Potty Training Girls to Control Potty

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potty training


potty trainingFree 3 Days Potty Training


Children begin to control the urge to pee and poo between the second and third years of life. So try to remove our son’s diaper before 24 months does not usually do any good. He will tell us when it is ready, it is very important to be patient.

Sphincter control is not something the child to learn how to read or write. It is a natural conquest that WILL reaches slowly and when our son is ready.
The summer, the best time to leave the diaper

They take more liquid and high-fiber foods, which favors an increase in the number of times children have to go to the bathroom.
High temperatures can also be good allies: if there is a leak, change them easier because they wear little clothing.
We have more free time to watch them and help

Free 3 Days Potty Training

Tricks for a quick “goodbye” diaper
Buy a potty attractive colors and patterns that you like and call your attention.
The child has to relax in the bath. Some children see it as a cool place where you always obey. It should also pass hilarious moments in it, like games to bath time.
For children, try to do pee sitting rather than standing. Makes it easier to relax and can leverage to pee and poop at the same time.
Seize the moment to change the dirty to show you where to do it next time diaper. We ask you to join us for his potty and he threw in his diaper.

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