Packaged Air Conditioners

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The home window and also split ac system are normally used for the tiny air conditioning abilities up to 5 heaps. The central air systems are used for where the air conditioning lots extend beyond 20 lots. The packaged ac system are made use of for the air conditioning capacities between these two extremes. The packaged air conditioners are readily available in the repaired rated capabilities of 3, 5, 7, 10 and also 15 lots. These devices are utilized frequently in places like restaurants, telephone exchanges, residences, small halls, etc

. As the name suggests, in the packaged air conditioning unit all the important components of the ac system are confined in a single case like window A/C. Thus the compressor, cooling coil, air handling system as well as the air filter are all housed in a single covering as well as constructed at the factory area.

Depending upon the sort of the cooling system used in these systems, the packaged a/c unit are separated right into 2 kinds: ones with water cooled down condenser and the ones with air cooled condensers. Both these systems have actually been described listed below:

Packaged Air Conditioners with Water Cooled Condenser

In these packaged air conditions the condenser is cooled down by the water. The condenser is of covering and tube type, with refrigerant flowing along the tube side and the cooling water streaming along the shell side. The water needs to be provided continuously in these systems to keep performance of the a/c system.

The covering and tube sort of condenser is small fit as well as it is enclosed in a solitary housing along with the compressor, development valve, as well as the air dealing with system including the cooling coil or the evaporator. This whole packaged a/c device on the surface resembles a box with the control board located externally.

In the packaged devices with the water cooled down condenser, the compressor is located near the bottom in addition to the condenser (refer the figure listed below). Over these parts the evaporator or the cooling coil lies. The air managing unit consisting of the centrifugal blower and also the air filter lies above the air conditioning coil. The centrifugal blower has the ability to take care of big volume of air required for cooling down a variety of areas. From the top of the bundle a/c the air duct appears that reaches the different spaces that are to be cooled.