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Do you remember the pocket voice recorders and small cartridge of tapes that were recorded memo and interviews? Have disappeared, never to return, because the digital voice recorders replaced. The latter do not need to small bars, but are recorded with a minimum of noise and confusion, as they offer extras, Xholh download contents of recordings on the computer. But even digital recorders are in danger of disappearing, as the smart phone applications may in the same place.

* Registration applications

* Join one of the applications is a very prestigious «Voice Recorder HD» Voice Recorder Smart Phones Digital Voice RecorderHD production «y Fusion. He applied for devices operating at the operating system «KAOS» Apple two dollars. He says his product, he attracts business users, and even professional adults. The application of this complex chart, and its interaction interface had been stripped of its parts to the minimum necessary in order to record sound.

Kit Eaton wrote in technology extension in the New York Times, that there is a button to start up, and the last to stop it, and there are also a system that temporarily. In the bottom of the main screen there are three buttons and clear of the tasks that lead you to different parts of the application. There are controls to control for audio, with the list of previous Ptsgelatk, and to adjust the page setup, because it’s very simple.

The terms of superior application, it is in the headlines subsidiary, such as a scale loudness that appears higher maximum sound, who scored Finally, as well as graphic presentation the main application, which is a large picture of a microphone that flashes red to remind you that you are in the middle of the turmoil registration.

But this application fails on two fronts. An example of this functionality fine tune the audio file, which will cost an additional $ to buy it through purchases applications ‘iTunes’.

Although it is easier to work with the major systems of the application, but this does not apply to the most complex business such as changing the file name of the previous recordings. It has been found that this part of the interface is confusing, because it requires clicking on the various sub-pages.

A similar application is ‘Odio Mimosz’ Audio Memos, which cost one dollar in the store ‘iTunes’, which is the simplest chart of «Voice Recorder HD. And faced Interactive is a list of previous recordings, with control bar below includes a button titled ‘register’ written dramatically, with the port to achieve application processes and prepared to work.

Although designed not to draw much consideration, the application has strong advantages include the ability to record background sounds when using other applications, communication with a microphone working principle of Bluetooth.

And one of the difficulties with registration, is that high volume may be very low and quiet, or very high. But this application provider with the ability to amplification, and can be controlled during recording.

For this application the ability to automatically send recordings via email to completion. Service is also available to transfer files via Wi – Fi. It features important is that the application starts up automatically when embarking. A property may be very practical to record sounds in unexpected moments.

* Android recordings »

* As for the Android devices, the application Easy Voice Rikurdng »Easy Voice Recording is a complex and incomplete features. It is divided into two parts: the Registrar and Registry Operator. The registry part Supplier large touch controls to start up, arrested, and detained for a short while. He also has the graph to show tracker recent high voice recordings. It is this part of the application can also edit the name of the registry file, and share it via «Bluetooth», or e-mail, with the ability here to enter the setup processes and preparation of the many that include the ability to run the system reduce Rustle and whispers and off, and modify the style of the audio file, and the recording quality . Alternatively there is the professional version of this application at a price of $ 4, which adds additional features, such as communication with Bluetooth, or stereo microphones. You can also modify the work B loudspeaker inside the application to deal with the differences sound during recording. For the professional version of this control option to register from outside the application over an existing tool and the main interface interaction in «Android». It is a useful advantage for the moments where you need to run the registry quickly.

Another great alternative in Android devices, is the application of Smart Voice Recorder is less complex, and supplied to Regulation less intuitively tasks. But such simplicity attracts you if you do not need to many recordings, which provides some useful measures, such as the ability to detect moments of silence to stop recording, save in memory space.

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