The best iPad apps of 2013

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Before the arrival of new year, we present our best iPad apps of 2013. We have a wide selection, prioritizing design, usability, usefulness, and more.


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A few days ago, we introduce the most innovative applications of the year in iOS , the operating system of Apple mobile devices. While many were here, we decided cataracts a little more, and in this opportunity and taking advantage of the year-end push, select the 10 best iPad apps of 2013. Again, try to be varied, but prioritizing the applications that can really shine advantage of the generous screen tablet apple. As always, you are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.


Again repetitive sin, but we could not help include Mailbox in the list of the best apps for iPad. Is included in the list of the best iOS applications, and decided to put it back because Mailbox really revolutionized the way we can be more productive from our email. With an interesting approach to Inbox Zero and lists, Mailbox is definitely one of the best iPad apps of the year to be.
Air Display

air display

The screen of the iPad can actually be used to many things, but one of the most basic utilities makes Air Display is one of the best iPad apps for this 2013. Air Display lets us use our iPad as a second screen to your computer. For those who are interested in an exchange, and to see the screen of the iPad on the Mac, a good application presented recently is X-Mirage.

When watching videos on iPad, you can choose to have them stored locally or streaming them through. Netflix and Hulu have excellent applications for this device, but certainly one of the best iPad apps of the year has to be YouTube , which was renovated to provide better user experience and, with Gmail for iOS, shows that although Google are in direct competition, it is also able to create great applications for Apple.

WriteRoom main
We have many text editors available in the App Store and designed specifically for the iPad. What made ​​us choose to WriteRoom and put it in here? With a minimalist approach, free from distractions, the real differential value that offers us is the ability to edit the default keyboard that comes with the device to select the most used while you are typing keys. Putting first user comfort, achieved even better position than many editors with more experience.


We have plenty of ways to share photos online. And in fact, we have so many ways that eventually find ourselves facing a fragmentation of our collection. Thanks to CoolIris , we have the ability to sync all the pictures you have uploaded to different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, Dropbox, iPad and reel.
Status Board

Stauts Board
Productivity apps are also rife within the App Store, but within the range we have for this device, no doubt one of the best applications for iPad in this area is Status Board . This application allows us to concentrate all our information on the iPad, and allows us to be aware of everything that is happening. We can visualize the same time, in a series of panels, the clock, the weather, our email, our timeline of Twitter, and our RSS feeds.


If we need to take note, notability is an excellent choice. It was in the Top Ten best-selling iPad applications this year, a statistic revealed by Apple a few days ago, and has enough to face competition. With support for the Retina display not only allows us to write, but we can also make illustrations to accompany our notes, but also allows you to import all kinds of documents, such as spreadsheets, to work from the iPad.
Intro LinkedIn

Intro LinkedIn
This year, LinkedIn acquired Click to add a different touch. With somewhat bumpy start, finally managed to settle for being part of the best iPad apps of the year. Under the name of Intro LinkedIn , this application allows integrating information from LinkedIn profiles with the Apple Mail application. So when someone contacts us, we can see where you work, your occupation, and other data such as photos, experiences, connections and more.

We return to the field productivity with 30/30 , an application that incorporates the Commodore technique within the iPad. A crucial difference is that we need not necessarily spend 30 minutes with the same task, but we can assign to each of the different tasks that have pending work times. With an integrated timer that allows us to see how much time is left remaining, if we use the iPad as a work tool 30/30 is an essential tool.



We ended our best iPad apps for 2013 with Flayvr , also available for iPhone, which allows us to give a different image reel that comes by default with the touch device. Flayvr allows us to organize our photos according to events or dates, instead of seeing them in the order they were taken. So, not only we will have a collection of more orderly images, but also save time when we are looking for a photograph we took a while.

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