Why should you get the samsung Galaxy S4?

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Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone – International Version (White)

Why should you get the samsung Galaxy S4

After the Samsung on the fourteenth of the month of March to announce the new phone and had the opportunity to everyone that takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and recognize the advantages through short presentations describes the advantages of the phone, and after a long wait was put phone on the market now and remedy to everybody’s mind many questions and can answer them by only two questions.

Should I get a new Samsung phone?

Is there what sets it apart from its predecessor?

Dear reader answer is, yes.

In order to clearly you get the picture I will explain the reasons by answering each question individually.

At the outset in order to know the answer to these questions must be familiar with the characteristics Samsung Galaxy phone S 4.

The  Samsung Galaxy S 4 Comes loaded with Android 4.2.2 system which is supported by four or eight processor kernel of 1.6 or 1.9 GHz speed.

Samsung Galaxy S4 4G

With a Rear camera of 13 mega pixel and the ability to shoot 1080p resolution video and front camera of 2 mega pixel .

Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone – International Version (White)

Samsung Galaxy S 4 device will come with  random memory capacity of 2 GB and will be available in three different storage capacities of 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Device is 7.9 millimeters thick and weighs 130 grams.

 samsung Galaxy S4

The phone has a screen-type super Amoled full HD measuring 5 inches and resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, backed by a glass screen resistant to shocks and scratches from the type of gorilla glass 3.

Is there anything distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy S 4 on the previous Galaxy S3?
Many users of smart phones and fan of the Android system and Samsung lovers have the Samsung Galaxy S3 is fast, sleek and has many features that make us say that there is no phone and there will be no phone can rival.

But Samsung has already induced the impossible and managed through innovation and scientific research that surprised all of this year and put beats the phone many smart phones before now.
What distinguishes Galaxy S4 phone not only elegance with white and black colors, screen size, or high-speed.

Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone – International Version (White)

But what distinguishes this phone is the technological applications that already occur rapid progress in the world of smart phones, let’s review some of these features.

 samsung Galaxy S4

– Dual Camera Property

This feature allows phone users to capture an image using the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

 samsung Galaxy S4

– Sound & Shot Property

Through this feature you can record sound while taking a picture with the camera, a feature not available in many phones now.

Samsung Galaxy S4 translator

– The application of S Translator

This application is a new application in a series Galaxy and it allows you to interpretation for 9 languages ​​around the world including Chinese, Italian, English, Spanish and other languages ​​as possible through this application also translate texts that exist in the image and convert speech to text and text-to-speech without the need to connect to the Internet.

 samsung Galaxy S4

– Air Gesture Property .

This property allows you to switch images pass through your hands over the screen without having to touch it.

 samsung Galaxy S4

– Smart Scroll

Through this feature the phone can free tracks your eyes when reading and then move back to the bottom or top with the movement of the eyes.

– Smart Pause

Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone – International Version (White)

Another feature also track the movement of the face while watching the video on the phone and then stop while keep your face away from the screen.

 samsung Galaxy S4

– The application of S Health

Samsung’s new application for the attention of health where this application helps you calculate the calories and help you exercise.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 contains many other features and applications that make it distinctive phone  already on any phone that available now and also what sets it apart from its predecessor.

Should I get a phone samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, this phone already superior to all devices before now competitive from rival companies.

If you’re looking for a quick phone features not found in any other phone and phone as simple to use and not complicated and at the same time gives you several choices.

Phone screen gives you a super-bright colors and beauty camera already you can use at any time.

Phone contains many practical functions for workaholics or recreational functions for lovers of music and movies.

This is the right phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone – International Version (White)





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