Plexon Superpad II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD is Premium Invention by Amazon

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Plexon™ – Superpad™ II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD – 512MB Ram – Google Android 2.2 OS – 3.1 Mega Pixel Camera – GPS – HDMI – USB – WiFi – MicroSD slot – RJ45

   1- Product Description

Plexon Superpad II is a superb addition in the world of entertainment and it touches to the core of your heart with its multi-function operating system. It retains a webcam to enhance the quality of your video chat with your professional colleagues and dear ones. Wi-Fi network connectivity includes SD slot to verify its storage capacity of 32 GB but you have to pay additional charges for this accessory. You can broad its sharing excellence by connecting a quality USB socket, HDMI socket and RJ45 socket. You can utilize your Superpad in place of your GPS device as it works in the same way as your GPS device does.

2- Product Detail

With applicable Amazon’s dimensions, Plexon Superpad II retains 3 pounds shipping weight that can vary with the passage of time due to foreign marketing policies. If you are looking for this specific gadget in intercontinental marketing, you will be conscious of ASIN B004U7E8I4 for your own convenience. Model number of Plexon Superpad II is DS102 that proves assisting for your precise evaluation of this technically designed decent device. Amazon’s rank number for this product is 172; it shows marketing status of this product among other products.

3- Technical Details

You can buy or download online diagrams with 10.2” TFT touch glossy screen of Plexon-Superpad. It also retains standard quality digital pen to make your content writing and drawing more perfect than ever before. You can enjoy video watching, melody editing and web browsing with its RAM 512MB DDR2 and 4 GB expandable up to 32 GB storage faculty. You can enhance its performance with Android software 2.1 for the achievement of your extreme surfing intentions. It battery 7.4V 3800 MAH contributes a lot for sure and consistent response of your applications without any disruption.

4- Pros

With this technical gadget like that of SD slot, you can expand internal memory of your Plexon Superpad II to store round about 32 HD movies. It is capable of shielding 3200 PDF professional files even if they are in scattered form. It relishes you with photo sharing aptitude that enables you to share your heart-touching feelings or business related information to your comrades. You can capture whilst store required expressions in its secured files with the support of digital camera.

4- Cons

Amazon offers 10 inches glossy, sharp and bright multi-touch screen with glaring vividness in form of Plexon Superpad II. You can reach quality picture response through this device but for this purpose, you should watch your movie from the distance of half meter. It follows 1280 x 720 resolutions for smooth and perfect playback without lagging unwanted annoyance. You can achieve instant response with its touch screen without slight support of your magic mouse.

5- Conclusion-

You pay reasonable price for this browsing gadget that pledges for quality internet browsing, PDF reading and video games with 12% battery life. Plexon Superpad II retains charming and bright offers for its relying clients in order to make their lives full of pleasure and comfort. Its wide spreading network enables you to communicate to your globally widen community of your comrades or collaborators.

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Plexon™ – Superpad™ II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD – 512MB Ram – Google Android 2.2 OS – 3.1 Mega Pixel Camera – GPS – HDMI – USB – WiFi – MicroSD slot – RJ45





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