How to Fully Customize your Desktop

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How to Fully Customize your DesktopCustomizing your desktop is easy and fun to do. You can change everything from the sounds that your computer makes, to the screensaver that shows up during inactivity. But that’s not all that you can customize. Everything from the colors of your windows to the font that displays a program name can also be changed. Your toolbar and icons can even be organized and personalized to your liking. It can truly do wonders for your computer experience.

Before you continue customizing your desktop, make sure that you backup any files that you are going to change, just in case it doesn’t work out and you want your old sound(s), wallpaper, icon, and whatever else you decide to change.

Setting your Desktop’s Theme

Customizing your desktop theme will liven up your computer, and provide a unique experience every time you use it. It just all depends on how much time and effort they put into making the desktop theme. I have seen some themes so detailed that everything from the icons, to the text are perfectly designed to match the theme. To begin customizing your desktop computer‘s theme, read below.

1. First, right click on your desktop, and click properties.

2. You should now be under the Themes tab.

3. Now you can choose what Theme you want to use. If you have never added any themes before, then the default Themes should be the only ones there. If you search on the web for “free desktop themes” then you can find more for free. If you really want to get fancy, you should purchase Microsoft Plus! , which has a ton of themes specially made for Windows.

Customizing your Wallpaper

Customizing your desktop’s wallpaper is pretty important. Your wallpaper is the color or picture that is currently showing on your desktop right now. Certain operating systems even allow live web content to show up on your desktop, so you can have streaming news, entertainment and whatever else you want. There are tons of free wallpaper’s available on the Internet, or you make your own using digital camera photos of your friends and family members. Learn how to change your wallpaper below.

1. First, close all programs and windows that you have open before you begin customizing your desktop wallpaper.

2. Then right-click on your desktop.

3. Select properties from the bottom of the pop-up menu. Then this will bring up the “Display Properties” window.

4. Click on the “Desktop” tab

5. Then you can choose a background already available on the list, or you can click the “Browse” button and choose an image that you have made or imported from a digital camera.

6. Now, click the position drop down menu, and choose the appropriate setting. Stretch is the best option since it will fit the image to the size of your screen.

7. Then you can click “Ok” if all is well.

Organizing and Customizing your Toolbar

When you install programs, they choose where they go in your start menu. If you are like me, you want your start menu organized and in separate categories so your programs will be easy to find. Well, to do this all you have to do is right-click on your toolbar and click on “Properties”. The properties menu will allow you to do whatever you want with your toolbar, and organize it how you like.

Your programs also have toolbars which can be customized, so you will have instant access to your most important options. When you open the program, select the “View” or “Tools” option from the programs toolbar, and look for something that says customize, options, or anything else along those line. It should be easy to figure it out from there on. Some programs are so easy to customize that you just have to drag and drop the options to the position and menu you want.

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Changing Event Sounds

Whenever you click on something, delete something, refresh your desktop, or whatever with your mouse and keyboard, it can/will make a sound. Like I said before, every event possible can have any sound clip play when done. Keeping your original sounds like a clicking noise, beeps, and so on is kind of dumb since you really have an unlimited choice. Also, if your computer needs to accommodate the blind, when an error message comes up you can have a voice that says “Error Message” or something like that. So here is how you can begin customizing your desktop’s sounds to what YOU want.

1. Go to your Control Panel in the toolbar.

2. Once you are in the control panel, click on “Sounds and Audio devices”.

3. Now click the “Sounds” tab in the window that pops up.

4. You will see sound entries like exclamation, default beep, asterisk, start windows, exit windows and other events that can happen on your computer.

5. Here is the fun part now. Using your sound recorder or browsing the web you can create or find sound files that you want to use. If you have some computer sound recording experience, you should know how to create your own sound files. The sound recorder can usually be found in your start menu, under the “Entertainment” section.

6. With your new sounds that you have created or found, you can return to the Sound and Audio device properties window.

7. Select a sound you would like to change from the list.

8. Click the Browse button, and find the sound file that you want to use for the corresponding event you have chosen.

9. Then just click “Ok” and continue changing the other sounds you want too. You are now done customizing your desktop computer’s sounds.

Display Properties

Customizing your desktop computer’s display properties can change the look and feel of all your computer programs and desktop. Plus, customizing your desktop computer’s display properties is just as easy as changing your wallpaper.

1. Right click on your desktop, and click “Properties”.

2. From here, you can change your Theme, Desktop, Screensaver, Appearance, and graphic settings. A theme is the overall look and feel of your computer and its programs. The desktop is the image or color that is displaying on your desktop. Your screensaver can be changed and be configured to come on when you want it to. The Appearance tab allows you to change the color and size of folder/program windows, and the font that displays there title.

3. The Settings tab is the most important in my opinion. You can change your screens resolution, color quality, and all of the options related to your graphics card. Setting the appropriate resolution is very important, and can determine how clear you see your PC’s text and graphics.

Customize your Folder Options

Another way of customizing your desktop is by changing your folder options. Your folder options range from the way that your videos and pictures appear, to whether or not hidden files or shown. It is very easy to do, so anyone can.

1. Open you’re My documents folder, or any other folder that you want too.

2. Now click on tools.

3. Then go down and click on “Folder Options”.

4. In the “Folder Options” box, you will see it is separated into tabs and is easy to navigate through. Change the options that you want too.

Startup Applications

When your computer starts, you might want programs to open and start running right away. This can be good for email programs, anti-virus scanners, sound applications and so forth. So how do you do it? If you click the start button, then go to programs, you will see a folder labeled “Startup”. All you have to do is place the programs shortcut in that folder, and it will be started whenever your computer does. Customizing your desktop computer’s startup programs will help you get things done faster.

The main parts that compose desktop computers are the display – either LCD or CRT, the motherboard, CPU or microprocessor, memory or RAM, development cards, power supply, optical disk drives or ODD, disk drive or HDD, a keyboard, and also mouse. Various other elements include the follower, CPU cooler, graphics card, sound speakers, sound cards, modem, drooping disk drive, as well as network card.

Computer are computer systems created as well as created usage on a desk at your home or office, as well as are plainly distinct from mobile computers such as laptop note pads as well as PDAs. Additionally known as microcomputers, desktop computers come in four kinds – personal computer or desktop computers, work terminals, web servers, as well as communications computer systems.

Desktop Computers are the most budget friendly computers in the marketplace and then are ever before present in households, institutions, and also business offices. These computer systems are normally utilized for tasks such as organizing images, editing videos, workplace work, and then surfing the Web. Coming in various situation designs such as towers or smaller kind aspects, all computer are developed modularly, permitting the replacement or upgrade of parts and also elements.

This kind of computer system is very common on the market, you could purchase a prefabricated computer system or you could acquire one using specifications you created. If you want to acquire a home computer system, you will need to do a bunch of research to make a notified decision. Right here are a couple of products you can consider when acquiring desktop:

Processors or CPUs – when considering processors, you will certainly have to think about two things: the CPU’s brand and its speed.

Hard Drive – consider the capability as well as speed of the hard disk. A hard disk ability of 80GB need to be the minimum. When it comes to hard drive performance, getting a 7200 rpm drive will certainly be the most effective choice. You should likewise seek drives when it comes to 8MB or 16MB cache.

Optical drives – DVD/CD heating elements as well as visitors have currently end up being a standard part of all desktop computer bodies. Obtaining a multiformat DVD writer that supplies support for +R/RW as well as -R/RW formats is suggested. Recordable speed must be at 16x.

Memory or RAM – it is essential to get the optimal RAM available to enable your body to perform at its optimum capability. The minimum quantity of memory readily available is 512MB; 1GB gives better efficiency. When buying memory, decide to buy as few DIMMs as feasible – in this manner, you could update your memory whenever required.

Outside Connectors and then Ports – upgrades and computer system peripherals are connected via ports and then other outside user interfaces. Equipments when it comes to about 6 USB2.0 as well as one IEEE1394 must be a good buy.

Displays – you could select between CRT and then LCD monitors. CRT monitors are reasonably less expensive than LCD displays. LCDs do not use up as much area as CRTs but they have limited abilities. In addition to the type of monitor, you need to likewise take into consideration the dimension and then resolution. A 17″ screen when it comes to a display screen resolution of 1280×1024 pixels is advised.

Video clip Card – brand-new video cards appear every six months approximately, so selecting the right one might be difficult. A card that sustains DirectX 9 when it comes to a minimum of 128MB for memory can provide you future ability.

Wish to Learn more about Desktop computer Computers? This Short article Will Instruct You

Do you recognize what running system is appropriate for you? When you’re used to Windows 7, Windows 8 could toss you for a loop. It is very important that you get a computer which comes with your recommended operating system, and then one that you recognize with making use of.

There are some premium desktops that have a number of video clip cards. These are utilized in pairs as well as are referred to as Crossfire or SLI, depending upon the kind of cards they are. These cards are terrific for video gaming devices, but also for the regular customer it possibly isn’t required to get more than one video card.

The standard utilized to be that when you bought a computer system, you also acquired the display and printer as component of a package. Do refrain it by doing this. Computer screens are beginning to be phased out because actual flat-screen Televisions can function equally as well. Also, keep in mind that your existing keyboard and also mouse, if you have them, will deal with a new computer system.

For a less costly desktop computer, think of obtaining one that is not new. These could be reconditioned machines from a supplier or a genuinely used equipment from an outside vendor. Such computers are highly practical, much more economical and then easy to upgrade.

Be particular that your computer offers numerous techniques of Internet connectivity. It requires a minimum of a WiFi card and ethernet port. Yet, a Bluetooth link allows you link your phone as well as other tools.

It’s important to make the right choices relating to a potential desktop computer buy. The suggestions in this book has directed you in the direction of the right selection, just adhere to the lead. If you prefer to do so, then the excellent computer system for your requirements is bound to be your own in no time in any way.

Buying a computer is an essential financial investment; make sure you are equipped with a lot of knowledge before buying. You need to take a little time to do your study. This short article contains expert guidance made in order to help you make a great option.

If you’re imagining playing computer game for fun, you have to have a home computer meant to handle video gaming conveniently. To start, your computer system will need no less than 4 gigabytes of memory, a really great video card and also a display when it comes to high resolution. You will likewise need unique controllers and also keyboards to increase the encounter.

You need to read computer system evaluations if you’re trying to get a bargain. Don’t buy a computer system due to the fact that the rate is right. Often, affordable computers have many people issues.

If you plan to upgrade some element of a desktop computer after you buy, it may be smarter to do the upgrade when it comes to the acquisition. This can cost you much less than having it done after get.

Don’t buy a computer that is excessively inexpensive. You will obtain the top quality you purchase. Stick to top names and then decent suppliers. If you think an offer is merely as well great for reality, it likely is. Some vendors might supply good deals, however you’ll discover their computers are not as advertised, and may need repair works.

It is very important to consider where you’ll put your desktop computer and just how it will certainly match the space you’ve assigned. Each design and also brand name is sized differently. Some are small, yet others take up a lot more space. Know just what you can fit into the location that you are thinking about.

If you are taking into consideration the atmosphere while looking for a computer system, a mini PC could intrigue you. They do not use much electricity when operating, however have the processing power you need. This machine is terrific if you like to surf the internet daily.

Utilize your head when looking for inexpensive computers. Computer systems could be pricey. There are bargains, however you need to understand exactly what you require in your computer. See to it you recognize exactly what hardware is consisted of. Equilibrium worth when it comes to performance to present the best bargain.

Dust the internal components of your desktop, to maintain it running cool and at maximum effectiveness. Normally, it’s easy to loosen the case and also take it off. After that, all you need to do is make use of a compressed air can to spray the dirt away. This maintains your desktop computer spiffed from the within out, enabling the follower to work at optimum.

Attempt to buy an economical desktop computer that has the minimal attributes you require. Many people get luxury machines that are not only past their budget, they have features that are unneeded and then will certainly never be utilized. Be fussy when it pertains to accessories and then features to ensure that you obtain the very best cost.

Obtain a key-board that is ergonomically right when you acquire a computer. If you invest a whole lot time on your computer, an unique key-board that is created for hand comfort can benefit you. These types of key-board put much less stress level on your hands and arms.

If you buy a used desktop computer, bear in mind that a lot of producers do not enable the service warranty to be transferred. So, if something goes wrong with the computer, you will be responsible for fixing it. Prior to acquiring the thing, you should decide if it is a smart idea monetarily.

Before you start your search for a brand-new desktop computer, think of just how you plan to utilize it. You could save the most cash if you only use it for fundamental procedures. If you’re utilizing the computer for gaming, graphics-heavy job or home entertainment, yet particular that you install the ideal parts.

Make a note of the types of things that you do on a desktop. This will determine just what kind of computer you’ll need. If you love to play online games on computers, there are many different systems that are ideal for you.

If you wish to obtain a Mac but have programs on the PC, simply obtain Parallels for the Mac. It’s the perfect software application to make use of when you should use your Mac to run a COMPUTER system occasion. You will have the ability to run whatever COMPUTER program you have to. You will, however, need to separately purchase the required COMPUTER operating system that opts for it.

Getting A Home computer: Tips And Tricks On Finding The Right One For You

Does the computer system have ample memory? Memory is vital when it pertains to a desktop. Do you should store manies data on a desktop? Will you should keep many people images or video clips? Consider these aspects if you wish to get a new desktop computer.

Select a computer system with a DVD author if you should move large files. Bigger multimedia documents may require a drive larger compared to a CD drive. You may need the enhanced space that DVDs supply. Although these are more costly, they will save you money on the phone numbers you should acquire.

It’s very common for a lot of computer systems to offer you the capacity to use Wi-Fi. However you must see to it when purchasing a brand-new one that it provides the most updated criteria. If the Wi-Fi just promotes B and G levels, after that you are losing out on the faster speeds available with N. That’s a large loss in regards to web searching and media downloads.

Try to find lots on computer. Individuals are changing their desktop computers when it comes to laptop computers, as a result their older but still practical computers are being sold for a track. Most likely the computer system will run penalty, however before completing the obtain you should check it thoroughly.

If you are in need of a computer that has a lot of speed, a desktop computer would most likely be your best selection. Desktop computers offer more storage space, quicker links and then programs than a laptop computer or tablet computer. On top of that, they generally set you back much less compared to premium laptops. So when the time involves buy your next computer system, think about acquiring a computer as opposed to a laptop computer.

Read consumer reviews to learn about different computers. Avoid purchasing anything thoughtlessly simply based upon cost. Sometimes you will certainly see that inexpensive computer systems come with all type of troubles.

Be price-smart when acquiring a computer system. Computers could be quite expensive. That claimed, there are many people offers readily available if you recognize exactly what you want. Compare hardware as well as price. You ought to look for an equilibrium.

Procedure how much room you have for a desktop computer. Home computer have actually differing sizes based off of the brand names and also vehicles that they are. Some will be little in size, while others will be quite tall. Know precisely what is going to suit your designated room.

Do not be tempted in when a rate goes down substantially. Deals are something that can really cost you in the long run. Nevertheless, they do not do anything, as they assume they can obtain a bargain soon. The very best bargains have a little margin in between them. As soon as you contained an eye-catching offer, take it!

Having some helpful info will make a huge difference when you are considering a new computer. Take a deep breath, loosen up, as well as placed these tips to good usage. This aids make sure you discover the ideal computer when you start going shopping.

Invest in Parallels for your Mac computer system. This will let you run the OS of a PC on your Mac. By doing this, you could run all your COMPUTER programs. It will be necessary for you to purchase the os.

When getting a pre-owned PC, bear in mind that the majority of warranties are void. So, if a problem accompanies the desktop computer, the obligation is on you to obtain it fixed. Is this the very best selection for you?

The acquisition of a new computer could leave a person feeling rather fired up. However, once you begin the process, you might start to stress. Exactly how do you recognize just what vehicle is the most effective for you? Review the important ideas listed below for some excellent suggestions.

If you are concerned concerning going environment-friendly, take into consideration a small PC. They do not require as much power for procedure, yet they still have a lot of handling power. This device is great if you want to search the web daily.

You have to be diligent when acquiring a brand-new desktop, viewing as manufacturers have minimized paper documents that included computers. Have a look at just what they have on-line and also make certain that you are comfortable with it. Additionally be sure you have simple access to downloading software program spots, updates and tool vehicle drivers.

Do you recognize exactly what kind of operating body you would like? Although you could such as one version of Windows, you might not such as the newest one. See to it you acquire a computer system that consists of the os you want, when it comes to the variation you are familiar when it comes to so you do not have any kind of problem utilizing it.

If you’re purchasing your computer system made use of, there will certainly be no warranty from the manufacturer. A guarantee transfer between owners is something that is missing nowadays. If you select acquiring an utilized computer system, do so when it comes to the knowledge that there will certainly be no warranty.

Don’t be as well inexpensive when it involves a computer acquisition. Typically, the reduced the price, the lower the high quality. Select brands you find out about and then stores you can rely on. If the wanting cost seems difficult, it possibly is. Some independent vendors might have exactly what appear like great deals, yet the devices could be not be sold as advertised or may need many individuals expensive repair works.

If you are wanting to ensure that your brand-new computer system has the fastest feasible boot time, consider a model with a strong state drive. An SSD provides individuals the high-end of a computer that begins within only secs, rather than several mins. Just make certain to have a huge data drive to back everything up on in instance of SSD problem, so you do not lose the entire computer system.

In the past, individuals purchased a mix deal that included a monitor, computer and also printer with each other. Do not! Computer-specific monitors are not in style considering that many people are buying level screen tvs and also displays for their desktop computers. If you have peripherals currently, you can utilize them with your brand-new equipment.

Run a boot check if your computer runs slow. Visit start, after that run “ms config”. Check out which applications begin when you boot the computer. Do not start up programs that are unnecessary. That helps the machine run more quickly.

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