, and in this case, create virtual books and sell them online can be prefect for some people who already have a book in physical format, or people who like writing can also be great for those people who are already experts in one area and would like to share their knowledge with others.
As you make money writing a book?

Well the idea is pretty simple, if you are an expert in one area all you have to do is sit a couple of hours a day and write about it, believe me, no matter the area that if you dedicate yourself basketball coach or broker bag, there is always someone willing to learn from you, your experiences and tips, so all you have to do is have the perseverance necessary to write all your knowledge, on the other hand if you have a physical book all you have to do is traslaparlo Word to be able to sell online, in many cases you already have the book in that format and the worst you can ask someone transcribe it for you without having to pay big bucks for it.

Now that we have the books in a virtual format it is best that you move on to PDF format is basically generated for virtual books (ebooks) the best of it is to pass it to this format is completely free, just download the Open Office which is software like Word but totally free and then transfer the content there alone must keep the book in PDF format.

We already have 50% of the work we have a virtual book, now we need to create a website to sell it, this might seem complicated but is most simple, you just need to buy a server and a domain, the two do not cost more than $ 100 and allow you to earn thousands of dollars monthly. If you are unsure of how to create websites you can check out this post where I talk more about that topic (How to create a blog).

Now that we have a website and our ebook, next you find people interested in selling it, the easiest way is to check in Clickbank, an affiliate system, basically a place where many people are looking for products to promote and win money , EYE when you sell your products through an affiliate system is usually paid a commission on the sale, for example if you decide that your ebook costs $ 20 you can choose to have 5 of those $ 20 vallan the affiliate, as main advice I have to tell you that the more they pay to your affiliates, but also come with more energy and will promote your product and earn you more money.

If you want to know more about Clickbank can visit this post to give you a better idea (Earn with Clickbank).
The I can win with this system?

Earnings may surprise many a good ebook can win in one month more than $ 20,000, but overall gains an ebook sales are about $ 100 per day or 3000 per month, not bad for something that is done once and then put aside.

But if you want to learn how to have a great product and get to win those 20 000 I recommend you download this product.

Make Money Using Expired Domains To Set Up Pay Per Post Blogs




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Make Money Using Expired Domains To Set Up Pay Per Post Blogs

Expired domains can mean big money for you if you know which ones to look for. But there is more than one way to make money from them, and starting a blog is one of the best ones when it comes to attracting traffic and making money from it.

But how do you get started? You’ll be pleased to know it’s fairly easy to get going, and once you’re used to the process you can set up more than one blog to really rake in the cash.

So you want to make money blogging? This is one of the best ways to do it. Firstly you need to look for an expired domain (we’ll assume you’re going to set up a single blog here, although once you’ve gone through the process once you’ll be setting up more in no time). These are easy to find – all you need to do is type ‘how to find expired domains’ into a search engine and you’ll get plenty of results for websites that allow you to search for a specific keyword for free.

Once you found one for a keyword that is likely to gain a lot of traffic, you need to buy it. Go to the cheapest source you can find for domain names and make sure you can register plenty with them, since you’ll be buying a few more once you realize how easy this is to do!

Your next task is to set up a good quality blog which relates to the keyword(s) in the domain name. This is very important since it will be necessary to be accepted into the Pay Per Post program once your blog is thirty days old, and if you break any of their rules (which include not writing original posts and only sticking to posts that are there for the primary purpose of making money) your blog won’t be accepted. So long as you write some good and original content that is there simply to help and inform others about your subject, you should be fine.

The thirty day period also gives you the chance to make sure you have put at least ten posts on your blog (the minimum requirement) and started to attract some traffic as well.

Once you’ve reached that stage – and been accepted into the Pay Per Post program – you can start blogging for money. This works by accepting an opportunity to blog about a product or service which is relevant to the subject of your blog. Every blog post you accept and are paid for can be worth a minimum of $5 to you – and sometimes a lot more.

So you can see what the next step will be, can’t you? You’ll need to have completed ten successful posts to your blog before you can think about getting another one approved with them, but that gives you plenty of time to find another expired domain name on a popular subject that you can set up another blog with.

After a while you’ll get used to which subjects pay the most on Pay Per Post, so you can maximize your earnings while expanding your knowledge of fertile subjects. And don’t forget that you can still add your own affiliate links to your blogs as well, just so long as every post you make isn’t designed to bring in money for you.

Fancy getting started? Well before you do, why not post a comment in the form below? Then you’re free to go domain hunting and see what you can find…

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Roadmap to choose a product from Clickbank



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Roadmap to choose a product from Clickbank

If you really want to make money with Clickbank you must first understand how the system works and how to find the best products to promote, then give you a fairly comprehensive guide on this subject.

If you do not know that Clickbank is or is you need to read this post
There you can learn all the basics of this platform affiliation, let’s see how to choose a good product to promote.
How to choose a product?

1) First we enter our account, and head has market:
2) Within market there are many categories but only should be of interest:

Business & E
Health and fitness
Self Help

People who earn money online, earn at least 90% of our revenues from these 3 categories, so you should not get away from them, at least at first.

3) It is important to change the language to the language of our target audience in order to see the products we can promote, in our case Spanish, after choosing the category is very easy to select the language to follow.
4) Now we need to select the search type of product you are going to choose, I recommend you look gravity is a great indicator of whether a product is successful or not.
Avg $ / sale: One of the most important features and tells us how we will win in TOTAL for each sale you make.

Initial $ / sale: The price that an affiliate earns when it sells a product for the first time

$ / Total turnover Average Re: This is what will win after a trial period usually 7 days.

Avg% / sale: The% of the sales price we receive when placing a product, the maximum is 75% and the best products typically put in that percentage.

% Average turnover Re: Is the% of the sale price will we re after billing, the maximum is 75% and the best products usually have that percentage.

Grav: Gravity is a unit of measurement that I Clickbank sales basically gives us an indication of how many members are selling a product, each affiliate has sold a product that creates a gravity point, in this example at least 13 members have made a sale this month, greater severity usually indicates that the product is pretty good and sold easily.

PROMOTE (Button): One of the most important, if the product you interested then you can click here to get your link sharpening.
When Giving Create gives us our affiliate link, which we put in all places where we want to promote the product that we like.
6) The last point to be considered is the website, but there are very good products is possible that the website is not the best or not this date, for example web site should avoid having things like:

Payments with Western Union, if you pay one of our prospects hereby will not receive any commission on this sale so we should avoid them.
Sites that take too long to load, the load time affects the rate of sales, so the faster the better.
An old or very complicated design, especially on the home page it is best that the design as simple as possible.

If the website you choose meets these characteristics then it is appropriate to promote it.

While here I have given a brief overview of the Tips that exist to make money with Clickbank, actually there are many more if you want to know them all and make sure a lot of revenue then I recommend you download this ebook:

How to earn money as an affiliate



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I worked on the Internet for over 8 years, I have tried every one of the systems for making money that I propose in this website, however I believe that the best of all is the affiliate system.

But it is to be an affiliate?

Basically, an affiliate is a person who sells a product or sponsors, members working through internet mainly concentrate on digital products, such as electronic books or memberships on websites, because they are much easier to distribute, for example if you bought a physical book, you’d have to wait up to 1 week to arrive at your house, but if you bought an e-book could have at the time, you just need to click download and I have ready for you to read.

How I can become an affiliate?

To become an affiliate you must first sign up affiliation platform, although there are many platforms, personally I recommend Clickbank because it is the system that has more products in Spanish, so you will not have problems in choosing a product that suits you and you can sell.

The second thing you should do is analyze your potential customers, you must realize that people can sell a product, for example know many people who engage in exercise or diet? because you could become an affiliate of a product on this, or maybe you belong to a community to make money, then there are many products you can offer them, however one of the most profitable ways to make money as an affiliate is to create websites on specific topics as diet and from there you could promote a product, as I do on this site.

How much can I earn in commissions?

Within the internet profits that exist in affiliates are the more money you can make, second may be the Adsense advertising system but the cost benefit is much better with affiliate systems, with this means that it is easier make money with this system than with others also lucrative as adsense.

But let the fact, being an affiliate will earn a commission for every product you sell within Clickbank maximum fee is 75% of the sale price, this means that if you sell a product for $ 100 you will earn $ 75 and single product owner will receive $ 25, so the profit margin is very high and considering that without much effort you can sell a product a day then you can easily earn about $ 2,000 monthly. Now this calculation is only selling a product but if you really decide to become a professional in this system can sell all the products you want.

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I need to know to become an affiliate?

Unlike systems like Facebook make money with paid surveys or to become an affiliate you must have a greater knowledge of internet, however it is something from another world, they are actually very simple things that anyone can learn, personally recommend the Micro niches system, that’s where I learned most of this world and is the system we should all start.

Make Money With Craigslist



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Make Money With Craigslist

Just in case you haven’t stumbled across this website yet, Craigslist is the basic looking but extremely popular website that has classified adverts for virtually everything you could think of.

As such it offers a number of ways that you can make money – all you need to do is get your thinking cap on and decide what way would work best for you. The vast majority of adverts are free to post, making this a great way to get in touch with people and offer services and products for sale.

With a little creative thinking you could soon join the band of people who are making a nice income from advertising on Craigslist.

One of the best ways to make money with this website is to think about what services you can offer to other people. The beauty of Craigslist is that there are separate parts of the website for each country and area, so you are sure to find one near you that would be ideal for posting your advert to.

You can often make money quite easily by offering a service related to one of your hobbies. For example, if you love gardening why not hire yourself out to do light gardening jobs for other people? This could be as simple as a lawn mowing service, or as complex as a complete garden makeover. The sky is the limit here, but be sure you have a list of prices and you know exactly what you are offering before you place your advert.

You can also use Craigslist to search for items that other people are looking to get rid of. Once you have something worthwhile you can sell it to someone else using everyone’s favorite website eBay. For some reason there are a lot of people who don’t think of using Craigslist in this way, which means there are a lot of bargains to be had – and a lot of money to be made once you sell them via this or any other auction site.

If you are currently selling items from your own website or via any other means you can also make money by selling them directly through classifieds on Craigslist. So long as you list them in the right section and describe them accurately (including relevant keywords wherever you can) you should get a good response and more sales just from doing this.

If you are thinking of making money via Craigslist in any way, it’s well worth spending some time browsing round the site to get an idea of the sheer scale of what it is all about. This activity alone should give you several ideas for making money that you might not previously have thought of.

Make Money With Craigslist

Before you post an advert, make sure you read the help pages to ensure you don’t unwittingly break any rules. The help pages can be accessed via the top left hand corner of the home page. They are reasonably straight forward but you will want to use this site for many months to come, so it pays to look through them first to make sure you understand everything.

In short, Craigslist offers plenty of ways to make money from home; all you need to do is figure out the best way for you. But make sure you start with that research first. A search online will also reveal some blogs where other people share their own ways of bringing in an income from this site.

Make sure you leave us a comment below before you start making some healthy profits for yourself though!

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