Upload videos to YouTube

  Upload videos to YouTube :

If you have a home video and want to share with your friends or the entire network, then YouTube is an excellent way to do it. All you need is to register on YouTube and then follow these steps:

Sign in to YouTube (click Login and enter your email address and password)
Then click Upload video in the upper right of the screen

On the page that appears, drag the video you want to upload or click on “Select files from your computer” and select the video to your hard drive.

Please wait while the video, the end of the link to your video will go up. You can fill the record with additional information:
Put the title you want to appear on YouTube.
Add a description
Pon tag the keywords in this relationship with your video
Choose a category
In privacy you have the option to share your video with everyone on YouTube or just a group of friends

Depending on the size of your video, you may need to wait a few minutes for your video is available on YouTube

To view your uploaded videos, go to your channel: in the YouTube main screen, click on your username (top right corner) and select Channel.

Click Here to Register if do not have Youtube Account


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